Doc Holiday Recommends: Puffy Paws Kitty Haven


The Pink Flamingo Kitties have supported the good people at the Puffy Paws Kitty Haven for several years.  The puffy Paws folks are having some rough times, financially.  Doc Holiday (who is being rather annoying right about now) thought we should do a post about helping the kitties in need.

At Doc’s suggestion, I am doing a screen shot of the email that came in to The Pink Flamingo.  I don’t know why I am helping Doc.  She’s being rather nasty right about now!



Florida “World’s Greatest Cathouse”
embraces new mission

Puffy Paws serves a unique need as a hospice for special needs kitties

Englewood, Florida’s “World’s Greatest Cathouse”, Puffy Paws Kitty Haven, embraces a new mission this month. Puffy Paws Kitty Haven is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, no-kill cat hospice specializing in providing quality and loving care to special needs cats. Co-founder of Puffy Paws Kitty Haven, Rick Kingston, explains, “We care for kitties with feline leukemia &

FIV, blind kitties, feral cats, epileptic kitties, kitties with only one eye, 20 year old kitties, kitties that do not use their litter box, kitties with thyroid conditions – basically unwanted and unadoptable kitties that would be euthanized elsewhere.”

Puffy Paws Kitty Haven’s mission is to provide hospice care for special needs cats. Puffy Paws Kitty Haven will provide quality healthcare, food, water, shelter and most of all, love to all the cats in its care until their lives naturally end.

Since 2006 Puffy Paws has embraced both adoptable and special needs kitties, but due to the large number of unclaimed adoptable cats (over 268 total now) and mounting costs for caring for the animals, the struggling cat haven has chosen to retire  its kitty adoption program and focus on only special needs cats that are not served by other animal rescue organizations in Southwest Florida.

As a no kill cat haven, Puffy Paws serves a unique need as a hospice for special needs kitties who will never be able to be adopted. At Puffy Paws, these special kitties can live out their days cared for and loved by Rick and his wife Chrissy Kingston.

Puffy Paws is currently retiring their adoptable cat program, however, there are still over 125 adoptable cats ready to find their “fur-ever” home that need to be placed with families in the next 6 months. For more information on adopting or sponsoring one of these kitties, please visit their website at:

Puffy Paws is always in need of donations to help care for the kitties. Kitty supplies, especially medicines such as cat dewormer and 4-in-1 vaccines are especially needed. Puffy Paws is also currently looking for volunteer vet techs to come in a couple hours a week to keep the kitties in optimal heath.

Puffy Paws facts:
* Meeting the kitties daily needs costs over $6,000 dollars a month
* They eat over 50 lbs. of wet & 36 lbs. of dry food a day
* The kitties use 600 lbs. of litter a day
* Vet care is over a $100 dollars a week
* It costs around $200 dollars a day to meet the kitties needs
* In addition to these daily costs – it costs around $2,000 a month to operate Puffy Paws…”