Throw ‘Em All Out – No Experience Necessary!


The Pink Flamingo found a great quote in the WSJ the other day:

“…Politics in our two-party system is about coalition building, and any successful party must stretch across many groups. Republicans will have to accommodate much of the tea party agenda if they hope to assemble a new majority and avoid third-party challenges. But tea partiers who want to restore proper Constitutional limits, rather than merely pad the ratings of talk radio, might recall William F. Buckley Jr.’s counsel that his policy was to vote for the most conservative candidate who could win….”

Have you ever heard of Get Out of the House?  They are group of “patriots” who want to kick every single person – Dem and Republican out of Congress.

Do you know what happens when you send a heck of a lot of new people to Washington?  It empowers the bureaucracy!

Would you fly in a plane with an inexperienced pilot or allow an inexperienced surgeon to operate on you?  The answer is no.  So, why would you want completely inexperienced “new” politicians to come to Washington replacing perfectly competent Republicans?

Doesn’t make sense to me, either.

We are currently dealing with an “no experience” President, and look at the mess he has caused.  South Carolina is on the verge of electing their own version of Obama – and she’s going to be a mess!

Then there is Giggles up there in Delaware – what is her resume?

People are castigating Barack Obama’s administration for being nothing but academia.  They have no life experience.  Neither does he.

Look at the mess he has created.

If  you have been paying attention, lately, to Lindsey, and the Homeland Security briefings, you might come up with the idea that something is going on – terror wise.  Susan Collins and Joe Lieberman basically echoed Lindsey’s concerns.

You get a bunch of new people in the Senate and the House – with no experience – umm – who is going to help figure out what is going on and what sort of a mess we are dealing with?  Oh – we will be relying on the entrenched bureaucracy.  We will be relying on political appointees by the Dems.

Then again, Tea Partiers don’t seem to really care about national security and the war on terror.

Don’t you wonder what their agenda is, and who is calling the shots?  We’re not dealing with Republicans, we’re dealing with Ron Paul Bots and John Birchers, along their Losertarian handlers.


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  1. The tea partiers probably never heard the old adage, “A new broom sweeps clean, but the old broom knows all the corners.”

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