Jefferson Was Not Libertarian


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The late Eyler Robert Coats, Sr. was one of the leading Jeffersonian Scholars. He spent quite a bit of time debunking Ayn Rand and the libertarian lie that Jefferson was libertarian.  This is one of his debates.


2 thoughts on “Jefferson Was Not Libertarian

  1. Here’s a little tidbit I thought I’d pass along. My November issue of The Atlantic came yesterday. It carries an article on the Big Kahuna(Ron Paul) The article is entitled “The Tea Party’s Brain” by Joshua Green. The article refers to Paul as the Marx or Madison of the Tea Party Movement. It states that he has become the intellectual godfather of the movement. Ron would like to do away with the Federal Reserve System and is obcessed with Ludwig von Mises and turn of the 20th century Austrian economics.

  2. P.S. Ron Paul also favors isolationism and the gold standard. According to this article he is so obsessed with Mises that he compares his enlightenment to a religious testimonial. The tea partiers are taking over the GOP, but they are not republicans.

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