The Extremes Cannot Win! (Inspired by a PF Reader)


I guess Peggy Noonan explains why I STILL have no respect for her, and why I have absolutely no respect for the tea parties.  This woman still has a whole lot a’ hate goin’ on – rather proving the old hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!


Did you know that Karl Rove is evil and must be destroyed.  His crime?  He is a reasonable Republican.  Once a reasonable Republican, Dan Riehl has become a tea party loony – along with just about everyone else.

Riehl World View

Rush Limbaugh has joined the list of tea party bullies who are demanding the GOP dance to their agenda OR ELSE.

How long are we going to let these people push us around?  Allahpundit gushed:

“...“WOW. Just heard Limbaugh’s opening monologue, where he gave the GOP establishment both barrels. Seems he doesn’t just fear a return to business-as-usual after November, but actually expects it. He’s openly warning that this will create a third party for 2012. I’ve issued the same kind of warnings myself, but he seemed a lot more . . . definite about it. I wonder what he knows that I don’t?…”

Two words:  Ross Perot

Then again the Tea Party and their pandering, prostituting, cowardly conservatives who must worship at their LIBERTARIAN feet are never going to be as powerful or full of it as they are for the next couple of weeks.  I have no idea what is going to happen in these elections, but, if logic has anything to do with it, they are going to be looking a little rough around the edges come November.

The past few days The Pink Flamingo has had a couple of very interesting comments from Drae, who has a very creative blog:  Of Buckley and Beatles.

What caught my attention was the following, which was basically something I’ve been thinking about for a couple days.

“…Finally, I have to point out that it’s not, as you say, “the very same group of people,” but rather it’s the very same mentality. The far-left and the far-right might come to different conclusions, but oftentimes their thought process/patterns mirror each other. You are right to be alarmed by the fringe, but I don’t think they cross-over and join each other’s causes. Unless it’s hating on Jews….”

I am going to quote from several of Drae’s comments, which are quite good.

“…I don’t always agree with your phrasing/labeling, but I often agree with your overall points. Eventually I plan a rant at my site about the misuse of labels on both sides of the aisle. Like “liberal” fits the left – as if. I call myself a libertarian conservative, or moderate, or independent, or classical liberal. I’m tossing around the idea of calling myself an anti-authoritarian capitalist, but I tend to stick with conservative. I’m a limited government, fiscal responsibility type but the fringe has kept me from becoming a tea party supporter. I don’t believe many of these folks understand the principles of (what I call) conservatism.…”

“….many of those who call themselves libertarians have moved so far over on the spectrum they should be called anarchists, as those who want to be exclusionary should be called fascists. The fringe has tainted and/or distorted many a political label on both sides of the divide….”

Maybe Lindsey puts it best:

“…So what you see here is a reaction to an agenda that started out centrist during the 2008 campaign and became a left ditch agenda during the last two years and the Tea Party has risen up, speaking against excessive government. But the American public is in the right center of the road. They’re not in the right ditch or the left ditch. So our Tea Party friends have done us a favor. But if we talk about doing away with Social Security as part of our agenda, then we’re going to lose the public. The public is in the middle of the road, right of center.  Sarah Palin could do well if that’s where she aligns herself with. But if you get too far right or too far left, you’re going to lose the American people….”


Jack Hunter is a losertarian.  He is a Ron Paul brain-dead drooling idiot who detests the GOP.  He appears to have a man-crush on Ron Paul.   He considers the tea partiers “normal” Americans and people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham to be little more than traitors.  The way he writes this most recent column, it appears that Lindsey voted for the Stimulus.  Unfortunately for Hunter, he is lying once again. It is called a sin of omission.

“...The shortfalls of the ACU ratings aren’t peculiar to that organization. Other, similar ratings can be just as deceiving. For example, in 2009 the Chamber of Commerce released its congressional scorecard, which gave Rep. Ron Paul, arguably the most free-market member of Congress, the lowest ranking of any Republican. The Chamber also gave Sen. Jim DeMint, another solid free market champion, a similar low rating. According to the Chamber’s 2009 rankings, Republicans Paul and DeMint are less pro-business than Democrats Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Why? Both Paul and DeMint did not vote for President Obama’s nearly $800 billion stimulus, which allegedly was a “pro-business” bill, according to the Chamber….

Ranking standards that ignore these and other significant variances, which often call into question what actually is and isn’t “conservative,” raises questions about the validity of those standards. Simply put, would Rand Paul, as a senator, somehow be rated as less conservative than, say, Graham? Is DeMint actually less pro-business than Barack Obama?

Conservatives typically recognize their own, and no ratings system is going to fool most of them into believing that men like Graham or McCain have magically become part of the club. With the Tea Party criticizing once solidly conservative Republicans, we will likely be hearing even more about these ratings even though they essentially mean nothing.”


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  1. Any idea what her trip is? She took a leave of absence to help GWB win back in 2004…came back totally angry with him and the GOP…did GWB’s people forget to treat her like royalty?

  2. I never did get what all the gushing about Reagan was…he spent more than GWB, gave REAL amnesty to illegals, and left the first Bush with a deficit he never recovered from…

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