Lobbiests & Political Shills for DeMint


The Pink Flamingo is rather gratified that conservative sources are picking up on what is proving to be a rather fascinating development in the tea party world.  Allahpundit has the following:

“…A few things I don’t understand, though. One: Why just DeMint? Why not DeMint and Palin and O’Donnell and every other “true conservative” who’s been blamed for midterm failures? Surely they’re not more to blame for the GOP’s minority status in the Senate than he is. Two: What should the party leadership do to “rein in” those who criticize DeMint unfairly? Formal reprimand? Official statement from McConnell/Boehner/Cornyn? How will the leadership know when the criticism is fair versus unfair and therefore worthy of punishment? Three: What exactly would trigger the boycott of the RNC or NRSC mentioned in the letter? A single failure to reprimand? Repeated failure? Or, if enough members of the GOP caucus start criticizing him unfairly, will that trigger a boycott irrespective of committee action? Four: How exactly does a statement like this serve Jim DeMint’s cause? Knowing that his followers want to impose a de facto vow of silence on critics doesn’t make me think, “Hey, let’s give Jim DeMint a more prominent role in the caucus.” It makes me think, “Where, precisely, will this happy little precedent lead?” Sean Hackbarth calls it a right-wing version of political correctness, but of course, of course, he’s a lowly RINO, as am I. And this statement, I think, isn’t meant to be read technically the way I’ve done here but more broadly for what it is — a new “true conservative”/RINO litmus test. For that very reason, I didn’t want to post on it, knowing that the mere fact that I’m criticizing it will only reinforce the alleged RINO-ness of the opposition. But let’s face it: You’re not going to hear many “true conservatives” speak up about it, even if this bugs them too. That’s the way litmus tests operate. Why side with the RINOs and put your authenticity in question when you don’t have to?…”

My quick answer to Allahpundit is that Richard Viguerie is looking for attention.  He is a has-been who wants to be noticed again.  Ace of Spades has a bit on the subject.  I think everyone is missing the point.  This is not really about DeMint (as much as the world isn’t about DeMint) as it is a bunch of wannabes and hasbeens attempting to get a little bit of attention.

Farther into this post you will find more on the subject.  This tactic is nothing new for Vaguerie.  Evidently now that Sun Myung Moon is back at the helm of the WTimes, Viguerie has been given permission to howl at the moon.  Moon holds Viguerie’s  leash.  This is a case of two hasbeens trying to be relevant and steal a piece of the action. As I mentioned the other day, this is just same old same old for Viguerie.  The only difference is now he may have miscalculated.

X-CLUSIVEThe Pink Flamingo has learned that certain members of the august body in which a certain junior senator from South Carolina serves are lived over this letter.

Hot Air is featuring part of the story.  You might find the following a bit interesting.  The Pink Flamingo is familiar with the story.

Hot Air (comment)


The Pink Flamingo has been covering the “story” of “conservative” leaders for ages. At my mirror storage site, The Subway Canaries, I have a messy post from several years ago. Check it out, then compare names on the Support DeMint letter.  I compared the old post and the list of “leaders” with a piece ages ago in the Opinion Journal listing Conservative Leaders.  There is a difference.

Richard Viguerie has been around since the earth cooled.  He is a direct-marketing con artist who changes his stripes with every administration, doing his best to make mischief.  One of his favorite targets was Ronald Reagan.

Many of the people listed here – some of the “leaders” I’ve never heard of, are little more than marketing shills and lobbyists.  They are special interest lobbyists – nothing more.  Some of them aren’t even “leaders” but business people who must support DeMint.

Conservative HQ

He has assembled a vast list of “conservative leaders” who are disgusted that that nasty GOP and horrid Republicans are not rolling over and playing dead for the kingmaker.  They have sent a letter complaining that DeMint is not being treated well.

Ted Baehr – Christian Film and Television Commission
Gary Bauer – President, American Values
Lee Beaman – Businessman
Joel Belz – World Magazine
Jerry Black – Legacy Planning Group, Inc.
Brent Bozell – Media Research Center
John Bradburne – Bradburne Consulting
Joe R. Calvert – Rabon-Calvert Interests
Angelo Codevilla – Professor Emeritus Boston University
David Y Denholm – President, Public Service Research Council
Donald Devine – Editor, Conservative Battleline
Miles M. Dewhirst – Dewhirst & Dolven, LLC
John Dodd – President, Jesse Helms Center Foundation
H. Paul Einarsson – Conflict Free Energy
Karen England – Capitol Resource Institute
Erick Erickson – Red State.com
Tricia Erickson – Angel Pictures & Publicity, Crisis Management, Inc., The Conservative Pundit
Michael Farris
Mark Fitzgibbons – American Target Advertising, Inc.
Bob Fischer – Fischer Furniture, Inc.
Jeffrey M. Frederick – Former Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia
Colin A. Hanna
Donna Hearne – The Constitutional Coalition
Micah Hobart – Paperless Transaction Corporation
Gary A. Hofmeister – The Steamboat Institute
Dee Hodges – Chairman, Maryland Taxpayers Association
Jason Jones – The Human Rights Education and Relief Organization (HERO)
Suhail A. Khan – Chairman, Conservative Inclusion Coalition Board Member, ACU
Michael Patrick Leahy -Co-founder, Nationwide Tea Party Coalition
Jordan Marks – Young Americans for Freedom
Bradley Mattes – Life Issues Institute
Troy Newman – Operation Rescue
David Noebel – President, Summit Ministries; President, Christian Anti-Communism Crusade
Richard Norman -The Richard Norman Company
Randy Page – South Carolinians for Responsible Government
Judson Phillips – Tea Party Nation
Larry Pratt -Executive Director, Gun Owners of America
Penny Pullen – Illinois State Representative 1977-1993; State President, Eagle Forum of Illinois
Ann Quest
Jamie Radtke – Chairwoman, Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation; President, Richmond Tea Party
Dr. Don Racheter – Founder and Moderator, Iowa Wednesday Group
Robert E. Reccord
Alfred S. Regnery – Publisher, The American Spectator
Daniel Riehl – RiehlWorldView
Ron Robinson – Young America’s Foundation
Drew Ryun – President, American Majority Action
Kelly Shackelford – Liberty Institute
Craig Shirley – Author and President, Shirley & Banister Public Affairs
Arthur Thompson
John and Teresa Trulio
Lois Verleur
Richard Viguerie – ConservativeHQ.com
Bill Walton – Rappahannock Ventures
Mark West – The Chattanooga Tea Party
Somers H. White – Former Arizona State Senator
Wendy Wright – Concerned Women for America


5 thoughts on “Lobbiests & Political Shills for DeMint

  1. The ‘my way or no way’ conservatives are attacking leaderhip and consultants for criticizing Sen DeMint? Excuse me but aren’t they criticizing us and that’s okay because I guess we are part of the establishment. More of the free speech for them and not for the rest of us.

    What galls me the most are the people on this list that are not even Republicans but they want to threaten and tell Republicans what they should do to appease them. I would say ‘don’t let the door hit you on the way out’ but their leader, Richard Viguerie, is already head of the Libertarian Party and not a Republican. What gave Viguerie and others on the list the right to decide who is a conservative and who is not?

    In fact, when did Conservative become a synonym for Republican Party? Always considered myself a conservative until I met some of the ‘my way or no way’ group.

    If DeMint wanted to run as a 3rd Party candidate, why did he run for reelection as a Republican? After running as a Republican and getting reelected, he then threatened he could 3rd Party if leadership doesn’t listen. Maybe DeMint and No Party Charlie Crist have something in common after all. :)

  2. I guess by telling us that Jim DeMint can’t be criticized they are also telling us that he can’t make a mistake. DeMint now has his brown shirts, threatening to boot out of the party anyone who disagrees with him. This is a power grab by a meglomaniac who is trying to set himself up as the defacto leader of the senate.

  3. An interesting update: Jim DeMint and his Tea Party thugs just had the pants beat off of them by a little girl in Alaska. These “so called conservatives” are not as big and bad as they would have us believe. They have learned the hard way that it is not so easy to primary out the people on their hit lists. In spite of their craving for power they are beginning to look impotent. Lisa has proven that they can make threats, but all they can really do is go out and howl at the moon.

  4. Senator DeMint is trying to position himself to run for POTUS in the next election. It’s an open secret here in SC, and, quite frankly, those of us with brains are really glad when he goes to another state to promote (himself) his radical-right causes. At least he isn’t driving us crazier than we already are, with the alleged leadership our state has now and has elected for January.

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