4 thoughts on “Lindsey’s AFI Speech Finally Available

  1. Eat your heart out, Jack Hunter. This was an excellent speech. I doubt that some of the people who have been criticizing Senator Graham’s speech have actually heard it. He said he believed Ahmadinejad was lying when he said Iran wasn’t building a nuclear bomb. You better believe he was lying. Even President Obama said, “Iran getting a nuclear weapon would be a real problem.” Critics always try to make Senator Graham look stupid, but the Obama administration respects Senator Graham’s expertise. I can’t imagine what these critics expect us to do. Sit around on our hands and just wait until they get the bomb? The Iranians are dangerous. Great bloody balls of fire, they are already paying a bounty for every dead American serviceman. When they do get the bomb all hell’s going to break loose. It’s going to be like putting a nuclear weapon in the hands of Attila the Hun.

  2. I saw tea party candidate, Joe Miller, on Greta Van Susteran’s show tonight. I was not impressed. He acted like he had no earthly idea what to do about foreign policy nor what our strategy in Ahganistan should be. All he said was that we should support the troops, but he had nothing new or original to offer.

  3. I’ve often wondered where Senator Graham got the name Lindsey. Does anyone know? I do know that Lindsey is a very noble Scottish surname. A great grandfather of my half sister was named Emmanuel Lindsey. He was a Confederate soldier and fought at the seige of Vicksburg. When the yankees blew up the hill he was thrown by the blast into the Mississippi River. He miraculously survived and lived to be 98 years old. Everybody called him Grandpa Lindsey.

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