The “Liberty” Bunch Cannibalize Their Own (Do They Also Eat Their Young?)


The first question of the day:  Are the Tea Party Ron Paul Bot Losertarian Patriots getting ready to throw Jim DeMint under the bus?

Are we getting ready to see the beginning of the end of his “powerful” influence?

Then again, maybe not.

“…We all need to flood McConnell, Cornyn, Lugar, Snow, Graham, McCain, Hatch and Collin’s office with “leave DeMint alone or we will throw you out on your ears”. Jim DeMint for Senate Majority Leader is our cry! DeMint is the only senator we have that is willing to take on the establishment and right the wrongs perpetrated by you RINOS. We are sick and tired of your coddling the one-world government folks headed by the elite CEO’s of the multi-national corporations, your membership in the CFR, Tri-lateral Commission, your support for Fed Policy that is bankrupting America and many of you closely associated with the Bilderberger Group such as Kay Hutchinson being on the steering committee of the Bilderberger Group. We are fed up with your furnishing us the candidate of your choice for elections leaving us with the choice of RINO vs RINO or the lesser of two evils…

We realize your intention is to enrich yourselves by succumbing to the “spread the wealth” ideology Obama is at least honest about while you secretly carry out this mission. You have sold out your country and fellow citizens and deserve to be tried as traitors so leave DeMint alone or we will turn it up a notch on all you RINOS. To us you RINOs are the armpit of the world. As Daffy Duck says, “you’re disgusting”! Hear Daffy’s take on the Mosque at Ground Zero in the attachment above……”

And, by-golly audit the fed!

Seriously, this is getting a little scary.  Now they want to try Lindsey as a traitor because he isn’t worshiping Jim DeMint (and Ron Paul)?  Funny how they see US as traitors, but don’t bother realizing that we live in what was once a free country until they allegedly took over and damned us all.  The Ron Paul Bot paleocon does not comprehend that The Pink Flamingo has just as much right to say what I wish as David Lamon does.

They don’t comprehend the fact that they are a small minority of the American People.

“...Send this letter from a Tea Party memeber around and get the message out to the RINOS that are still attempting to control us and our thinking. People that call themselves conservative such as the Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour that is pouring millions in the election process targeted at getting more RINOS elected against true conservative Republicans. Barbour is actually supporting homosexuals and other gay marriage supporters. Barbour must be blackballed from our ranks for his turncoat actions against the conservative agenda. He is a traitor to the party. This is what I mean by calling a spade a spade and purging people like this from the ranks that no longer espouse our conservative God-fearing principles….”

I guess people like this don’t believe in freedom for anyone but them.  All in all, I think I would prefer hanging out with the likes of Bill Clinton than with them.

The Pink Flamingo seems to be repeating herself, over and over again.  The GOP is being repeatedly and constantly assaulted by the forces of “Liberty”.

Nah, I’m not talking about the forces of freedom, I’m talking “Liberty” as in Ron Paul Bot Losertarian Brain Dead Idiots.

They are at war with anyone who disagrees with them.

It’s funny how blogging goes.  When The Pink Flamingo began this post, I was planning to do an expose on the way the Ron Paul Bot lovers of Liberty are the primary movers and shakers in the Hate Lindsey campaign.  You see very few real Republicans who constantly slam real Republicans.  With the exception of Eric Erickson at Red State and a few others of questionable GOP pedigree, very few actual Republicans denigrate Lindsey.  It is the Ron Paul Bot – Losertarian Fringe, who is constantly after him.  Makes a person wonder why, doesn’t it?

One thing about those adorable lovers of “liberty” and Ron Paul.  They have a problem with provable facts.  They prevaricate, rolling in their little canards.  Okay, they  lie through their teeth at times, especially when they cannot force an elected official to bow to their selfish and rather strange desires.

Then again, these are the people who outright reject George W. Bush, and are still lying about him.  They constantly denigrate John McCain, and have thrown Ronald Reagan under the bus.

“…..Furthermore, modern conservatives preach the gospel of nominating only strict constructionists to the Supreme Court. Yet two of Reagan’s four appointments, Anthony Kennedy and Sandra Day O’Connor, respectively have been judicial moderates. Conservatives should recall the opposition they displayed toward Reagan at the time that he made these appointments.

O’Connor’s nomination inflamed many conservatives because of her support for abortion rights as a member of the Arizona state Legislature. Reverend Jerry Fallwell said: “Every good Christian should be concerned” about the O’Connor nomination. During the nomination hearings Kennedy incensed conservatives by supporting the right to privacy in the U.S. Constitution which the Supreme Court used to substantiate its decision in Roe v. Wade (the 1973 case which allows the mother the right to terminate a pregnancy until a fetus is: “potentially able to live outside the mother’s womb.”) As justices, the two have less then stellar conservative records, often siding with supporters of abortion rights and affirmative action.

Additionally, conservatives excoriated GOP Presidential nominee John McCain for his support for a comprehensive approach to illegal immigration which would allow illegals to earn citizenship. Yet Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, giving “complete” amnesty to almost 3 million illegal immigrants….Ideological purists must demythologize Reagan as the house organ of conservatism. His record was not as ideologically homogeneous than they would lead us to believe. They must remember what conservative activist Richard A. Viguerie said during Reagan’s presidency about conservative sentiment toward the Gipper. “ Mr. Reagan is now seen as untrustworthy by many conservatives who believe he has betrayed his own principles in an effort to appease his critics on such domestic issues as education, welfare, the budget and taxes.”…”

Yea, I guess Lindsey Graham really is a Reagan Republican, just like George W. Bush, and The Pink Flamingo.  Makes you wonder about those lying conservatives who constantly wrap themselves in the mantle of Reagan, lie about him, and pander to the idiots of the far insanity – like the Ron Paul Bot Tea Party Libertarians!

From Liberty Pundits:

Liberty Pundits

Take Nikki Haley – please.  She is primarily a libertarian in the Mark Sanford (as in one of the worst governors in SC’s history) mode.  Will Folks, the “Bad Boy” blogger from SC is their current target.  Funny, it is a bit like cannibalism because Folks is far more libertarian than he is anything, including sleaze.

Sorry, but this is funny!

FTS News

The best part is the cannibalism of Tea Party darling Jim DeMint.  Evidently because he is not stepping in to save Nikki and fight for her tarnished reputation (which is getting worse by the week) he is now evil and must be destroyed.

One of SC’s more reputable bloggers, Richard McCarty wrote the following the other day:

Voting Under the Influence


From the Charleston City Paper comes the tawdry tale of Nikki and Will…..

“…Of the dozen or so sources that Hutchins recalls talking to, the reporter says that not all of them had heard directly from Folks that he had confessed to an affair with Haley. Wesley Donehue, communications and political director for the S.C. Senate Republican Caucus and the Marketing and Technology Director for the SCGOP, says he also heard Folks’ accusation firsthand. At the time, Donehue says he believed Folks, but now he does not.

When Hutchins was asked if he had spoken with sources who had reportedly heard from Haley herself about an alleged affair with Folks, Hutchins says, “I really can’t get into that too much.” He adds that he had received enough information to believe that she had told people.

One such person that Hutchins confronted was BJ Boling, a former Haley staffer and the man that many believed Haley had allegedly confessed to. Boling, a Gresham Barrett staffer at the time, declined to talk. Barrett lost to Haley in the 2010 gubernatorial run-off.

On May 13, after talking to a dozen sources and numerous conversations, Hutchins felt that the time had arrived to speak to Folks directly. “We had a pretty long conversation. He didn’t admit to it. He didn’t deny it,” Hutchins says. “I told him in that conversation I was probably going to write a story about it.”

After speaking with Folks, Hutchins then attempted to speak with Haley directly. He left a voice mail on Haley’s phone on May 14. The call was returned, but not by the gubernatorial candidate. It was her campaign manager, Tim Pearson.

Pearson had exchanged several texts with Folks on May 13 and 14 about the forthcoming Free Times article as well as how to address the allegation if it went public. Folks published the texts on FITSNews on May 26. According to one such text message to Folks, Pearson wrote, “I think we both deny it. I think an affadavit [sic] is something we can beat down. Legally and politically.”

A minute later he added, “I’m telling you man, we keep this under wraps and nh [Nikki Haley] is going to win.”

Not once in the text messages does Pearson or Folks deny the allegation. The texts also paint a portrait of Folks as a man clearly worried that the allegation will become public

While Pearson was aware of the allegations on May 13, Hutchins claims that on May 14 Pearson acted as if he had never heard the rumor before. According to the reporter, Pearson asked Hutchins why he had called Haley. Hutchins replied, “‘Actually, I was going to ask her if she had an affair with Will Folks.'”

Hutchins adds, “And [Pearson] laughed. And he said that’s ridiculous or something. And I said, I really don’t think it is and I talked to him about how I thought I had enough to go on. And he said, you’re on some pretty shaky ground here. And I said, well, I don’t think so.”

According to Hutchins, Pearson told him that Haley would not comment on the allegation. “He acted like, oh, this is just coming out of [left] field — this is ridiculous, where is this coming from — but it’s obvious that he had been waiting for a phone call,” Hutchins says….”


From the Indigo Journal (democrat leaning)

Indigo Journal

There are reports that the group founded by conservative Republican Cyndi Mosteller has more dirt on Nikki.  More and more main-stream Republicans are joining her crusade against Nikki’s foolishness.

Palmetto Morning:

Palmetto Morning

The interesting thing is the fact that Roan Garcia-Quintana, exposed by The Pink Flamingo a few months ago as a hack for the CofCC, is defending Nikki.  Roan Garcia-Quintana, and his vile associates is the LAST person I would want defending me.

From The Pink Flamingo

The Pink Flamingo

Now you know why I am NOT a tea party person.  I detest the intellectual dishonesty of the far right, libertarians, Ron Paul Bots, and the tea parties.  I detest the dishonesty of the far right paleo-cons.

Why doesn’t anyone bother asking the tea party types about fighting the war on terror, and defending our country?  Could it be they are afraid of the answer?

Or, are they afraid of the fact that REAL libertarians are basically liberals?  Maybe that is why Reagan has been tossed under the bus.

Then again, maybe the real problem is the fact that the tea party types are irrational spoiled bullies who refuse to acknowledge that other people have valid ideas, too.


One thought on “The “Liberty” Bunch Cannibalize Their Own (Do They Also Eat Their Young?)

  1. The Tea Party is the republican party’s Frankenstein. I have never seen anything like it in American politics. (I’m glad someone else dislikes them intensely) The Nazis also ate their own. I suppose most readers are too young to remember what happened to Hitler’s SA or Brown Shirts- Anyone remember The Night of The Long Knives? Right now DeMint is the darling of the movement and seems pretty sure of himself, but when his usefulness is over, the fuhrer(could he be Ron Paul) could very well throw him under the bus. Their attempt at thought control is against everything America stands for. Naturally, they hate people like Lindsey Graham. He thinks for himself. As far as Nikki is concerned, she has lost every shred of respectability and it’s going to be hard for DeMint or anyone else to restore it. Being defended by someone like Roan Garcia-Quintana will only make her reputation worse. I have suspected for quite awhile that the Neo-Nazis may be associated with the Tea Party movement. It is obvious by the way they operate. I detest anything that even smells of Nazism. The people in my family made too many sacrifices putting down that evil in WWII. I was not too young to remember. Hitler’s insanity destroyed him. I only hope that the sheer insanity of the Tea Party movement will eventually destroy them. Remember the latin phrase, “Quem deus vult perdere, dementat prius” (Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad}

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