Are Today’s Tea Party Libertarians Yesterday’s Dems & Former Hippies?


At lunch the other day, The Pink Flamingo’s life time GOP mother commented that she has noticed how abjectly selfish and “me” centered the TPers are.

The Pink Flamingo has made no secret of my abject contempt for the current version of “libertarian”.  Until the take over by Ron Paul and his adorable little Bots, I always viewed Libertarians as idealistic stoners and those who truly were disgusted with the Dems, but were far from conservative.

Anyone with half a brain knows that libertarians are not conservative.

And then there is Michelle Bachmann.  One Pink Flamingo source swears she is abjectly clueless.  On Tuesday night she was on Hannity harping on her beloved tea parties.  She said something to the effect if the GOP would run on the Tea Party platform of lower taxes, stop spending, and balance the budget we would win in a landslide.

What planet does this woman come from?

Where the heck has she been?

This is a CONSTANT Republican platform, year in and year out, and she claims to be a Republican. Naturally  Hannity agreed with her.

The other day a friend emailed that she was disturbed by the anti-Semitic strain with libertarians.  Add this to the information I’ve uncovered about the attempt for the CofCC and Stormfront to infiltrate the Tea Party “patriots” and we have a lovely little mess.

Are these people trying to appeal to everyone who is annoyed with the world, or is there a calculated manipulation of a movement that once started out as the last gasp of the hippie movement?

The Pink Flamingo has repeatedly mentioned on the blog and to those around her that no self-respecting Republican would take time of his/her job to demonstrate outside a town hall.  Nor would we be rude and show down candidates.  Nor would we denigrate our elected Republican office holders, calling them RINOs.

Republicans work for a living.  We are the back-bone of American society and the civilized world.  When have you ever heard of Republicans staging demonstrations, walk-outs, or treating elected officials like dirt?  It just isn’t done.  WE are the ones with the manners.   We are also far too rational to demand that all elected officials be thrown out of office.

Like another friend emailed the other day:

“…How many Republicans have you known that would get out and demonstrate except for in 2000 when Gore tired to steal the election in FL?  Know very few if any.  My first thought of the Tea Party is that these people are former hippies who demonstrated in the 60’s and their kids.  Grew up in Ohio where we had Antioch College — Berkley of the West so I saw plenty of demonstrations when I worked at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, outside of Dayton.  They were in Yellow Springs not that far away and were demonstrating weekly.  These people reminded me of the demonstrators that went after Nixon when he dedicated the AF Museum.

The guy I work with from FL and I stated at the beginning this group did not remind us of Republicans and the longer it went on, the more it reminded both of us of the 60’s.  You are definitely not alone in what you are thinking.  Bet if you asked the vast majority of long time activist they would agree.  We kept pretty quiet about it until we started hearing ‘throw everyone out’ which made no sense to us especially from Oklahoma.  We knew then this was not a group of Republicans and Michelle Bachmann was too out of it to understand.

Not on your life would find a group of Republicans singing those songs with tunes that remind me of the 60’s — not going to happen.  A friend who is in the know, thinks only about 20% of the local Tea Party are long time Republicans and out of those he said he would bet 95% or more are members of the religious right who do not espouse Republican economic values is how he puts it.  He said the religious right is clearly on the same page for liberals that money needs to be spent on their agenda and nothing else.

I am suspicious of these people for an interesting little reason:

Real republicans don’t go out, hold hands, sing songs, and protest.  Real conservatives don’t do that.  We’re too busy having a life.

Have you ever seen a REAL Republican out protesting?

& do you have evidence?

The Politico reports that the tea parties are having problems raising money!

“…The movement’s money problems suggest what may be the tea party’s central paradox — that the very anti-establishment sentiment that spawned it may keep it from having the resources it needs to become a sustainable political force.

Many of the newly engaged activists who joined the movement regard traditional political fundraising as representative of the corrupt politics they abhor.

“When you start chasing the money, you start having to compromise, and that’s where a lot of D.C. organizations go wrong,” said Everett Wilkinson, a South Florida financial adviser who runs two of the biggest tea party groups in Florida. “If we stay trim and we keep our overhead small, we won’t have to raise a lot of money and we won’t have to compromise. No one owns us.”

Anecdotal evidence from Wilkinson and others suggests that many groups are being financed out of the pockets of a handful of organizers and activists….”


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