(once again) Viguerie Threatens GOP


There are certain consistencies in life.  One is the weather.  The other is the fact that conservative hack and bottom-feeder Richard Viguerie will surface any time he can find a way to get into the headlines.  It never fails.  Richard Viguerie has been at war with the GOP since the days of Reagan.  He was the first “conservative leader” to slam GWB. He detested Reagan.

Media Matters

He turned on the GOP to support Ron Paul.

Lew Rockwell

The original information about Viguerie’s current grandstanding comes from The Note.

The Note

The best criticism The Pink Flamingo has seen comes from Sharon C.

“…This whole deal trying to pit the Tea Party against the grassroots has to end including the threats if you don’t do what I say, then I are going to bolt the party. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. As Ron Paul will tell you that running without GOP support does not have a happy ending. Does DeMint honestly think with roughly 55 million registered Republicans they are all going to follow someone from South Carolina who grandstands? There are roughly 72 million Democrats and 42 million registered independents who the vast majority would never vote for someone like Jim DeMint or Sarah Palin for President.

We need a candidate for President in 2012 who can appeal to a wide range of people. Note to people like DeMint and others: We cannot win without Independents being on board so that means you move to the middle not the right. American people are mostly center right and don’t want someone from either party who is unappeaseable and refuses to listen to common sense. That applies to both parties — the far left of the Democrats and the far right of Republicans. The ‘my way or no way’ crowd is not going to get elected in a lot of states including my State of Oklahoma where in the primary the person who was far right lost big to a Conservative with Common Sense Mary Fallin who has more of a backbone and who will stand up against Obamacare and other bad bills coming out of DC more than most men I know.

DeMint has some good ideas but it is being overshadowed with his continual grandstanding while trying to get support for running for President.  He has lost all common sense and is believing the media that he is the ‘kingmaker’ of the last election.  His final total if you take out grassroots candidates who won with heavy grassroots support is not very good which is why he wants you to believe that all Republicans who won were Tea Party candidates.  With that scenario that would include Ron Kirk of Illinois who is definitely not a Tea Party candidate.  County Chairs who are now considered establishment were responsible in a lot of areas for getting out the vote and the support.  Where were the organized Tea Party members in many states in Middle America and the south who made the telephone calls or worked campaigns?  Does he honestly think that Independents and Democrats who are members of the Tea Party movement are going to make calls for Republican campaigns?  Not going to happen in most states outside the northeast.  …”

One should remember, this is NOT about defending Jim DeMint.  This is about Richard Viguerie, ex-“republican” and current (?) Libertarian (?) attempted kingmaker of Bob Barr, promoting Richard Viguerie.

The ever present conservative bottom crawler and direct mail marketer, Viguerie and Steven Allen may be using their grandstanding to promote the upcoming Tea Party Review Magazine.

Wake Up America

He will jump on any band-wagon, including tea parties – it is all about hating the GOP:

Washington Examiner

It is all about Richard Viguerie being Richard Viguerie.  A screen shot of his Conservative HQ says it all.

Conservative HQ

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