Political Ads of 2010


Thank Goodness IT is nearly over!  The Pink Flamingo thought it would be fun to do some of the better and worse ads of 2010.  Thanks need to go to Pink Flamingo friend and confidant Sally Vee for helping me find a few of these.  The Aqua Buddha ad is so very bad it may end up in the political ad hall of shame.  If I were doing a political ad top ten, I would be forced to use it.

Which is your favorite?

Mine is the very last.

THE VERY WORST:  Alan Grayson’s attack on Daniel Webster is one of the worst political attack ads I have ever seen.

SO BAD IT IS FUNNY:  Jack Conway’s Aqua Buddha Ad is hilarious.  Rand Paul should have laughed at it.  It was a terrible ad, but it was so bad, production wise, it was like something out of SNL.

QUITE FUNNY:  Chuck Grassley’s Twitter

VERY FUNNY AD:  Tim D’Annunzio’s Machine Gun Social!

MOST DEMONIC AD:  Carly Fiorina’s Demon Sheep Ad

THE DUMBEST AD:  I am not a witch – I am nothing…sure says it all!

WHAT TOOK SO LONG:  Well, what took the RNC so long?

THE VERY BEST AD:  It comes from the Republican Governor’s Association

POSITIVE, BUT ANNOYING  Mike Weinstein’s is so upbeat and happy it made me shudder.

THE WAY IT SHOULD BE DONE:  Ron Johnson takes on Russ Finegold.  No wonder he is winning.


GREAT SLAM AD:  Pat Quinn v. Bill Brady.  We all know Quinn is a Dem, and Brady is a GOP, but the ad is great!

MOST RACIST?  Dan Vanelli takes out terrorists.  It is racial profiling – there is a hint of truth in it, but it causes that cringe factor!

JOHN MCCAIN FUNNIES:  Opera for Obama!

WORST CRY-BABY AD  Rand Paul’s Jack Conway False Witness

THE TEA PARTIES LIKED THIS ONE:  Dale Peterson’s ad for Alabama Ag Commissioner

MORE JOHN MCCAIN HITS:  A Special Message from J. D. Hayworth