Reaping the Tea Party Whirlwind


Or – those who live in tea die in the tea.
Or – what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Tea Party types are as outraged, and NORMAL Republicans  are not happy over the fact that Lisa Murkowski is planning to do the write-in thing.

How dare she?

Then we learn that Mike Castle is thinking about doing the same thing.

Remember NY-23?

The far right and TPers were thrilled when Doug Hoffman went third party and ran against the  “liberal” Dede Soczzafava?

Is there any difference?

The far right, the “pure” who were quick to endorse the third party candidacy Doug Hoffman after he lost the primary to Dede Soczzafava are now furious with Murkowski.  Please, would someone please tell The Pink Flamingo what the difference is?   If O’Donnell or Miller had lost the primary and were planning to do the write-in thing, I doubt we would be seeing the barrage of complaints.

Sorry guys, YOU started it.

Take Jim DeMint:

JIM’S HURT — Sen. Jim DeMint vowed Thursday to stop Lisa Murkowski’s write-in candidacy “dead in its tracks” as he expressed outrage at the GOP’s refusal to strip the senator of her leadership role on the energy committee. The South Carolina Republican supports Joe Miller, a conservative political upstart who upset Murkowski in last month’s GOP primary. DeMint said he believed Wednesday’s meeting of GOP senators was to choose a replacement for Murkowski, the ranking member on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. But “one senator after another stood up to argue in favor of protecting her place on the committee,” he said – resulting in an outcome he said she’ll undoubtedly use in her campaign against Miller.”


“...Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), a leading right-wing voice in Congress, has endorsed Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in the NY-23 special election, instead of moderate Republican nominee Dede Scozzafava. By our count, this makes DeMint the fourth sitting member of Congress to endorse Hoffman, and the first Senator to do so, following Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-KS), and Rep John Linder (R-GA). DeMint said: “Too often, we’re told that Republicans have to be like Democrats to be competitive in states like New York, Pennsylvania and Florida. But the truth is voters don’t want to be forced to pick between two liberals; they want a real choice. If voters want to give Washington more control over our lives, they can always vote for Democrats.”..”

Remember the Hoffman race and all those endorsements?

LA Times

Newsweek calls them “Vanity Candidates”.  The Pink Flamingo can’t think of a better description of them.  It is not about the country, it is about them.

“…This sort of thing has to be maddening for Republicans. It follows on Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s announcement of a write-in bid following her upset defeat in her primary and Rep. Mike Castle’s testing of the waters for his own write-in bid for Delaware’s Senate seat, following his own surprise loss to O’Donnell in the primary. Democratic National Committee chair Tim Kaine gleefully boasted about Republican cannibalism, recently likening the relationship between the Tea Party and the GOP to the Donner party (in fairness, the guy doesn’t have a whole lot to brag about these days)….”

It all started in NY-23, long ago in a galaxy far away – remember?

It is never a good idea to encourage a “vanity” candidate, even when it suits your purposes.  NY-23 opened the flood-gates for poor-sportsmanship.

Deal with it.

I think the whole “vanity” candidate thing is disgusting – unless it is a Joe Lieberman out to screw the Dems.  That is different.  Remember how mad they were?  Notice how the Dems think Princess Lisa’s plans are a bit funny?  There’s a reason.  It’s called payback.

The Pink Flamingo was on record during the whole NY-23 fiasco that it was a very bad thing to do.  I still think it is.  Now perhaps you see why.


2 thoughts on “Reaping the Tea Party Whirlwind

  1. I thought I was the only one who didn’t like the Tealiban. They have hijacked the GOP. They are the mandrake root poisoning and dividing the party. Now the Ayatollah Demint has the gall to call for unity in a party he helped to divide after endorsing a real nut case who admits to having a party on a bloody satanic altar. I guess it proves that the devil is now alive and well in the Tealiban. I’m also fed up and sick of Ron Paul’s grimoires, but don’t get me started on that.

  2. What do the Dems think of Mike Castle’s plan? Have they been able to take their attention off O’Donnell’s fiascoes to formulate an opinion?

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