Reagan Would Not Be Amused with the Far Right


“”Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

The Pink Flamingo wonders if you remember an old black/white ad about pollution and America.  It showed a Native American riding through the toxic waste that had become our polluted world.  From his eye came a single tear.  I think that is the way Ronald Reagan would be today, a single tear coming from his eye as he watched the GOP being destroyed from within.

How did Ronald Reagan manage to win?  He never spoke ill of his fellow Republican.  He also said anyone who agreed with him 80% of the time was his political friend, not his enemy.

“...While popularized by Reagan, “The Eleventh Commandment” was created by then California Republican Party Chairman Gaylord Parkinson to help prevent a repeat of the liberal Republican assault on Barry Goldwater that contributed to Goldwater’s defeat in the 1964 presidential election. East Coast Republicans like Nelson Rockefeller labeled Goldwater an “extremist” for his conservative positions and declared him unfit to hold office. Fellow Republican candidate for Governor George Christopher and California’s liberal Republicans were leveling similar attacks on Reagan. Hoping to prevent a split in the Republican Party, Parkinson used the phrase as common ground. Party liberals eventually followed Parkinson’s advice. Christopher would lose to Reagan in the Republican primary, and Reagan would go on to defeat incumbent Governor Pat Brown, the father of past governor and current California Attorney General Jerry Brown. Reagan followed this “commandment” during the first five primaries during the 1976 Republican primary against incumbent Gerald Ford, all of which he lost. He abandoned this approach in the North Carolina Primary and beat Ford 52-46, regaining momentum and winning a majority of delegates chosen after that date. Some analysts credit Reagan’s attacks as seriously weakening Ford in his contest with his successor, Jimmy Carter…”

First, I am going to support Christine O’Donnell.  I think that Greta has the right idea in handling her financial problems.  She needs to be a “real American” with very real financial problems – she feels “our” pain.  I think it is her only hope.  PPP has a new poll out with Chris Coons way up.

“...Only 31% of voters in the state think O’Donnell’s fit to hold public office while 49% think that she is not. Even with Republicans in the state less than half at 48% believe that she is. That may seem inconsistent with her victory last night but keep in mind that our general election poll includes GOP voters who were not planning to vote in yesterday’s primary. Only 33% of independents and 16% of Democrats believe O’Donnell’s fit….”

I’m just quoting polls.  Don’t go postal on me the way you have done Karl Rove.

Lindsey put it succinctly.

“…Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is out with a carefully-worded statement about O’Donnell that aims to please his state’s many conservative voters but also carries pragmatic notes of concern about her nomination. Graham frames his worry around healthcare reform, and why it’s important the GOP have the votes to try to repeal it.

“[T]o repeal and replace Obamacare, we’re going to need to win Senate seats we don’t normally occupy,” says Graham.  “And the only reason Democrats were able to pass the health care law in the first place was because they won elections in places they normally don’t win.” He continues: “I intend to support Christine O’Donnell and hope that she can continue to build on the momentum she gained in the primary. I’m confident that if she does win, she will be a vote for repeal and replace, just like Mike Castle.”

But then Graham makes the case , implicitly, for why nominating purists threatens conservative policy ends.

“My fear is if we do not win in this traditionally blue-state, and make gains in the swing states, a major consequence may well be that we have enshrined Obamacare into law forever,” he says.

It’s a bit of a delicate play — raising concerns about O’Donnell from the right — but it illuminates how even the most unapologetic establishment Republicans have been backed into a corner by the tea party….”

There is nothing wrong with stating the obvious.  No one should be denigrated, castigated, or turned into someone positively evil because

The Dems must be rolling in the aisles.  David Frum has put it succinctly.

“…The game cannot be played this way. It cannot be that Tea Party Republicans deem mainstream Republicans the supreme enemy – and then demand that mainstream Republicans salute the flag of party unity.

Tea Party Republicans vilify Republicans who voted for TARP. Indeed, TARP is as much a litmus test for them as the Obama healthcare plan. But what about those Republicans who believe that this difficult vote saved the global  economy from a second great depression? Republican candidates who honored the request of a Republican president and did the right thing are one by one facing defeat in primaries. After which Republicans who care about things like preventing the collapse of the nation’s banking system are asked to open our checkbooks and give generously to those who would have voted to wreck the world? What kind of deal is that?

The Tea Party is not a party. It’s a faction within a party. Factions have to learn to work together, accept compromises. But sometimes a faction imagines it has the strength to go it alone. It cannibalizes its own coalition, rewrites rules. In that case, the faction had better assess its strength very precisely, because it will find itself getting just what it wanted: it will be left to its own devices. That’s the story of the Democratic party in 1972, when labor unions and business deserted the McGovernites. It’s the story of the GOP in 1964, when pro-civil rights Republicans and other moderates deserted Goldwater. All Republicans hope it will not be the story of the GOP in 2010 and 2012. But if it is to be avoided, it cannot be only the moderate-minded Republicans who struggle to avert it.

We’re going to have to see greater wisdom from the Tea Party Republicans, if they’re capable of it….”

The war is on.

A friend sent this to me.  I think it says just what I’ve been thinking.  I am so angry with the pundits from FOX and our so called “conservative” talking heads.  They are betraying the GOP (not that many are actually real Republicans, but Republicans In Name Only).  They make a big deal about worshiping Ronald Reagan, but if Reagan were around, running today, they would trash him as being Moderate or Liberal.

They are becoming a bunch of petty tyrants. The worst of it, is that REAL Republicans like The Pink Flamingo and my friends are being marginalized by a group of “patriots” who are NOT Republican.  The Tea Parties are made up of a FEW Republicans, then a heck of a lot of Independents and a lot of annoyed Dems.  These people are NOT Republican, but they are demanding WE do what they say.

I am fed up, mad as H – E – Double – Toothpick!

“…It occurred to me last night watching Hannity interview Karl Rove re: the Delaware primary results. Hannity repeatedly invoked the term RINO! which he does every time his brain freezes and/or he needs to fill two seconds of dead air.

To me it seems like the height of hypocrisy because the people who most often invoke RINO! are themselves candid, open Republicans In Name Only. Vannity and the rest of the self-appointed RINO hunters brag that they are “Conservatives” first and Republicans second or not at all. Yet the RINO hunters are so dislikable and autocratic they cannot garner enough support to form a viable political party of their own. They attach themselves to the GOP because they correctly perceive that the GOP best represents them. But they can’t accept not completely controlling the GOP and getting their way on every issue. So they undermine the party at every opportunity and project the label they themselves deserve on everyone else. They are the real Republicans In Name Only… people who purloin the Republican name to stage self-aggrandizing rhetorical warfare. They seem far more concerned with satisfying their own egos and keeping their paying fan bases stoked than they do with helping the team win elections and move the nation in a rightward direction. The RINO hunters boast that they are not Republicans while demanding that Republicans follow their precise instructions from top to bottom – or else. So who are the real RINOs?…”

The Pink Flamingo has made no secret of the fact that I think the Tea Party is a populist movement, that, like every other populist movement, is doomed to fail. Quinnipiac has some fascinating numbers. If they are accurate then it is possible the pundits and the tea party “leaders” are mis-reading the tea leaves.

Support for the Tea Party appears to have flat lined, as only 12 percent of voters consider themselves part of the Tea Party movement, compared to 14 percent in earlier surveys. Voter favorability of the Tea Party is split 30 – 31 percent, also down slightly to the lowest score.

Tea Party icon Sarah Palin gets a negative 31 – 50 percent favorability.

From August 31 – September 7, Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,905 registered voters nationwide with a margin of error of +/- 2.3 percentage points. “

Is it possible we are simply looking at the anti-Dem backlash the wrong way?


Boo hoo, big tears because Karl Rove said what the though.  It’s a free country.  Once upon a time conservatives like Rush Limbaugh believed in freedom of speech.  That went out the window when they began their slobbering devotion to the tea parties.  If you read the PPP numbers, the tea parties only exist in small concentration where they can do the most damage.  The only reason they exist is as a way for FOX to terrorize the GOP.

A few weeks ago Karl Rove was guest host for Rush Limbaugh.  They were “buds”.  Then Rove dared to speak out against Christine O’Donnell.  How dare he speak his mind!

You see, it is quite acceptable for the far right, for people like Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, and all the little tea party twits to do a pile on of people they don’t like – Lindsey Graham, John McCain, GWB, but DON”T dare allow anyone to say anything against the CHOSEN, or they shall be destroyed.

Freedom does not exist in the Far Right.  The Tea Party Promoters obviously ARE NOT about the Constitution or freedom.  If so, they would take a look in the mirror and note how disgusting they have become.

The Raw Story

…O’Donnell’s nomination has created deep divisions between the Republican Party and right-wing activists. Last night, Rove bashed O’Donnell — and her chances of being elected — and insisted that she’s said a lot of “nutty things.” He was attacked by some right-wingers for those comments. O’Donnell whacked him back in a televised interview this morning. And then Rove responded to O’Donnell and his right-wing critics, daring them to ‘prove me wrong’. Then Palin slammed Rove. Now it’s Limbaugh’s turn.

“If 51 seats was really the objective — if getting the majority is really that important, then let’s go balls to the wall for Christine O’Donnell!” Limbaugh screamed on his radio show today after playing a clip of Rove’s already infamous anti-O’Donnell interview on Hannity last night.

“Why not fight for it?” Limbaugh asked. “Why not fight for it? Castle’s OK as the 51st vote but this woman isn’t?”

Rush seemed in danger of having an aneurysm at the idea that Rove would do something as heretical as point out that O’Donnell has more than a few very serious character flaws and — as the polls show — is a serious underdog against her Democratic opponent in November, in a race that Republicans had once thought was theirs for the taking.

“Everyone I know that saw this was just–they were perplexed and said, ‘What’s going on? Why is he so mad at a Republican?'” Rush said of Rove. “Where was this anger directed at a Democrat ever?”

Limbaugh then freaked out over all the horrible character flaws about Democrats — the late Ted Kennedy and President Obama were mentioned — that Rove has supposedly never pointed out in an interview.

“Our Vice President Joe Biden is a known plagiarist,” Rush said. “We’re going to talk about Christine O’Donnell’s baggage? Where is this criticism of Democrats? Where has it been?”…”

This headline from Politico says it all.  My problem is if I say what I think I will violate Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment, so I will simply let the Politico say it.

The Politico

The far right, who claim to worship Reagan, are

The BIG WIN – in Delaware – it not such a big win.  Have you seen the totals?

O’Donnell won by about 3500 votes.  That is NOT a landslide and it is not a tea party mandate.  It is a decent victory.

Michelle Malkin called Karl Rove vicious and uncivil.  That’s a badge of honor.

Michelle Malkin

Let’s put it this way, I will take my stand with Karl Rove.  Michelle Malkin writes for Vdare (a white supremacist publication produced by the identical twin brother of a man who was once the leader of the National Socialist Party).


From the SPLC:


I think it is time for REPUBLICANS to stop taking their marching orders from people like Michelle Malkin.  It is time people of her ILK are no longer allowed to terrorize good Republicans.  No wonder she and Rush hate Lindsey so much.  He’s one of the few Republicans who has the courage to speak out against the Tea Parties!