Killing the Hispanic Vote or How to Kill the GOP


Yep, those adorable anti-immigration lovelies have destroyed the Hispanic vote for the GOP.  We all knew it was coming.  The Pink Flamingo hates to do an “I Told You So” but, I TOLD YOU SO.

Let’s be honest about one thing.  The GOP Hispanic vote has never been large.  Only GWB has been able to capture a sector of the Hispanic vote for the GOP.  Perhaps we should be studying what he did right.  If we do not, the GOP is going to be doomed to become a minority party.

“...The poll numbers make it clear that Hispanic voters really dislike the Republican Party.  Fortunately for Republicans, Hispanic voters also seem remarkably apathetic about showing up at the ballot box in order to make their voices heard.  Only 51% of registered Latino voters responded that they are “absolutely certain” that they will cast a ballot come November.
There can be little doubt that Republicans nationwide are cognizant of the Latino voter’s propensity to stay home on Election Day.  If more Latinos voted, we would hear less praise of Arizona’s laws and less talk of rounding up illegals and less talk of the need to restrict education and basic social services to those that cannot prove their citizenship.  But at the moment, the Latino community doesn’t show up and thus many Republicans feel free to score political points on the issue of immigration.

In the short run, this may help the Republican party win elections, but the Latino community is growing fast.  It may be good politics for many Republicans to ignore Latino voters today, but there will come a day when Hispanic voters do make themselves heard.  What is good politics today will haunt the GOP tomorrow.  Win or lose, a large group of people does not like us and Republicans had better set about addressing this problem sooner rather than later.  Otherwise, there will be far fewer election cycles in which Republicans beam with the sort of optimism that pervades the party leadership today….”

Pew Hispanic Center

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Pew Hispanic Center

3 thoughts on “Killing the Hispanic Vote or How to Kill the GOP

  1. Oh, so depressing. My husband golfs with a Puerto Rican American guy every week. He is a very successful businessman and a 100% Republican thinking/acting person yet he despises the GOP and says there is no force on earth that can make him pull the lever for an R. He despises FoxNews only slightly less than the GOP. I don’t blame him. The upside is, this guy usually declines to vote at all.

  2. I think most people don’t understand; while the Hispanic people may suffer from political apathy, most Orientals and other minorities do not–and they empathize with Hispanics.

    THIS is why the GOP lost Congress in 2006 and the WH in 2008.

    EVERYTHING we have: Obamacare, Trillion dollar deficits, the lackluster support for Israel and the war on terror, and today, the use of aborted babies for stem cell…THESE are the fault of the losertarians pretending to be the base of the GOP. They demanded that GWB spend his political currency on the illegal issue instead of the housing market which everyone with half a brain KNEW was going to tank causing the melt down.

    They need to take responsibility–or at the very least, be marginalized.

    Unfortunately, they’ve taken over the tea party…sigh.

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