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Please ignore The Pink Flamingo’s hysteria, but is is possible the whole tea party machine is a tool for the Dems to destroy the GOP? Yea, I know, I am falling victim to conspiracy mania, but just who are these tea party candidates helping – anyway?

“…“The first thing that has to be done is secure the border. … East Germany was very, very able to reduce the flow. Now, obviously, other things were involved. We have the capacity to, as a great nation, secure the border. If East Germany could do it, we could do it….” Joe Miller

Earlier this month, The Pink Flamingo, her good friend Sally Vee, and Sally’s hubby, were honored to get to know a woman from Germany. As we began to know her, the story of her past began to bring tears to all our eyes. She grew up in East Germany, under the hard-line Communist rule. We were told her tale of freedom, of being able to drive to the border a few days after the Berlin Wall fell, and visiting with family for the first time. She told us about being able to buy fresh fruit, bananas, and items she had seen only in forbidden commercials.

When asked about her life she quickly told us “the most important thing in life is freedom.” If Joe Miller really did make the statement about East Germany, The Pink Flamingo could not possibly vote for him. I don’t care. The statement, if true, proves how abjectly ignorant he is. If it is true, he is an embarrassment tot he GOP. Then again, the way his alleged security guards are treating reports, maybe he does believe in East Germany. I think I would rather vote for a spoiled brat!


From Outside the Beltway:

Outside the Beltway

Don’t you want to cringe with some of these candidates? Fortunately 99% of the idiots out there are tea party select “patriots”.

I am SO glad I am NOT being forced into voting for a tea party “patriot” here in NM. They are an embarrassment.

I know, we Republicans are to swallow our pride and support these idiots. But, just because should do so is not reason we should do so, is it?

When is enough – enough? Sharon Angle thinks Hispanic students look Asian. Christine O’Donnell is an ongoing embarrassment. Joe Miller is just plain scary. Rand Paul is a spoiled Brat. Nikki Haley is a walking impeachment test (if she wins).

Instead, we Republicans must be constantly harassed, bullied, and subjected to such stuidity as how the GOP is crumbling. Sarah Palin says if we do not do what THEY want us to do, we shall be destroyed.

Then again, thanks to Nikki, SC’s GOP has broken down into a firing war.  This is getting ugly.  It is about fakes.  It is about the Tea Party blackmailing the GOP to take flawed candidates who have not been vetted.

The Politico

Then again, it has dawned on The Pink Flamingo that if we were not in a perfect storm, these tea party candidates would have lost, big time. They are going to lose big time, if not now, in 2 years when they cost us the White House. When you do not vet people, candidates, you come up with a bunch of loons.

From The Daily Beast:

The Daily Beast
The Daily Beast

Frum Forum:

Frum Forum

Rand Paul is being a jerk.

Frum Forum

Then again the Jack Conway “Aqua Buddha” ad is hilarious.

It is so bad it cannot possibly be real. This is one of the worst political ads I’ve ever seen in my life. It is hysterical – hilarious! Then again Rand Paul’s response, refusing to shake his hand at the end of that debate was pathetic. Sorry, but if he is the Christian he claims to be, he should understand the concept of turning the other cheek.

Sharon Angle has taken a sure-win for the GOP and turned it iffy. This latest stupidity should seal her fate – and we get more Harry Reid, thanks to the Tea Party “Patriots”

The Caucus

May God Have Mercy Upon Us All!


I listened to Rand Paul on Hannity Tuesday Night.  He talked a big game about being such a great Christian, but refused to shake the hand of his opponent.  It appears he refused to forgive him.  Evidently Rand Paul and I do not have the same Bible.

We are to turn the cheek, do good to those who do bad to us, and treat our enemies decently.

We are also to forgive.  It’s a biggie.

“…and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us


“…Forgive us our sins
as we forgive those who sin against us

It really doesn’t matter how silly Conway’s idiotic attack on Rand Paul was.  What mattered was Rand Paul following the teachings of Christ.

The Pink Flamingo is big on forgiveness.  We all had best be.  Just take the Lord’s Prayer:

Forgive us our sins
as we forgive those who sin against us

If we wish to be forgiven, we must forgive.

Now that is scary!


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  1. Joe Miller’s security guards’ arrest of Tony Hopfinger is just plain scary. I saw the video of the arrest and the so-called security guards looked like thugs from the gestapo or KGB. The debates involving Rand Paul and O’Donnell were equally unsettling. My big news of the day came this morning. My sister called and announced that she was voting for Charlie Crist for senator because in her opinion, “he made a damn good governor.” I wonder how many more will be rejecting tea party candidate, Rubio. Interesting.

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