The Ron Paul Bot Plot Against Lindsey


“…“Would you know we’re at war, listening to the political discourse? Has there been a serious exchange between any candidates – tea party, Republican, vegetarian, libertarian, Democrat – about [for example] what we should be doing with Iran?” Lindsey Graham

Yea, The Pink Flamingo spends time discussing Lindsey Graham.  I do so for a reason.  First, he is a friend, and I don’t like seeing my friends lied about.  I don’t like lies or liars.  Second, I use him as a barometer.  He is the one politician I know well enough to judge if attacks and comments are true or false.  Thirdly, Lindsey and I agree about 98% of the time on political issues.

“…”We just keep punting on the hard positions surrounding Guantanamo and the law of war on terror in general,” said Graham (S.C.), a leading Republican voice on the legal aspects of combating terrorism. “Congress has been AWOL. Democrats are scared to death to talk about this. And most Republicans just demagogue it.”

Graham, who has expressed a willingness to work with the Obama administration, said he is afraid that it will take another attack “before we get serious about this stuff.” He said he worries that Congress would then overreact in ways that would undermine the country’s civil liberties.

In a speech at the American Enterprise Institute and in remarks to reporters afterward, the senator bemoaned what he said is a dwindling set of options the United States has when a high-value terrorism suspect is captured abroad.

“We have basically put ourselves out of the detention business and out of the interrogation business because the parties can’t find a way forward,” he said.

Graham said U.S. agents need a set of “good, sound, firm” interrogation techniques that allow for more robust questioning than is permitted by the Army’s field manual, the standard the Obama administration places on interagency interrogation teams….”

Suppose you give a very important speech on national security and all the far right haters can do is mis-represent and tell half truths.  Take CNS News (please).


The Ron Paul Bots are out in force condemning his most excellent speech at the AFI on the 20th.  Try this as an example.  These losertarian, cowards who do not believe in defending our country, suggest that their minions contact Lindsey (R???) and tell him why he is wrong.

The Daily Paul
The Daily Paul
The Daily Paul

The problem with attacks like this is they are starting to have an impact. People who once supported Lindsey are starting to believe the trash talk.  They might want to note that those doing the trashing are anti-Semitic, anti-War, pacifists, who want to audit the Fed.

I will bet my toy poodle that every one of the above “patriots” are stalwart tea partiers.  The Pink Flamingo is constantly criticized because of my anti-tea party position.  I agree with 80% of their agenda.  I do not approve of their bullying, ridicule, and the way they treat anyone who dared disapprove with them.

One other little complaint many are making is the Kagan vote.  Obviously they’ve not paid attention to his statement before the vote.  I challenge you to watch this video.

From CNS “News”:

“...Sen. Graham: I am here to talk about next year in our nation, not about me. This ain’t about me in 2014. This is about where we’re going in the next 18 months as a nation. But I’m a proud Republican, I have no desire to leave this party. I’d like to change it. I’d like to make it more conservative on the fiscal side, but I’d also like it to be party like Ronald Reagan, that had a coherent vision. I appreciate Ron Paul, but me and him are on different planets when it comes to national security. I’d like to be able to articulate the Republican Party’s coherent vision for hope: You win the War on Terror, how you have alliances that are effective. That’s my role between now and 2014, I hope.

Unidentified Reporter: Do you agree with the analysis of about 100 people last week from the far right to the far left that the Republican Party right now is involved in a civil war; it’s involved intra-party fratricide? Do you agree with that? There was nobody who didn’t seem to hold that view last week.

Sen. Graham: My view is that what happened to (Sen.) Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), happens–that Joe Lieberman sided with President Bush on a very big topic called Iraq and didn’t like his position and he lost his primary and he won as an independent. We’ve got some people in our party that are trying to get us back to our fiscal roots and we’re having, obviously, some spirited contests. I’m a coalition guy. I believe there needs to be a place in the Republican Party for the TEA Party–that they bring a lot of energy. But there has to be a coalition. If you’re a social moderate and a fiscal conservative, you’re welcome in my party. One thing that should unite most of us is a strong, firm view of national security. The party of Ronald Reagan–I like that party–80 percent agreement made you someone’s friend. The question I have is: When do you become the enemy? Is it 75 percent? Is it 51 percent? I believe 80 percent agreement makes you my friend and ally and 51 percent voting with me makes you a better deal than someone who never votes with me. So I’m a coalition guy. And that’s where I think we need to go.”…”


2 thoughts on “The Ron Paul Bot Plot Against Lindsey

  1. Thank you so much for defending Lindsey Graham. I have been praying for him at mass every morning that he will be protected and be given strength. I think these people are envious and are really out to destroy him. I don’t think any other politician has been subjected to such vicious attacks. They are not half the man he is. All they can do is destroy his reputation. But reputation is only what you are on the outside, character is what you are on the inside.

  2. Glenn Beck, Ron Paul, Jack Hunter are all crusts. The real men behind the crusts are nothing but jelly. They try to appear strong, but in reality they are dangerously vulnerable.

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