Pink Flamingo Birthday Today


The following is The Pink Flamingo’s first post – October 4, 2005.  I’ve left the original color and the atrocious spelling.  I’ve found that transposing from one format to another is a mess, so just deal with it. 

I am increasingly dismayed at the strident, unkind, hasty declarations, displayed by so called celeb-conservatives when doing their utmost to promote their agendas, have their voices heard, and shall we say, ‘misunderestimate’ Harriet Miers. Quite frankly, I’m beginning to think that celeb-conservatives like Anne Coulter are more interested in hearing themselves sound important and omnipotent that they are assisting the conservative agenda, let alone declare themselves to be ‘loyal’ Republicans. I am a Republican first and a conservative second. I am loyal to the Republican Party and the ideas espoused therein.  I am not loyal to an ideology that allows loyalty only when that that loyalty passes some litmus test that is as though it were handed down from on high or something equally august, when all the while they are pushing their own personal agenda.

Let’s face it, I am the first to think in terms of black and white, but I will admit there are shades of gray.  Celeb-conservatives have problems here.  There are parts of the conservative agenda I do not embrace.

I am so stridently pro-life I do not believe in the death penalty.  If we do not have the right to take a life through abortion, that every life is sacred, then how can we take a life by execution. (The only exception being treason – where such individuals should be shot on the spot!)

Do I believe homosexuals deserve civil rights?  You be I do.  Everyone deserves the same equal civil rights, no matter what color, creed, or orientation. Do churches have a right to keep homosexuals out of their congregation?  If so, I do not want to attend that church.  Church is for sinners.  We are all sinners in God’s eye.  The sin of homosexuality is no different than the sin of adultery.  For some strange reason I think the sin of homosexuality, which is basically a sin of morality, is not near as bad as the unkindness of a so-called ‘Jesus Freak’ who, instead of treating this person with love and kindness, would rather push the sinner out onto the street.

Do I believe in some versions of gun control?  You bet I do.  No one needs an automatic or semi-automatic weapon to go out and shoot Bambi.

Do I believe in the free-flow of ideas on the internet? I sure do, unless it deals with pedophilia, then shut it down, fast.  I want books that even linger near child pornography removed from public sponsored libraries.  Guess what, I’m so strident about this, I think “Alice in Wonderland” should be banned because the story is nothing but a pedophiles paradise, written by a pedophile to lure the little girls who lived next door into his home.

Prayer in school?  No, I do not want it.  Why?  I don’t want someone coming around saying my child must honor Allah or follow Islamic prayer rules or be around anyone who is associated with Wicca or Satanism.  Any decent Christian parent can teach their child to pray quietly and constantly.  Location should not be important.   No, I would not want my child participating in prayer in school led by someone’s who’s faith I do not know.  I will wear my cross inside my blouse if it means a practitioner of witchcraft or Satanism or follower of Islam is forced to curtail the promotion of symbols of religions I feel are not in the best interest of a Christian child.

And, I don’t mind seeing the government help sponsor the arts – as long as we’re dealing with museums, opera companies, symphonies, living history, historic sites.  We have an obligation to care for our artistic and historic infrastructure.  I do not want to see individual galleries or persons supported by government funding.

Maybe this doesn’t sound very conservative, but I am.  I think we must be reasonable in any of our ideologies, or we will become nothing but, to quote Bill O’Riley, “Cool aide drinkers.”

I believe in limited government as long as funding for the space program is not cut.  That is our very future.  I believe in government funding of science, technology, and research; of maintaining a working infrastructure; and protecting us with a well equip military.

Anne Coulter is not a cool aide drinker, she’s a cool aide pusher, determined to force her brand of conservatism down my throat no matter how much I disagree with her increasingly shrill and harpy like actions. She claims to be a ‘Jesus Freak’ and declares Ms Miers cannot be one because Miers is not in the Coltier image. I don’t even want to go there. Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, taught love, kindness, understanding, and (oopse) tolerance. He taught me to love my enemies, to turn the other cheek, and set an example for them.  He did not teach me to go and absolutely shred a woman who appears to be highly qualified for a job just because she is not in my image of what she should be.  My version of Christianity requires love, kindness, decency, an adherence to 1 Cor 13, constant praise, prayer and rejoicing, and doing nothing to prevent the meek, lowly, and sinner from coming unto my Lord.

I suppose the problem is intellectual superiority.  After all, like Harriet Miers, I am from the South. There is an inherent prejudice against women from the South, especially women from such places like South Carolina and, Lord have mercy, Texas.  In Ms Coulter’s harsh judgment against Ms Miers’ qualifications, her Ivy League bigotry is quite evident.  Guess what, there are quite adequate institutions of higher learning outside of the corridor between Washington, New York, and Boston.  I think I could identify with Ms Miers. Like her I have never been married, primarily because I’m too busy and can’t be bothered right now.  I am underestimated.  I am not given the respect I deserve for my accomplishments and my intellect.  I am a Christian.  I am a conservative – a Republican.  I know what it is like to have people constantly berating you, stepping on your shoulders to get ahead.  The more I think about it, the more I want to cheer her on with success.

With such important people like Coulter, Bozell, and Crystal on my case who needs enemies. Why wouldn’t MY President appear whipped?  The conservatives are doing a much better job of destroying him, his agenda, and his legacy (which I think is going to be well intact) than any Democrat could do.  I am a Republican.  I am going to be loyal to a decent man who has done nothing to betray me; and who has shown incredible leadership.  He reminds me of my favorite poem, “If you can keep you head while those about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…” you are a man.  George W. Bush is a man.  Ann Coulter has become a shrill, mean-spirited harpy.

The more so-called celeb-conservatives whip George Bush the more I admire him.  Like the energizer bunny he keeps on going, ignoring their nasty barbs, their slings and arrows of jealousy and cruelty.  If I had to choose sides for dodge ball or red rover, I’d choose President Bush.  I want him on my side.

P. S.  I do have Republican credentials that are as good as Ms Coulter’s celeb-conservative ones.  If you want to know about them, ask Lindsey Graham.  We are friends.  I was the county chairman when he 1st ran for Congress and the 2nd person he called when he decided he was going to run.