Half-Truths Are the Same as Lies Even When Conservatives Tell ‘Em


“…”There’s plenty of things that we could do on job creation by challenging President Obama to come to the middle, and find ways to move us forward as a nation, and put the burden on him to say no to us,” added the South Carolina Republican….”

Lies are a funny thing.  They work very well with hate – very well in deed.  If you tell a lie or a half-truth long enough, there are always gullible people who hate the victim of the lie, who will believe it.

Such is the case with Lindsey Graham.

The other day I cringed when I read his latest

From Antz in the Pantz comes the usual, and typical attack on Lindsey.  Evidently, like other non-thinkers who can do nothing but hate, the author ignored the entire interview, and also ignored the phrase:  “and put the burden on him to say no to us,

Antz in the Pants


Lindsey said he thinks Obama will either be like Clinton or he will be like Harry Truman.  He wants to force Obama’s hand.   This is the line you do not see in any of the recaps of Lindsey “caving” to Obama.  You must listen to the whole interview and then realize once again the far right haters have basically lied.

“Put the burden on Obama to say no to us (the GOP).”

Unfortunately, there is no full transcript of the interview.  What came out of it were a few clips that ended up on The Hill. Those were then taken and splashed everywhere that extremes who late Lindsey congregate.

Well, you can feel the love and the lies from Newsmax (as usual)


Do you seen that line about making Obama look bad by saying no?  Nope, you sure don’t.  The article is designed to make Lindsey look as bad as possible.  Now read the North Capital version:

“...Graham weighed into the sustained debate within the GOP about how or whether the party, which is poised to make gains in Congress, should work with Democrats. On issues like Social Security, energy, and job creation, Graham said Republicans should seize opportunities to work with the president, if nothing else than to help move Obama toward the political center.

“My belief is that, if we get back power in the House, and get close in the Senate, that we ought to really clamp down on spending and reform the government,” Graham said on WVOC radio in South Carolina. “But we ought to not put ourself in a position of being the ‘party of no’ to hard problems. But we ought to sit down with the president and work on Social Security, come up with an energy policy without cap-and-trade.”

“There’s plenty of things that we could do on job creation by challenging President Obama to come to the middle, and find ways to move us forward as a nation, and put the burden on him to say ‘no’ to us,” added the South Carolina Republican.…”

North Capitol Street

Funny how we are looking at two versions of the same interview.  Have you noticed how the right gets upset (and they should) when the left mis-represents and lies about what we do?  You would think they would be more honest and try to get it right.  Then again, it is quite obvious there is a far right agenda to destroy Lindsey.

Wonder why?   Wonder why they lie so much?

From Red State:

Red State

The left can’t tell the truth about the interview.  You would think the right would be better than that, but as we see from the usual suspects like Red State, they wouldn’t know the truth if it hit ’em in the face.

You see, a half-truth is the same as a lie.

The worst part of this is we’ve been begging for our elected Republican officials to get smart and beat the Dems at their own game.  Lindsey is planning on that strategy.  The real problem is the fact that the newly designated keepers of the truth and all that is good in holy in American politics – the Tea Party Patriots – Ron Paul Bots – Glenn Birchers – Glenn Beck Brain Dead Listeners – have never really paid attention to politics until recently.  They are abjectly ignorant when it comes to recent history. If they were not as ignorant as they appear to be, they would know we have been begging for someone who will be smart and make the Dems look bad.

If they were the least bit informed, they would remember back during the Clinton years, after we took over the House and the Senate.  Because Newt was able to hold the line on spending, the GOP became known as THE PARTY OF NO.

No matter what our people in the House and Senate did, they were castigated as being THE PARTY OF NO.

Lindsey gets it.

He wants to make Obama look bad.

Unfortunately the far right haters are so busy hating, they aren’t really interested in actually accomplishing something.  I am beginning to wonder if they’re not closet Obama supporters and closet liberals.  It is the only logical explanation for their increasingly self-destructive behavior.