The Extremes Attack We NORMAL Republicans


I am a Reagan Republican.  During the few remaining weeks of the tea party dictatorship, we Reagan Republicans, Neo-Cons, Normal Conservatives are being treated like dirt.  When the dregs of the tea parties are tossed out with the dirty bath water, we Neo-Cons will still be here, doing what we have been doing for years.

We NORMAL Republicans have been trying to prove that the losertarian, Ron Paul Bot slobbering, Glenn Beck dribbling extremes are some of those propelling the tea parties along into oblivion.  They aren’t doing it for the Republic, they are doing it because they worship Ron Paul.

No, not all of the  tea partiers do.  Fact is, most of ’em probably don’t.  The problem is trying to pin down a tea partier is like trying to nail jello to a wall.  According to FOX, Rush, Hannity, Beck, and the like, they are all over the world, taking over the GOP.  They are telling US what to do.  But – try finding one.  I don’t know any.  Do you?  Oh, I have a few friends who did the Christine O’Donnell thing and “dabbled” in a few tea parties.  They became disgusted at the extremism of the tea partiers and are now die hard NORMAL Republicans!

Picture this:  The other morning The Pink Flamingo found this little ditty.  Please read it – and read how it sounds.

“…Please join 500000 SC VOTERS WHO PLEDGE TO DUMP LINDSEY GRAHAM IN 2014 Resolution Passed to Ban Lindsey Graham in the Greenville County GOP, SC The resolution reads: Whereas, United States Sen. Lindsey Graham has cast votes in the United States Senate in favor of TARP, which all but guarantees an increase in the national debt and expansion of the federal government. Whereas, Sen. Graham has voted in favor of two of President Obama’s nominees to the United States Supreme Court, who possess questionable qualifications and very liberal beliefs that are contrary to the United States Constitution. Whereas, Sen. Graham has promoted amnesty for illegal aliens, and continues to promote this premise under the guise of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” Whereas, by these and other votes, Sen. Graham has abandoned the Republican platform: Limited Government; Capitalism and the Free Market System; Original Intent of the Constitution; The Appointment of Conservative Federal Judges and Justices to the United States Supreme Court; and Fiscal Responsibility. And, whereas, both locally and nationally, Sen. Graham has repeatedly demonstrated contempt and arrogance towards those members of the Republican Party who support these core Republican beliefs; Therefore, be it resolved, the Greenville County Republican Party hereby issues this formal rebuke of Sen. Graham for his cooperation and support of President Obama and the Democratic Party’s liberal agenda for the United …”

That’s a really big deal – right?  Umm…. so far there is about 1000 members of the Facebook page.  Problem is, a goodly number of these “SOUTH CAROLINA VOTERS” don’t live in South Caroline.  Some don’t even live in the US.

Gotta love those tea party patriots, so honest and upstanding and all.

If you can stand it, tiptoe through the papa cow excreta.  What is the glue holding all those adorable little tea party patriots together?

Would it be Ron Paul?

Would it be Glenn Beck?


Case in point.  Take Brian Frank, please.  Mr. Frank is a Ron Paul Bot.  In fact, he wrote this on his 912 Glenn Beck meet-up site:

“…Being a die hard Ron Paul supporter for several years, I know all about getting back to the basics for liberty, freedom, and prosperity!…”

Oh, and he did his tea party thing for Ron Paul!

912 Meetup Groups

This is one of those lovely little bouncing ball Ron Paul Bot quizzes.   This is Mr. Frank’s Facebook thingie:


Would someone please tell The Pink Flamingo why our cowardly elected officials are cowering in front of these people?  Maybe because one of the few Republicans who is not hiding from them is Lindsey Graham.  And – just look at what they are doing to them.

Yea, a lie is a terrible thing to waste!


12 thoughts on “The Extremes Attack We NORMAL Republicans

  1. Lindsey Graham recently said that the American people don’t like politics too far to the right or too far to the left. I certainly agree because I am a moderate Republican. I don’t like Obama, Reid and Pelosi and I detest the Big Kahuna Ron, Beck and Palin because I feel the tea partiers, the far right, are taking over the republican party the way the socialists have taken over the democratic party. I only hope that by 2014 the tea party mania and Ron Paul’s Misesian praxeology will have run its course. The upcoming election does pose a dilemma with the tea party endorsed candidates. In the past when I didn’t like certain candidates I voted for the lesser of the two evils. Now I’m faced with the choice of the lesser of the two lessers.

  2. You are so right. I remember when some people considered Ronald Reagan too conservative. I don’t think I’ve changed either.

  3. If you think being a neo-con is the rule, rather than the exception, you are not a true republican. Neo-cons are the extreme.

    I would advise you to get current on the constitution and do some research on the founding fathers. Neo-concervatism, I hope you know, was born from the same persons who were former Troskies. Communists. Neo-conservative are NOT moderates.

    I am ashamed that americans, like you, are actually so brainwashed into this paradigm of “moderate/far right” etc..

    Neo-cons want:
    1. Perpectual War
    2. Nation building
    3. Country welfare (for Egypt, Israel, Mexico etc..)
    4. A dissolution of U.S. Sovereignty
    5. For the US to become a vassal of the U.N.
    6. Open borders
    7. Cap n’ Trade
    8. Giving MORE power to the Federal Reserve

    Tea-partiers, “Ron Paul Supporters”, or other labels – you want to give those “Far right loonies” is just another tactic to prevent true republicanism from becoming the mainstream. Which is PERSONAL FREEDOM/LIBERTY, NO NATION BUILDING, SECURE BORDERS, OUT OF THE U.N., SOUND MONEY POLICIES etc..

    Get wise will you. If we went down the checklist of what is it to be a liberal and a neo-con, there is very little difference.

  4. I use to be a neo-con, until I woke up and become informed. By your own admission via screenshots.

    L. Graham ———– Liberal
    Loves war Loves war
    Amnesty Amnesty
    Cap n’ Trade Cap n’ Trade
    Supported Tarp Supported Tarp
    UN Support UN Support

    And the list continues. More attempts at the “establishment repubs” trying to Corral these “whacky republicans”.

    Liberals + Neo-Cons = enslaving voter

  5. Maybe you ‘reagan’ conservatives are being treated like dirt because during all your time in power you acted more like democrats than true conservatives? Maybe people are tired of ‘normal’ republicans constantly preaching for wars and empire building around the world at our expense? Maybe we’re tired about hearing you talk of fiscal conservatism while spending countless dollars on big govt programs (read Dept of homeland security for one example) and wars around the world, countless aid to foreign nations, etc?

    The hypocrisy in ‘normal’ republican views is astounding.
    Get rid of big government spending, but spend trillions on wars!
    Abortion is murder! But lets drop more bombs in the middle east because we’re scared!
    Lets complain about government involvement in our lives, but agree wholeheartedly that we NEED the patriot act that gives unprecedented unconstitutional power to the federal government against its citizens because we need to ‘keep americans safe from terror’.

    At least people like Ron Paul and tea partiers are (generally) consistent and well thought out. (I don’t group Palin/Beck in as real tea partiers, I think they jumped the bus for political expediency, btw) You think about the principles that this country was founded upon, apply them to current conditions, and you get consistency and fairness to all americans.

    Maybe eventually you’ll discovery that you were never really a republican, but a really moderate democrat.

    Signed, a *former* ‘normal’ republican turned libertarian.

  6. This explains it all:

    “During the Reagan years she was a lobbyist working with various non-profit organizations “

  7. Typical libertarian/Ron Paul Bot half-truth. Half truth’s are the same as lies.

    “During the Reagan years she was a lobbyist working with various non-profit organizations who were attempting to salvage NASA and the American space program after the disastrous Carter years. ”

    I worked with various space related organizations to promote and salvage the space program.

    Try telling the truth for a change.


  8. WOW! The Pinko Flaming is getting some attention for a change. I’m sure she’ll take that over being ignored.

    You know, Lindsey Graham is now claiming to want to reach an understanding with the tea party folks. He’s actually being “tolerant” and talking to them instead of instantly dismissing them like he used to do. That’s really got to hurt her feelings. After all her work supporting him and tearing down his opponents, he went and stabbed her in the back just like he’s been doing the citizens of SC for so long now. It’s going to take her several gallons of ice cream to get over that betrayal.

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