Beck’s Socialistic View of Manifest Destiny


John Gast painted  Spirit of the Frontier in 1872.  It illustrated the movement of the American people into the Wild West, taming a vast frontier.  It was all about Manifest Destiny.

This is just another shameless way to insert a little bit of history for you.  It also should explain the character of the American people.  We only put up with stuff for so long, then we make it right.

Horace Greeley once said “Go West Young Man!”

“….“Go West, young man” is a popular saying about Manifest Destiny popularized by Horace Greeley.

Greeley favored westward expansion. He saw the fertile farmland of the west as an ideal place for people willing to work hard for the opportunity to succeed. The phrase came to symbolize the idea that agriculture could solve many of the nation’s problems of poverty and unemployment characteristic of the big cities of the East. It is one of the most commonly quoted sayings from the nineteenth century and may have had some influence on the course of American history.

Some sources have claimed the phrase is derived from the following advice in Greeley’s July 13, 1865 editorial in the New York Tribune, but this text does not appear in that issue of the newspaper. The actual editorial instead encourages Civil War veterans to take advantage of the Homestead Act and colonize the public lands.

Washington is not a place to live in. The rents are high, the food is bad, the dust is disgusting and the morals are deplorable. Go West, young man, go West and grow up with the country.”

The worst of it is Beck is using S – O – C – I – A – L – I – A – L – I – S – M to attempt to explain Manifest Destiny.

Please, scrape me off the ceiling.  I am listening to Beck today, mangle history.  He is teaching something that has nothing to do with American history.

“The Constitution, when APPLIED PROPERLY”…..

He is teaching a socialist version of Manifest Destiny.  I know, I had a socialist professor who expounded on it, endlessly.  Beck is teaching the socialist version.

He then said the GOP was founded as anti-slavery, which it was, but there were other reasons.  He also said the GOP that was originally founded was is NOT the same party as it is today – that it was founded upon libertarian principles.

I’m expecting to hear him demand people start shooting elected officials.

He’s getting dangerous.


One thought on “Beck’s Socialistic View of Manifest Destiny

  1. Beck, the little weasel, what intelligent person listens to him anymore? I usually don’t watch his show because it airs in my area at the time of the afternoon when I am feeding and playing with my dog. Several months ago I came in early and happened to turn on fox news. On this show Beck said he had been to the Museum of the Confederacy and seen a copy of the Confederate Constiutution. I was amazed to hear the falsehoods he enumerated. Now if someone wants to criticize the Confederacy there’s enough true stuff out there without resorting to lies. He claimed that he had seen the original copy of the Confederate Constitution. This was not true because the museum does not have the original. The original is at the University of Georgia. The museum does have the original copy of the constitution of the Provisional Government of the Confederacy, but it does not contain the things Beck told his viewers that day. I hate to be so blunt and discourteous, but the man is no historian, he is an idiot nut bag.

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