Why the Pink Flamingo Will NEVER EVER Be a Libertarian!


“…“I called 911,” said homeowner Paulette Cranick.  “They said, ‘We’re trying to get them out there but they’re not cooperating,’ or words to that effect.”…”

What would have happened if the human members of the Cranick family had been in their house when it was on fire?  Gene Cranick’s grandson was at their home when the South Fulton Fire Department was not allowed to respond to their 9-1-1 call for help.  Evidently the Fire Chief wanted to help, but was not allowed, and did not have the courage to do what was right.


There are a number of arguments, questions, and accusations against the  Cranick family.  According to the mayor of South Fulton, the fire department does not take county tax money.  I’m wondering though, if they have taken any FEDERAL funds for the upkeep of their fire department.  Have they taken any state funds?

Evidently the South Fulton Fire Department did take FEDERAL FUNDS for at least one project, and for their gear.

What about the cops?

If you don’t pay a law fee, are you allowed to be slaughtered in your bed by a murderer?

It does make me wonder about things.  I would hazard a guess that the mayor did not like Gene Cranick to begin with.

Seems to me that if the Cranicks had previously paid the fee, it was an obvious oversight.  If it is true that other homes had been saved, and they had NOT paid the fee, then the mayor is in deep you know what.  I have a feeling he is in deep you know what as it is.

“...Obion County Fire Chief Bob Reavis held a press conference early Wednesday evening about the fire controversy which has sparked national attention.

During the press conference, the Cranick’s son Todd addressed the fire chief.

“My neighbor was standing there with an open checkbook and told ’em to put it out no matter what it cost,” Todd Cranick said.  “My dad, an open checkbook.  It’s not like the money wasn’t there.  Seventy-five dollars versus 5 to $10,000, which would you rather have?”

“I’m on your side, brother,” Reavis answered. “I’m on your side, you know and that’s my point.”

“I called 911,” homeowner Paulette Cranick told Heartland News on Monday.  “They said, ‘We’re trying to get them out there but they’re not cooperating,’ or words to that effect.”

The reason, according to Cranick, is because her home was not located within the South Fulton city limits, and neither she nor her husband Gene had paid the required $75 annual fee for rural fire coverage.

South Fulton City manager Jeff Vowell confirmed the Cranicks had not paid the fee, which has been the department’s policy since 1990.  Cranick said her failure to pay was an oversight.

“I’ve paid it many, many times,” Cranick said, “I just haven’t gotten around to it (this year).”  Cranick pointed out that the fire station is on the edge of town and “we don’t go out that way every often.” …”

What if someone who lives outside the city limits of South Fulton, Tennessee cannot afford to pay the seventy-five buck protection money to the mayor?  I guess they lose everything just like the Cranick family did.

Would the larcenous powers that be in South Fulton simply allow them to burn to death because Mr. Cranick had FORGOTTEN to pay his protection money of $75?

Not only did the Cranick family lose their home, and everything they owned, but three of their dogs and a cat were murdered by the South Fulton Fire Department.  I don’t know about you, but if the local mayor refused to allow the local fire department to save my home and my animals were killed, you want to talk lawsuits?  I think I would not be satisfied until they were destroyed – financially.

Naturally Glenn Beck sides with Mayor David Crocker.

“…On his radio show Tuesday, Glenn Beck said, “What is the $75 for? To keep the firemen available, to keep the fire trucks running, to pay for the fire department to have people employed to put the fire out.” “If you don’t pay the 75 dollars, then that hurts the fire department,” continued Beck. “They can’t use those resources, and you’d be sponging off your neighbor’s resources.”…”

There is NOTHING wrong with supporting your local fire department.  When I lived in South Carolina, we always donated, generously, to the Fair Play Fire Department.  They helped save my father’s business once upon a time.  So did the Cross Roads Fire Department, which was next door to his business, and well supported by him.

We learned that in the past Mr. Cranick had paid the protection money to South Fulton, but had forgotten to pay.  His neighbor offered to pay on the spot for him, but was denied.

From The Raw Story we learn that I’m not the only one disgusted by South Fulton, Tennessee.

The Raw Story


This is one of those morality tales.  It is not a question of what the city dads of New Fulton, Tennessee could do, but what they SHOULD have done.  No one questions that these superior individuals had a right to sit on their bottoms and watch everything a family owned go up in flames over seventy-five dollars.  Never mind that they had a right to sit there and watch three dogs and a family cat die in the inferno.

They did.

Yea, they had a right to let the Cranick’s family home burn to the ground.  They had a right to let their pets die to teach ’em a lesson.

They may have had a legal right.  Then again, if FEDERAL funds were involved, maybe they did not.

They did not have a moral right to do what they did.

This lack of morality is why The Pink Flamingo will never ever ever be a libertarian. Libertarians are almost gleeful, damning Gene Cranick because he FORGOT to pay the yearly fee, this year.  Why am I not surprised.

The Pink Flamingo does not like libertarians.  I have no respect for them.  What can you expect from a philosophy based on the sociopath Ayn Rand?

According to Judeo-Christian teachings we are required to be our brother’s keeper.  We are required to help one another, even when a protection fee had not been paid.  I find it very ironic that the same people who constantly demand the feds rid us of those evil illegal aliens, and are so against anyone who is a Muslim, refuse to acknowledge that we are a Judeo-Christian nation based on CHRISTIAN values.  The same people drooling  as they listen to Glenn Beck give them their marching orders, and demand we “get back to God” (or Beck’s demented version of God), but don’t actually give a damn about being decent and moral people.

I guess the good Christians who allowed the Cranick family to lose all, went to church the following Sunday and gloated about their good “Christian” morality.

I seen none.

I seen a group of petty, nasty, little people who exemplify the petty, nastiness of the libertarian philosophy.

I also find the moral courage of the firefighters who were just following orders to be reprehensible.  They were just following orders.  Not one had the moral courage to do what was morally right.  They were just following orders.

I guess libertarians don’t care, as long as people are just following libertarian orders.

Wait until they need help.  Oh, wait.  They are libertarians.  They can take care of themselves.

Daniel Foster at the National Review wrote:

“...That bolded paragraph is what really gets to me. I have no problem with this kind of opt-in government in principle — especially in rural areas where individual need for government services and available infrastructure vary so widely. But forget the politics: what moral theory allows these firefighters (admittedly acting under orders) to watch this house burn to the ground when 1) they have already responded to the scene; 2) they have the means to stop it ready at hand; 3) they have a reasonable expectation to be compensated for their trouble?

The counterargument is, of course, that this kind of system only works if there are consequences for opting out. For the firefighters to have put out the blaze would have opened up a big moral hazard and generated a bunch of future free-riding — a lot like how the ban on denying coverage based on preexisting conditions, paired with penalties under the individual mandate that are lower than the going premiums, would lead to folks waiting until they got sick to buy insurance.

But that analogy is not quite apt. Mr. Cranick, who has learned an incredibly expensive lesson about risk, wasn’t offering to pay the $75 fee. He was offering to pay whatever it cost to put out the fire. If an uninsured man confronted with the pressing need for a heart transplant offered to pay a year in back-premiums to an insurer to cover the operation, you’d be right to laugh at him. But imagine if that man broke out his check book to pay for the whole shebang, and hospital administrators denied him the procedure to teach him a lesson.

I’m a conservative with fairly libertarian leanings, but this is a kind of government for which I would not sign up….”


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