Shoot-Out at the Cockoo Corral Full of Tea Partiers


“…“This election isn’t about enthusiasm,” said political director Adam Ruben.  “[I]t’s about turnout…[t]hat’s what it’s going to come down to.  There are dozens of races that are going to be close, where turnout can make the difference.”..”

If the numbers are what The Pink Flamingo is seeing, then Ruben could be right.  This election is not about the tea parties.  It is about turnout.

Regular Pink Flamingo readers would never guess (sarcasm) that I have problems with the tea party types.  I don’t mind admitting that I agree with most of their financial and tax issues.  If I said I did not, I would be lying.  But – and I think I have said this previously – what if a great big fake were being perpetrated on the gullible among us.

The most recent WPost article about the tea parties is proving what The Pink Flamingo has been saying – there aren’t all that many tea partiers!  It’s a great big whammy!

“...The local groups stand in contrast to – and, in their minds, apart from – a handful of large national groups that claim the tea party label. Most of those outfits, including FreedomWorks and Tea Party Express, are headed by longtime political players who have used their resources and know-how to help elect a number of candidates.

The findings suggest that the breadth of the tea party may be inflated. The Atlanta-based Tea Party Patriots, for example, says it has a listing of more than 2,300 local groups, but The Post was unable to identify anywhere near that many, despite help from the organization and independent research.

In all, The Post identified more than 1,400 possible groups and was able to verify and reach 647 of them. Each answered a lengthy questionnaire about their beliefs, members and goals. The Post tried calling the others as many as six times. It is unclear whether they are just hard to reach or don’t exist.

Mark Meckler, a founding member of the Tea Party Patriots, said: “When a group lists themselves on our Web site, that’s a group. That group could be one person, it could be 10 people, it could come in and out of existence – we don’t know. We have groups that I know are 15,000 people, and I have groups that I know are five people.”…”

There is not love lost between The Pink Flamingo and the tea parties.  I think they are being manipulated by FOX, Glenn Beck, the losertarians, and the Ron Paul Bot contingency.  This manipulation, in my mind, is not about patriotism, but about money, power, and in cases like Jim DeMint, personal ambition.

We are being force-fed stats that tell us how strong the tea parties are – how powerful they are.  Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh are telling us that the tea parties are so strong they will over-take the GOP or form a third party.

The Pink Flamingo does not mind admitting I’ve been rather upset about the state of affairs until I saw this little email from the Tea Party Express.

Tea Party Express

Please read this carefully:

“…The Tea Party Express will be directing its 400,000+ supporters to not only vote for these candidates, but volunteer on their campaigns in the days leading up to the November 2nd election….”

In the grand scheme of things, if that is what we are looking at as a representative of the tea parties – and I am well aware that they are fractured, with many different groups – then this is pathetic.  Back in the day The Planetary Society had that many members!

Richard Murry writing at RightOSphere:

“…What is the compromise that needs to be struck between the Tea Party and the GOP establishment?  Very simple, yet against the instincts of both sides.  The establishment needs to embrace purity in the top few issues important to voters (balancing the budget and improving the economic situation so that job creation can begin in earnest).  This means surrendering some seats that could possibly be won, and possibly never attaining a supermajority in the Senate.  On the flip side, the Tea Party has to understand that a GOP candidate that supports you 50% of the time and will vote for a leader who will put your agenda up for debate is better than a Democrat who would support you 80% of the time, but would vote to retain Spkr Pelosi.  Can both sides be adults about it, put aside their childish insistence on being “right,” and work with the other side so as to get more of what each side wants, as opposed to “going it alone” and either getting less or have the gains wiped out in the next election?…”

This is all sweetness and light – but if what I’m seeing is real, the combined tea parties are a total and complete crock.  Sure, they have a couple of million members, combined, but so did we during the worst of the space arguments in the mid-1980s.  We did not have the numbers to effect change, other than picking and choosing where to fight our battles.

If this is the case, what is the difference now?

I submit the only reason the tea parties are able to exist is because of FOX, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Rush Limbaugh.  Aided by the over-whelming presence of Ron Paul Bots who are quite busy online, grossly inflating their numbers, we are getting a false sense of what is truly going on in the country – a very false sense.

One of the real problems is the fact that NORMAL Republicans are very under-represented online.  What blogs you do see have a tendency to be “conservative”.  These “conservative” blog don’t hesitate to betray the GOP and good, decent NORMAL Republicans for political expediency.  The Pink Flamingo sees it every day.

Once people get over this pathalogical hatred of all things Obama, and learn to behave like adults and not like the Glenn Beck hysteria of the month club, maybe we can get back to normal.

We’re talking smoke and mirrors. Three hundred people show up at a Ken Buck rally for DeMint to be a no-show.  My question:  How many of these people are habitual rally attenders?

SJ Sentinel

They are all the same old faces, using new angles.  There is NOTHING new here but the names – and the way the money grubbers are manipulating idiots who think the tea parties are the second coming.

Post Politics

It has allowed the inmates to take over the asylum.  The most perfect example I know is Stephen Broden, out of Texas.  It is about a feel-good insanity that has managed to manipulate the nomination of completely incompetent Republicans, such as Christine O’Donnell and Nikki Haley.

From Voting Under the Influence:

“…VUI is making no endorsement in the Governor’s race. We can’t support Haley, despite being conservative, because, well, Haley is not a conservative and in the end she will embarrass this state. We said the same about Sanford and were laughed at until Argentina. And as for reform, well, with her big consulting fees, trusting Haley to actually reform state government is like trusting the fox to guard the hen house. We will not endorse Sheheen, but we will say any Republican that votes for Sheheen is not voting for Obama or Pelosi. They will be voting for a conservative South Carolina Democrat who might just make the legislators work for their paychecks and has the family life, values, and work ethic that will not embarrass South Carolina. There is no shame in voting for Sheheen….”

It is a shame a handful of manipulating power-mad twits have managed to ruin the chances of taking over the US Senate.  It is not about the GOP.  It really isn’t about being Conservative.  It is about certain bloggers getting in front of the cameras on Fox at so many thousand bucks a pop.  We watch the extreme right attempt to manipulate the GOP.  They’re doing a fair job of it.  The problem is people like The Pink Flamingo are not going to go away.  I survived the take over of the Christian Coalition in 1996.  I will survive this – and still be here when the Tea Party “Patriots” have given up and gone home.

I just have one little question for you:

Do you enjoy being manipulated?


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