WSJ Gets It Wrong about Sheriff Joe’s Jails!


On Friday’s Pink Flamingo, I wondered how Sheriff Joe’s jails, which have not been accredited since 2008, could pass a Fed inspection a year later.  Well, it wasn’t really an inspection, and the US Marshall Service didn’t really do the inspecting.  Instead, the relied on the dubious “honor” of Sheriff Joe’s henchmen to fill out the report.  You can tell the thing is a crock when you read about the health care facilities, which also lacked accreditation at the time.

From the AZ Republic:

“…Still, the notion of a federal agency – any federal agency – writing a glowing review of anything related to Arpaio’s department was too much for the sheriff to pass up Thursday. Arpaio appeared on Fox News on Thursday afternoon to tout the results and chastise Justice Department investigators for not coordinating with Marshals Service auditors on visits to his jails.

“This is all the stuff the DOJ wants to look at, and they’re suing us because they say, ‘They won’t let us in there.’ They’re saying, ‘We’re not in there,’ and that’s their own department,” Arpaio said following his nationally televised appearance. “Why can’t they talk to their own people?”…”

We all know FOX is not going to retract this piece of less than truthful information

Naturally all the Sheriff Joe lovers picked up on this WSJ piece.


The problem is, according to our favorite liberal, The Feathered Bastard, based on a quickie 2 hour check list cursory inspection for FEDERAL prisoners.

The Feathered Bastard

If no one ever passes the inspection, what is going on here?

The Feathered Bastard:

“…Arpaio’s jails lack national accreditation, having lost it in 2008. Moreover, they’ve been the sites of numerous deaths resulting from detention officer brutality, violence among inmates, lack of proper medical care, etc. These wrongful deaths have resulted in lawsuits costing the county more than $43 million in payouts and settlements.

So Arpaio’s — and by proxy, the Republic’s — suggestion that everything is hunky-dory in Joe’s gulags because the marshals say they’re okay to hold a few inmates for a day or so, is bunk.

As for the U.S. Department of Justice’s lawsuit over access to Joe’s jails, his files, and his staff, that suit concerns an ongoing civil rights investigation. The marshals were not doing an investigation. Basically, they were just making sure the showers work and the inmates get fed, along with other basics….”

None of this really matters to Sheriff Joe.   His “fans” will simply use the information to promote his lies.  He will go on spouting half-truths and incorrect crime statistics. He will continue to play with nasty white supremacists, and hang with really ugly individuals, and everyone will worship him.

There are times when some of the minions of the far right are so stupid….!