Soros Based Vet Group Slams GOP


A new report castigating the way our Republicans is treating vets came out the other day.  It is quite damning, until you start looking at some of the particulars.  Once you do,  you start smelling a rat.

“...A new report by a leading veterans group has awarded grades to members of Congress based on their support of veterans issues. One party failed miserably. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) gave out 154 D and F grades. 142 of those went to Republicans and 12 to Democrats — meaning that 92 percent of the D and F grades went to members of the GOP.

Of the 94 congressmen that received A or A+ grades, 91 are Democrats and three are Republicans…”

Yea, you read it right.  92% of the grades the Iran and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) gave to Republicans were D and F grades.  When you see the likes of certain Dems getting “A” grades, you know something is not quite kosher.

The “A” List:


Yea, you read it correct.  Barbara Boxer is on the “A” list.  Enough said!

Now, check out the “D” and “F” list:


Interesting, isn’t it.

Makes you wonder about a few things.

Well…. from a 2008 article in Blackfive we learn that the IAVA is funded by ….. Jonathan Soros!

“….But Burden says what really bothers him about IAVA’s report card is its insistence that its grades are nonpartisan. He points to IAVA’s funding: Jonathan Soros, son of liberal financier George Soros, is sponsoring the group’s annual dinner next month. At the same time, the IAVA uses technology provided by Democracy in Action, a self-described “progressive nonprofit” that provides discount services to liberal groups. And, Burden points out, Rieckhoff once delivered the Democratic response to one of President Bush’s radio addresses.

“Unfortunately for some folks,” says Rieckhoff in reply, “they view the truth as a partisan issue. Our goal is to have both parties coming to us. We’re not working for the Democrats or the Republicans. We are working for veterans.”…”

More from Blackfive – 2008:


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  1. Both of my senators are on the D list, so I called their offices this morning, inquired about their support for veterans and informed them about the IAVA report card. It seems that I got the office personnel all stirred up. It was news to them. One of them is calling the Washington office about it this morning. I too smell a rat, but if these senators are on the D list they owe their constituents an explanation.

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