This American Has Had Enough (of a whole bunch of stuff)


Evidently Tom Tancredo is going to pave the way for a Dem to be the next governor of Colorado.  Sorta makes  you wonder what side he’s really on.  The Pink Flamingo wished I believed in conspiracy theories, because I swear the libertarian for pot bunch is out to get the GOP.  We’re even being taken part by the WSJ.  The Opinionated Catholic has more:

“…Whenever we see polls like this it is never mentioned the huge migration we have seen over the decades to the deep south and mid south from the mid Atlantic and Midwest. . We are not just talking Florida here. In fact , with the sad exception of my state of Louisiana, the South has been gaining seats in Congress as a whole while parts of the Midwest and Mid Atlantic have been shedding them.

We actually see that in stories relating to the Catholic Church in America. While the stories of of Parishes shutting down in the north are sad it fails to note that in the parts of the South Catholic Churches are booming.

Look at Dallas, look at Atlanta, look at other places. Part of this is because of the migration has fueled the rapid growth of the Catholicism in the South. It should also be noted that southern Catholics still seem conservative as ever.

Now what about politics. Are these ex pat Yankees fitting a demographic that is GOP leaning because they could afford to move in the first place when things starting going bad? Well maybe so….”

The latest libertarian (allegedly conservative mime) is being promoted at American Thinker.  Lee Cary, who writes for such unbiased virtual bird cage liner as the Canadian Free Press is already threatening the GOP.  Once again, we’re being subjected to all or nothing libertarian demands of our way or the highway.  It’s getting old, fast.

“…Today, the Tea Party isn’t configured as a political party. It’s a hydra-headed grassroots movement — one unimaginable before the days of the internet and cable news. It’s like a big, gangly, uncoordinated kid. Its leadership is local and diverse. Liberals like to say Dick Armey or others are behind it all. That’s nuts.

Its strength is gained, in part, because it lacks a single face, or even a cadre of faces. It has millions of faces. It’s not a personality-in-the-moment, like TR or Perot; it’s a purpose-in-a-movement. And the politicians of both parties fear (and often loathe) it because they can’t control it. It aims to influence the election of fiscally conservative politicians who will stop the siphoning off of the nation’s wealth by the current regime and reverse the damage done to America’s ability to create wealth in the future.

If the GOP wins in November and betrays the voters again, then the gangly teenager will morph into an adult, into a political party, because there won’t be any other choice left.

Should Republicans be in a celebratory mood on the evening of November 2, they will do well to temper their joy with this sobering thought: Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, and we’re done with you….”

Are you as sick and tired of the demonetization of the left by the right and the right by the left and the tea party “patriots” demonizing anyone who doesn’t agree with them?

I am tired of the epitaphs being thrown at Barack Obama.  He is not a socialist, communist, elitist, edu-crat, or much of anything else than a spoiled selfish brat along the line of some of the worst despots in the past couple of hundred years.  That does not mean he is as bad, he’s just in the same mind set.

It is time those on the right begins acting like adults or be prepared to blow a golden opportunity.

The Politico

Do you remember back in the days of old, B.B (Before Barack) when American was governed by The Great Man, who was considered evil beyond evil by the far left? They spent eight years having one irrational tamper tantrum after another.  Peggy Noonan’s latest hyper-ventaling at the WSJ made me think about something.

“…I thought of this again the other day when Drudge headlined increasing lines in London for Americans trading in their passports over tax issues, and the sale of Newsweek for $1….”

Just this line is as irrational as the irrational Drudge link.   Anyone with half a brain knows you don’t move to the UK because of taxes.   Michael Ledeen at PJ Media did a great job of correcting Noonan’s surprisingly ignorant view of history.  You see, Peggy Noonan thinks that a sign this nation is in trouble is the fact that parents are worried that their children will not have a better life than they did.

“…First, Peggy says that the biggest political change in her lifetime is that “Americans no longer assume that their children will have it better than they did.” I’m not at all convinced that Americans expected things to get better and better, uninterruptedly for the past 200-plus years. I doubt that most Americans felt that way during and after the Civil War, which was, after all, the bloodiest war in the history of the world to date. And I know, first hand, that lots of Americans were awfully gloomy during and after the Second World War….”

Then again, this whole, children having a better life, is something relatively new.  It is basically a modern creation for a modern world where people actually have time to think up such stuff.  Way back when, during a time when parents were allegedly wanting their children to have a better life, those parents were more than likely just hoping their children would survive to have a life.


Remember how we made fun of the irrational behavior of the far left while The Great Man was in office?  Unfortunately the irrational and abjectly stupid behavior of the right is far worse than the left – much worse – much much worse.


It is worse because we know better!

We were forced to put up with the left’s irrational hatred and bitching, having it shoved down our throats in a never ending stream of foul smelling bile.  Now, though, the left is in power.  They are behaving just the way we thought they would.  So, how does the right respond?

How do they act?

Instead of being distinguished, honorable, rational, logical, and providing well-reasoned answers to the abject stupidity of the far left who is in power, they act like the Addams Family!

The far right is so irrational and so crazed they are starting to fall for the libertarian lies.


6 thoughts on “This American Has Had Enough (of a whole bunch of stuff)

  1. This is an excellent corrective. I loved it and it made me stop, drop, and roll (laughing on the floor). You are right. It also made me see how easily I get sucked into the vortex, when I’m not careful. I’ve been throwing a bit of a self-indulgent tantrum for a couple weeks (all alone, inside my house) and discovering that it is not useful and it makes my head hurt. I’ve gone along with every paranoid claim and theory and cut loose every ounce of venom and rage stored up for the last quarter century. Amazingly enough, this is the perfect mindset in which to drink Tea and relate to Tea Partiers. But it is not really me, and it is not sustainable or productive.

  2. Well, it looks like the tea party has been taken over by Losertarians. Once upon a time, they were simply Americans upset over Obamacare. They were not necessarily pro-life or pro-marriage, some weren’t exactly gun rights advocate or worried about terrorism. They came from all walks, had different religions and were of varied races. They came together over Obamacare and was willing to give the GOP another crack at running the nation.

    Now the tea party stand ready to destroy any candidate that isn’t willing to do EXACTLY what they say. It’s all about power. They don’t care about our economy,our safety, or the courts.

    It’s depressing…but you know, maybe the GOP isn’t ready to own it all. The House, absolutely, a must as they control the spending. And I’d love the Senate to protect religion, unborn babies etc. But if both were held by the GOP, the losertarians would be back demanding their agenda be pushed as though the 2 years when the Liberals didn’t care about anyone else and pushed their own agenda didn’t teach them a thing.


  3. I feel the same way.

    Funny how they harp on freedom and the Constitution, but do not respect either when it comes to those of us who have a differing opinion.


  4. “Funny how they harp on freedom and the Constitution, but do not respect either when it comes to those of us who have a differing opinion.”

    Are you just whining because you are getting your feelings hurt? I ask you yet again: who is shutting you down or advocating doing so?

    Answer: NO ONE!

    You’re the one with a blog and allowing people to post on it. THAT is (one aspect of) free speech the last time I checked.

    Just because people disagree with you and rip your idiotic and non-sequitur arguments to shreds doesn’t mean you’re not free to continue to spew forth such vomitus as you routinely do.

    No one on our side of the argument against big, tyrannical government wants you to go away since you so perfectly make our points when you open your BIG FAT RINO PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL mouth.

    Did you notice how many people thought your blog was a JOKE when responding to your attack on Jack Hunter?

    (And you can thank me for bringing you to his attention. He got a HUGE laugh of your article.)

    It just feels good for us to come in and knock the living daylights out of your arguments on occasion. It’s like a stress reliever or something, I think.

    Just be grateful that you’re serving some small but useful purpose in your life after all and not being COMPLETELY ignored and useless.

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