The Cliched War Against NPR


Anyone who has listened to NPR over the years should not be shocked one little bit that they are liberal.  They’ve ALWAYS been liberal.  Oh, once in awhile, primarily via Juan Williams, there would be a voice of reason.  But – it has always been liberal.

Now, demigods like Jim DeMint are shocked, shocked to see that liberals are going on there!  The far right, who has basically ignored NPR for years, is suddenly back, making out like they are doing the Ed Meese thing all over again.  If it weren’t for the nasty deed done to a truly good Episcopalian, no one would even be noticing them.

One of The Pink Flamingo’s favorite scenes in the classic, Casablanca, is about being shocked, shocked that gambling is going on.

The Pink Flamingo has been a Juan Williams fan for many years. What is rather odd is that Williams, the only Black male in a high profile position at NPR has been dismissed after his sanity has been called into question, rather like classic Marx Brother Sanity Clause routine in A Night at the Opera.

That’s right, there ain’t no sanity clause – not with this game afoot.

So, the usual suspects, many of whom have never even bothered listening to Juan Williams before this are doing their usual Henny Penny sky is falling and they can’t get up routine.   They are primping and preening, posturing, and speechifying, demanding that NPR be deprived of government funding.

The Pink Flamingo has made this statement for years.  Not because they are liberal, but because they are so durn arrogant they think they can take government money, and then supplement it with their hourly beg-athons.

When I was in business, in South Carolina, one of my constant complaints was that the local public broadcasting stations were too arrogant to take in advertising.   I wanted to advertise on PBS, on NPR.  They people who listened/watched public television and radio were my prime customer base.  They spent money in my shop.  They spent a heck of a lot of money.

Trust me, I know.

I spent thousands of dollars advertising locally on the Rush Limbaugh Show.  I advertised on Mike Gallagher’s drive time show before he became famous.  The results were less than pathetic.  But – I provided bonus gifts to our local NPR/PBS affiliates.  Talk about results!  I lived near Clemson, with a ready-made audience.

It is crazy to fund public radio and television when they could charge a premium for advertising.  The people who listen to the Met, Lincoln Center, and are devoted to Jane Austin spend money.  They need to be liberated, to become a success.

But – they have a Jim and Tammy Fay mind-set.

In many ways the far right should be ashamed of themselves for their usual pile-on.  Once again they prove they have no original thought.  The great irony in the fact that they are going to seek to stop funding NPR/PBS may be the best thing they could do for them.  If they wanted to do so, they could be a money making machine.