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Contrary to the way some people feel, there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim.  The problem is in being an extremist.  Being an extremist in any religion can be deadly.  A person is just as dead when killed by an anti-abortion nut-job as they are when they are killed by al Qaeda.

People from all cultures, all walks of life can be brain-washed.  A person from the United States can be just brainwashed into following extremists who hate and desire to murder and destroy as someone born in Saudi Arabia.

The is a compilation of articles The Pink Flamingo has been accumulating for several months.  They concern the horrid way women are treated by the Religion of Peace.  Instead of being a brother’s keeper, stopping to help a stranger, they would rather take that person’s life.

“…Iran, where a woman convicted of adultery has been sentenced to death by stoning, is poised to become a board member of the new United Nations agency to promote equality for women.

The move has sparked outrage from the US and human rights groups. Some rights groups are also upset that Saudi Arabia, where women are not allowed to drive and are barred from many facilities used by men, is also trying to join the governing body of UN Women.

The General Assembly resolution adopted in July that merged four UN bodies dealing with women’s issues into a single agency with greater clout to represent half the world’s population calls for a 41-member executive board, with 35 members chosen by regional groups and six representing donor nations.
The Asian group has put forward an uncontested 10-nation list that includes Iran, UN diplomats said, and Saudi Arabia has been selected for one of two slots for emerging donor nations.

The 54 nations on the UN Economic and Social Council are expected to elect the UN Women’s board on November 10 and it is possible that other Asian nations or emerging donor nations could become candidates, though diplomats said that is not likely….”

Frum Forum has the headline.  It is terrifying.  It is also enough to make any decent person angry – very angry:

Frum Forum

Evidently women are pond scum in some Islamic nations.  They are certainly treated that way.  Perhaps nothing exemplifies their abusive society more than the way women are treated.

“….In a land where sons are more highly valued, since in the tribal culture usually only they can inherit the father’s wealth and pass down a name, families without boys are the objects of pity and contempt. Even a made-up son increases the family’s standing, at least for a few years. A bacha posh can also more easily receive an education, work outside the home, even escort her sisters in public, allowing freedoms that are unheard of for girls in a society that strictly segregates men and women.

But for some, the change can be disorienting as well as liberating, stranding the women in a limbo between the sexes. Shukria Siddiqui, raised as a boy but then abruptly plunged into an arranged marriage, struggled to adapt, tripping over the confining burqa and straining to talk to other women.

The practice may stretch back centuries. Nancy Dupree, an 83-year-old American who has spent most of her life as a historian working in Afghanistan, said she had not heard of the phenomenon, but recalled a photograph from the early 1900s belonging to the private collection of a member of the Afghan royal family.

It featured women dressed in men’s clothing standing guard at King Habibullah’s harem. The reason: the harem’s women could not be protected by men, who might pose a threat to the women, but they could not be watched over by women either.

“Segregation calls for creativity,” Mrs. Dupree said. “These people have the most amazing coping ability.”

It is a commonly held belief among less educated Afghans that the mother can determine the sex of her unborn child, so she is blamed if she gives birth to a daughter. Several Afghan doctors and health care workers from around the country said that they had witnessed the despair of women when they gave birth to daughters, and that the pressure to produce a son fueled the practice….”

Madam Secretary

Eileen F. Toplansky had an excellent AT piece about Islam, Sharia, and the abuse of women.

“…The debasement of women plays a critical role among Palestinian women, where little girls live under a death threat of honor killing. The male sexual abuse of female children is quite pervasive. It traumatizes and shames women into obedience and renders them incapable of resistance or rebellion. This degradation of women is not restricted merely to the Palestinian community, whose lives have been repeatedly squandered by their terrorist leaders. In Iran, for instance, the Islamic government does not recognize women as fully human. In 1992, over 100,000 women were arrested in Tehran for “improper veiling” and “moral corruption.” Scores of pregnant women were flogged in public on the same charge. Women appearing in public without traditional veiling are sentenced to up to 74 lashes. As I write this, there is a worldwide protest concerning the injustice being meted out to Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. Unfortunately, she will probably be flogged to death. …”

American Thinker

One of the few people standing up for the Afghan women – from a power broker position – is Hillary Clinton.  Yea – that Hillary.  As a Secretary of State, The Pink Flamingo thinks she has shown a tremendous amount of courage when going up against Islamic extremism.

Madam Secretary

“…Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Embassy Kabul
Kabul, Afghanistan
July 20, 2010
QUESTION: (Inaudible) concerns of women, and what do you really think you would be able to do once the reconciliation is (inaudible)?
SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, I think there are a lot of things we can do, and it is in keeping with what we’ve been doing. The United States supports most of the NGOs that are supporting women’s activities and rights, some of whom were represented in the room this morning. We are actually increasing our support to assistance that helps women, that empowers women. I have consistently raised with all levels of the Afghan Government, with everyone else from the EU to ISAF and the UN, the absolute necessity of our standing firmly together in our demands that women not be marginalized in the process of reintegration and reconciliation. I have pushed hard for women to have, literally, seats at the table in the loya jirga and the London conference and the Kabul conference, et cetera.
And I think we just have to continue to make that case. And I’m even thinking maybe we should be looking for ways we can make a stronger public education case, because in listening to the women this morning, I asked them if they thought mindsets had changed, and several of them said that they had, that there had been people who said, well, it was a mistake not to let our girls go to school during those five years, or it was a mistake to take our women teachers out of the classroom. And one woman said that one of – some man had said to her that the way he convinces people to be in favor of women is to say, “If your wife has to go to the hospital, do you want her treated by a male doctor or a female doctor? And if you want a female doctor, then we have to have female doctors.” So there’s a discussion going on in the society, and I want to really encourage that.
And then finally, the parliamentary elections in September hold out a lot of promise. How many women have signed up, Karl?
AMBASSADOR EIKENBERRY: About 330, a significant increase over 2005.
QUESTION: Yeah, 20 percent more.
SECRETARY CLINTON: Yeah. A lot of women are running for office and a certain number of women’s seats are guaranteed. So we’re pushing every way we know to, because we feel so strongly about it.
QUESTION: But, Madam Secretary, if there is a political solution that would come at the expense of women but allow foreign troops to cede an end in sight for their presence here, don’t you think you would take that political solution?
SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, Kim, I don’t think there is such a political solution that does – I don’t think there is such a political solution that would be a lasting, sustainable one that would turn the clock back on women. That is a recipe for a return to the kind of Afghanistan, if not in the entire country, in significant parts of the country, that would once again be a breeding ground for terrorism. So we’ve got our red lines and they are very clear: Any reconciliation process that the United States supports, recognizing that this is an Afghan-led process, must require that anyone who wishes to rejoin society and the political system must lay down their weapons and end violence, renounce al-Qaida, and be committed to the constitution and laws of Afghanistan, which guarantee the rights of women.

From Pink Flamingo friend and confident Sally Vee comes the following:

“Warning: this article is beyond disgusting but you must inform yourselves… the topic is rampant pedophilia in Afghanistan, particularly among the Pashtun. Two thoughts immediately sprang to my mind. First, I recalled learning from a soldier years ago about similar rampant perversion in Saudi Arabia, another wonderful Islamist society. Second, just more proof that Islam is deeply, irreversibly FUBAR. When you turn women essentially into covered garbage cans, what do you expect?..”

Sally sent me a link to the following:

SF Gate

It is about the sexual abuse of boys.

SF Gate

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  1. So Iran is set to become a UN board member to promote equality of women. Isn’t this like putting the fox in charge of the hen house? There is nothing honorable about mistreating women. One of the most shocking videos is the execution (or murder) of a 17 year old Kurdish girl in the Kurdistan of Iraq. She was beaten and stoned to death. Many of us want to be tolerant towards people of other religions, but seeing women in burqas can be unsettling if a person is not used to that sort of thing. A French citizen, Maxime Lepante has been filming the islamization of Paris. Of course this is not his real name because he says his life has been threatened, but if you watch these videos you can’t help but ask yourself this question: “Would you be concerned if this happened in your city?”

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