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The Pink Flamingo is busy with a rant against the glorification of the former hippies who are part of the Tea Party movement.  Larry Sabato wrote something that caught my eye.  If he is right, we’re doomed.

“….In every election cycle there are contests that one party “should” win but does not, usually because its partisans have chosen unwisely in the party primary. These are the ones that got away, to the consternation of party leaders who want to win above all else.

Before identifying these lost (or possibly lost) contests, let’s remember that nothing in the Constitution or laws requires a party’s voters to pick winners. As in the now-famous Delaware Republican primary for Senate, a majority appeared inclined to use the ballot to send a message to the party establishment, rather than select a candidate who could actually become senator. That is the voters’ right. By no means has this phenomenon been restricted to Republicans over the years. For example, Democrats sometimes chose the same route in the late 1960s and early 1970s to demonstrate their unhappiness with party leaders about the Vietnam War or the lack of openness in the party. Tea Party adherents in 2010 understand this impulse.…”

In other words, the very same group of people who pushed the Democratic Party into idiotic oblivion with their determination to betray our troops in Vietnam are the very same IDIOTS who are pushing tea party candidates who cannot possibly win. They helped to destroy the Dems during Vietnam.  Now they are doing the same thing to the GOP.

They were the first generation of the brainwashed, taken over by liberal professors, turned into drug taking, anti-war protesting, uber liberal, anti-American brats.  They gave a whole new meaning to the term “The great unwashed”.  They were dirty – literally.  They lived in communes, eschewing such materialistic products like deodorant, soap, and shampoo.  They made love, not war.

They spat on our returning Vietnam vets.

They protested the war.

They cooked their brains on drugs, basically creating today’s horrible drug problems.

They were taught to truly dislike America.

And now – the cowards of the far right want to pander to them as tea partiers.

They’ve never really changed.  Once upon a time it was all about them.  They truly were spoiled brats, demanding everything, the culture of “me”.

The Pink Flamingo never really liked hippies when they were hippies.  I still don’t like them even though they have  morphed into Tea Party “patriots”.  It is still all about them.  Isn’t it wonderful that they have discovered patriotism?  Now they walk all over the rest of us who were patriotic when they were damning our country.  They are now the good guys and we are not nice because we do not fall at their feet and worship them.  Sorry, but I supported my country when they were denigrating it.  I appreciate their change of heart, that’s nice.  But – they are still bullies, just the way they were when they were hippies.

Have you noticed you don’t see many Vietnam vets among their ranks?

“Zombie” has a revisionist piece about the Hippies and how they are the back-bone of the Tea Party “Patriots” – as if a heck of a lot of us haven’t been saying this all along.  The only problem is that “Zombie’s” version of the Hippies aren’t what I remember.  Granted I was just a little kid, but I remember a heck of a lot.  They were drugged out, stoned, abjectly immoral, anarchists who did not have the courage to defend this country in Vietnam.  They denigrated our returning vets, spitting on them, treating them like dirt.

Yea, I remember.  I remember my cousin’s stories about coming back from Vietnam.  I remember my mother’s tales about Woodstock. (Yea, she and my grandparents were there that fateful Saturday, antiquing).  These so called fun-loving, tea party types were parading through town nearly naked.  My mother has this thing about tureens.  She found a beautiful one in an antique store.  She opened it and some dear hippie had defecated in it. The hippies roaming through Woodstock were using people’s lawns for toilets to the point where the home-owners would go out and turn the hoses on them.

I remember the drugs.  I remember the over-doses, the deaths, and the fact that so many lives were ruined as their brains were cooked.  Mostly, though, I remember the way they treated our Vietnam vets like dirt.

As little miss Republican in Oconee County, I remember the fight we had against these people.  I remember the way they were dealing drugs, destroying lives.  I remember the stories of families that were ruined when their hippie children simply disappeared.  I remember the debates in school, and the way I worked so hard for Nixon, campaigning against these people.

They violated everything I believed.

Unfortunately I still find them terribly distasteful.

One of the things Rush Limbaugh likes to talk about is the fact that when a kid is young if they aren’t a liberal they don’t have a heart.  If they remain a liberal as adults, they don’t have brains.  We’re dealing with men and women who have matured, physically.  They are still poorly dressed, but they have money.  I suspect you are going to find they are just as liberal as ever on social issues, but now that they have money, they don’t want it wasted on government spending.  I doubt if many of them will ever be Republicans.

I suspect many are either Libertarians or lean that way.

Zombie wrote:

“…Big Hippie Tent

Which brings me back to the beginning. This essay was addressed to self-identified hippies — but I assume that plenty of non-hippie liberals have been eavesdropping on us. And it may very well be that you eavesdroppers may not personally think of yourselves as “hippies,” per se, but you do hold to some hippie-esque values which place you in the Big Hippie Tent. There are all sorts of “neo-hippies” who use other identifiers. And any number of preferences and habits and opinions would make you a semi-hippie, as it were. Do any of these apply to you: Are you a Deadhead? Attracted to alternative spiritualities? Avoid chain stores? Love nature? Listen to ’60s music, reggae or jam bands? Smoke pot? Go to Burning Man? Wear ethnic clothing? Like world cultures? You may not be a full-on hippie, but you’ve been influenced by hippie culture. And because of that you may feel some allegiance to what you have always assumed is hippie politics: left-leaning and “progressive.” And that allegiance, perhaps unconsciously, has prevented you from embracing, or even truly acknowledging, the anti-authoritarian vim of the Tea Party. Tempting, isn’t it? And now you no longer have to resist temptation. Let it all in: your newfound awareness that the Tea Party is the embodiment of the hippie ethos after all.

You’re home at last….”

From the New Yorker:

“…When William F. Buckley died, during the 2008 primary season, it seemed to symbolize the end of a conservative era. David Klinghoffer, a former literary editor at National Review, lamented that “urbane visionaries and builders of institutions” such as Buckley have been replaced by media figures “who make their money by stirring fears and resentments.” Conservatism, Klinghoffer added, “has undergone a shift toward demagoguery and hucksterism,” and is now ruled by those he called “the crazy-cons.”
Some Republicans have tried to extend the Buckley tradition, but to little effect.

The commentator David Frum, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, lost his job at the American Enterprise Institute after he complained about the Republicans’ obstruction of health-care reform and called the right-wing surge a threat to conservatism.

In June, the congressman Bob Inglis, of South Carolina, a tough conservative who nonetheless backed Bush’s financial bailout, lost a vicious primary fight with a right-wing insurgent named Trey Gowdy. To his amazement, Inglis was confronted on the campaign trail by voters who were convinced that numbers on their Social Security cards indicated that a secret bank had bought them at birth. “And then, of course,” he recalls, “it turned into something about the Federal Reserve and the Bilderbergers and all that stuff.”

Not even Karl Rove can afford open dissent with the Tea Partiers. Appearing on Fox News the night of the recent primaries, he described the Tea Party-backed Senate candidate in Delaware, Christine O’Donnell, as probably unelectable and said that some of her statements were “nutty.” Instantly, criticism came from Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and other right-wing Republicans. Within days, he was back on Fox, proclaiming himself “a huge Tea Party fan,” endorsing O’Donnell, and affirming that the National Republican Senatorial Committee would give her its full backing.

So far, Rove, an unlikely dissident, is the only prominent Republican leader to so much as gesture at stepping forward, as Buckley and his allies did. Even strong conservatives like Inglis have been pushed aside…”


5 thoughts on “More Tea Party Trype

  1. A few things to bear in mind about zombie – zombie uses unethical journalistic methods and often exaggerates. Not a credible source.

    Additionally, David Frum stroked the passions of the very group he now wishes to criticize and to my knowledge hasn’t taken any differing position as written in his various books for me to consider him a conservative. Not because of his comments as reported above, but because I believe he’s obsessed with people’s bedrooms. My sympathy for him is limited.

    Finally, I have to point out that it’s not, as you say, “the very same group of people,” but rather it’s the very same mentality. The far-left and the far-right might come to different conclusions, but oftentimes their thought process/patterns mirror each other. You are right to be alarmed by the fringe, but I don’t think they cross-over and join each other’s causes. Unless it’s hating on Jews.

  2. I look forward to reading it. Have you ever read ‘A Conflict of Visions’ by Thomas Sowell? It gives good insight to this phenomenon.

    I don’t always agree with your phrasing/labeling, but I often agree with your overall points. Eventually I plan a rant at my site about the misuse of labels on both sides of the aisle. Like “liberal” fits the left – as if. I call myself a libertarian conservative, or moderate, or independent, or classical liberal. I’m tossing around the idea of calling myself an anti-authoritarian capitalist, but I tend to stick with conservative. I’m a limited government, fiscal responsibility type but the fringe has kept me from becoming a tea party supporter. I don’t believe many of these folks understand the principles of (what I call) conservatism.

    I wanted to give you an idea of where I’m coming from, because I’ve read your site for awhile, and have recently started a blog with a like-minded friend where I placed you on our blogroll. I hope you’ll give us a look sometime, but understand our use of terms is different from yours, though we are firmly against the fringe. Or feel free to contact me through email anytime, as I have other insights on some of these fringe activists on the right that may interest you. Cheers!

  3. Sorry – one more thing:

    “One of the things Rush Limbaugh likes to talk about is the fact that when a kid is young if they aren’t a liberal they don’t have a heart. If they remain a liberal as adults, they don’t have brains. We’re dealing with men and women who have matured, physically. They are still poorly dressed, but they have money. I suspect you are going to find they are just as liberal as ever on social issues, but now that they have money, they don’t want it wasted on government spending. I doubt if many of them will ever be Republicans.”

    Many of my Gen-X friends and younger are indeed socially liberal, and I believe that is the reason they will not become republicans at this point – they support gay marriage and legalizing marijuana. And for those of my friends who are on the right-wing, it’s not that we oppose government spending, it’s that we oppose wasteful spending. Capitalism is more than tax cuts.

    Additionally, many of those who call themselves libertarians have moved so far over on the spectrum they should be called anarchists, as those who want to be exclusionary should be called fascists. The fringe has tainted and/or distorted many a political label on both sides of the divide. Cheers!

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