Debunking the New Yorker Hit Piece on Lindsey – The Libertarian Assault


This is part two of The Pink Flamingo’s debunking of the very nasty New Yorker hit piece against Lindsey.  The first piece was about finances.

“…We also need legislation to provide regulatory certainty to our state’s business community. If Congress does not act, unelected bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will issue regulations controlling carbon emissions. In the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2007 decision Massachusetts v. EPA, the Court ruled carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases should be regulated as pollutants under the Clean Air Act. EPA regulation of carbon is the worst possible scenario. The EPA will destroy jobs and contain no new provisions for expanded nuclear energy or offshore drilling. Regardless of whether you view climate change as a real threat or some grand hoax, carbon will eventually be regulated – either through congressional action or by the EPA….”  Lindsey Graham

This is the second of two posts dedicated to debunking the nasty New Yorker hit piece on Lindsey. What fascinates me is the fact that the New Yorker piece comes out just about the same time as a Vanity Fair hit piece on John McCain.

Vanity Fair

After reading this post, The Pink Flamingo wishes to invite her readers to ask themselves several questions.  First:  Why did Lizza do this piece?  Second:  Why attack Lindsey?  Third:  Why did Lizza not check his sources and do a bit of background on the piece?

It is obvious that the material in these two posts proves Lizza’s work was sloppy at best, and that is giving him the benefit of the doubt.  If it is more than sloppy than these two posts should put doubts as to the factual accuracy and the bias of the article.  If the material featured in these two posts can be easily debunked, what about the rest of the piece?


Nearly a year ago, Lindsey did a radio interview about his thoughts on energy independence and climate change. Perhaps you should listen to it, then do the New Yorker Piece.

Hugh Hewitt wrote:

Hewitt Blog

After reading what Hewitt wrote, it has become obvious the Lizza piece needs to be debunked, completely.


Washington Monthly has a comment about the Fox kill comment.  The real problem is the timing.  Lizza alleges that Lindsey was upset about Fox killing the bill on January 5, 2010.  Just check the dates on the pieces The Pink Flamingo did, and follow the bouncing ball.  The Pink Flamingo detailed the attacks on November 10, 2009, November 11, 2009, and December 12, 2009. Around that time frame, the only intellectual honest talk show host, Michael Medved staunchly defended Lindsey.

Medved referenced this audio, which debunks all the lies of the far right, so called Christian conservatives and the tea party twits, and the Ron Paul Bots who are lying about Lindsey and Cap/Trade.

Washington Monthly

After reading the Lizza article, it became quite obvious that he knew nothing about the attacks in SC against Lindsey.  The FOX genie was well out of the bottle when he credits Lindsey doing the FOX News Chicken Little Thing.


For some strange reason Losertarians do not like Lindsey Graham.  They have been after him for nearly a year, after they discovered that Lindsey was working with John Kerry and Joe Lieberman on an energy bill.

South Carolina Bad Boy Will Folkes has been slamming Lindsey for several years about his work on the energy bill. Folkes detests Lindsey and is not above using a bit of hyperbole, then again Folkes is a libertarian, so take what ever he says with a huge grain of salt. The Pink Flamingo is linking to this specific post to prove that there is information out there for quite awhile about John Kerry’s little bunch trying to keep Lindsey in the climate change bill.

What Folkes failed to mention (conveniently) is that the ads run FOR Lindsey were in response to the Losertarian hit pieces against Lindsey.  One of the hallmarks of a true libertarian is the fact that they will openly tell a lie in order to advance their cause and destroy the GOP.

From The Pink Flamingo:

The Pink Flamingo

The Pink Flamingo also wrote:

The Pink Flamingo

More from The Pink Flamingo:

The Pink Flamingo


“…When it comes to clean energy I have an ‘all of the above’ approach.  I believe the CES I have introduced will reinvigorate our nation’s nuclear energy sector, create jobs, make us more energy independent, and produce a cleaner environment than other standards which have been discussed….”

Lindsey is the nation’s leading advocate in nuclear energy.  He is currently working on clean energy standards.  From The Washington Independent:

Washington Independent

Not long after the great pile on began, the Tea Party “patriots” began doing their best to destroy Lindsey. Naturally they NEVER bothered to look into the truth of his position. Instead, they ran around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off.

Freedom Works

2 thoughts on “Debunking the New Yorker Hit Piece on Lindsey – The Libertarian Assault

  1. PF, you’ve done yeoman’s work here. It is very distressing, and among other things a stark reminder of the precarious state of Right World at the moment. I don’t have a clue how it will all shake out in the end, but we are definitely making deals with multiple devils in order to capture the elusive, temperamental, Libertarians and borderline conspiracy nuts. The clips from Cato and Freedom Works are appalling and shriekingly transparent.

    I wish I knew how/if Ams For Prosperity fit in. I’ve been so impressed and supporting AFP for several months now. But if it turns out they’re only in business for one specific type of prosperity I’ll be sick, and probably done with the whole sorry mess forever.

    I hope we haven’t killed our last chance for a renaissance in nuclear power.

    Thank you for re-posting that outstanding local radio interview with Lindsey on WVOC. I ended up listening to the whole thing again. What a pleasure. Everyone should do it:

    More later… much to think about.

  2. You have really done a tremendous amount of work on these two articles. Senator Graham is lucky to have an author like you coming to his defense. It is obvious that Big Oil does not want the country to be energy independent. Think of all the profits they would lose. They are without a doubt behind the far right’s hate campaign against Graham. Graham has a solid conservative voting record, so there is really very little they can attack him on. I agree with you that Graham is an outstanding leader in the USA today. He is very young and he has a brilliant political career ahead of him. He is decent, he cannot be bought and his enemies hate him. Sometimes the better man you become the more enemies you will have. Louis L’Amour, an author I respect said, “A man’s enemies make a sharper, more decisive man of him.” The far right is making a big mistake. Our only hope is to become energy independent. Being dominated and dependent on big oil is just another form of slavery. Naturally, they don’t want us to be free of that. I admire and respect Senator Graham for the work he has done. I hope your informative posts will help bring these intrigues to light.

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