Where O’Donnell, Palin & DeMint Have Blow It


Perhaps Christine O’Donnell has blown it.  In a way I rather hope she has.  If the Tea Party “patriots” are allowed to run unchecked, without vetting, without a shred of wisdom or logic, they are going to doom our nation to more of the same.

The problem is the lack wisdom, reason, and logic.

Christine O’Donnell makes a big fat hairy deal about being a “conservative” Christian.  I’ve never been able to figure out what is the difference between being a “conservative” Christian and just a “real” Christian, other than the “conservative” brand tend to be all talk, arrogance, and self-righteous hypocrisy.

All she needed to do was do one of those old “I have sinned” things.  If one is the Christian one claims to be, it is quite simple.  You don’t giggle and act like a twit, you fess up to your past, and reiterate how you have begged for forgiveness and have turned your life over to Christ.

I’m not hearing any of this.

I’m only hearing about the big bad media.

Sorry, but accusing others doesn’t work, not when there are so many skeletons in your closet.

I could care less about the witchcraft thing.  What O’Donnell did is her business.  I care about a strong majority in the Senate.  This is NOT going to help.

As a Christian, I find her behavior reprehensible because it is FAKE!   I get tired of fake “conservative” Christians who lecture everyone else on personal responsibility but don’t have what it takes to admit their own sins.  Granted, I am not casting a stone, because I have sinned.  That’s the difference.  I recognize the mote in my eye.

Christine O’Donnell is as fake as the tea party movement which has spawned her.  I don’t like fakes.

Another thing I dislike is the way the tea party panderers are circling their wagons around her, making everyone else the enemy.  We’re being told that because of her nomination, people like Jim DeMint will become king-makers.  The last time I looked, the United States of America was a Representative Republic, not a monarchy.  We don’t need king-makers, we need honorable men and women who are more interested in the state of the nation and not their power base. Poor little Christine, little immature Christine is simply their pawn.

What we’re watching is a race to see who is going to be more powerful, Jim DeMint or Sarah Palin.  Their quest has nothing to do with tea parties, tea drinkers, Glenn Beck, nor purity.  It is about personal power, plain and simple.  Poor little Christine, not too bright, very immature Christine is their pawn.  Behind it all, Glenn Beck is smirking all the way to the bank.

But, they are 100% pure “conservative” Christians, God Help Us All.


3 thoughts on “Where O’Donnell, Palin & DeMint Have Blow It

  1. I agree and I am very upset watching the Delaware race. Well, no one listened to me and now we’re stuck with her. So I will hang my head and revert to supporting her unless/until she gets carried away in handcuffs.

    I do think it was prescient and very smart for Palin & DeMint to pay attention to the Tea Party. We need them in our fold, and let’s face it, the Dems have made a huge error by peeing in the tea since Day One.

    I am hoping that once some Tea Party candidates get elected, they will be startled to realize they are the new incumbents, and instantly part of *The Establishment*. There will [hopefully] be a more mature attitude about certain things once they get to Washington and realize how much they don’t know, how hard it is to actually govern and to navigate the political system, and how difficult it is to keep your own team together while at the same time staying one step ahead of your opponent. I’m hopeful that by Election ’12 we will see a lot less mindless RINO hunting and Establishment bashing, and more focus on solutions and defining our real opponents.

  2. How odd but I was thinking along the same lines; this who going against establishment…how old are these people, 16?

    And the really amusing (don’t know if this is haha amusing or wanna cry amusing) thing is that the talk show mafia is starting to get frustrated. They had no idea that this looney bunch was going to get “respect” and that they themselves has to cater to them.

    I’ve heard both Medved and Hewitt raise their voices–as in “how stupid can you get????” And even know it all Prager seems to be losing his cool.

    They have created a monster–and thy name is losertarian.

  3. Is O’Donnell a deeply flawed candidate?


    But the Tea Party is raising legitimate points about the size and scope of the government. Not only that, I was at the 9/12 rally in 2009. The people in the Tea Party are NOT frothing crazies, but they are TIRED of the same-old, same-old from the establishment.

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