The Tea Party War Against the GOP Continues


The Pink Flamingo is part of what is now an endangered species.  I am a Neo-Con, an unapologetic one at that.  I believe in peace through strength, and  a strong military.  Evidently that is not longer acceptable.  It is all about the tea party.

Would you believe the Tea Partiers are NOT seen as Republicans?

TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“…Much of the speculation about the impact of tea party movement successes in the election has been over what role and influence the new lawmakers will have among Republicans, so it is interesting that most Americans — although Republicans and Democrats disagree on the point — see the tea party as separate from, rather than part of, the GOP, according to a Pew Research Center poll conducted Nov. 4-7.

Forty-seven percent of the overall public sees the movement as separate from the GOP while 38 percent say it is part of it, with 16 percent undecided. Republicans see the movement as separate by a 54 percent to 36 percent margin, while Democrats lump the two together by 48 percent to 33 percent, (the remainder in both cases are undecided). Independents regard the tea party movement as separate by 55 percent to 32 percent, with 14 percent undecided.

Politics Daily

Thirty-nine percent of Republicans believe GOP leaders are paying the right amount of attention to the tea party and another 28 percent say they are paying too little, with 22 percent feeling that the amount of attention to the Tea Party is too much.

Thirty-one percent of independents say GOP leaders are paying too little attention, 23 percent say they are paying the right amount and 21 percent say too much. Thirty-four percent of Democrats say the GOP is paying too much attention, 16 percent regard it as the right amount and 23 percent see it as too little. Again, the remainder are undecided.

As for what Republicans who agree with the tea party say they want, 71 percent unsurprisingly want to see the GOP move in a more conservative direction. That compares to 56 percent of Republicans overall who feel that way….’

David Frum has a fascinating take on things, how you hijack a political party.

Frum Forum

“…Interviews with other fresh-faced future lawmakers reflected Southerland’s assessment. Talk, as they say, is cheap, but they appeared to be a class that is leaving little room for compromise, even within their own party.

“I’m an independent thinker,” said Rep.-elect Allen West, also of Florida. “Sometimes maybe I’ll do some of the things that the Republican Party establishment up here may not want.”

The former Army lieutenant colonel joined the new class of lawmakers for a series of speeches and seminars, using his camouflage U.S. Army helmet bag that once carried military equipment during his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq as a tout bag for pamphlets, letters and freshman orientation packets.

Tea Party groups that backed candidates like West have said they would keep close tabs on the freshman class. Given their treatment of centrist Republicans with strong chances of victory, (see: Delaware’s Mike Castle), the Tea Party groups appear to care deeply about the purity of members.

That puts a lot of pressure on new lawmakers who are likely to find that the legislative process in Washington cumbersome and complicated. About 40 new members have claimed ties to the Tea Party movement and now that the future-members are in Washington, they’re still happy to talk Tea Party.

“We’ve been tea partyin’ in the 7th District of Missouri before the Tea Party was cool,” said Missouri Rep.-elect Billy Long, a fast-talking professional auctioneer who had never been to the U.S. Capitol before his congressional orientation.

Long, who arrived at the orientation without his trademarked wide brimmed cowboy hat, said Republicans lost their way the last time they came into power.

“If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got and if we keep doin’ the way things have been done in Washington, how can we expect anything different?” he said, adding that when Republicans took over in 1994, “principles sold out to politics.” “We’ve got a large freshman class that is not going to let that happen this time.”…”

“…”There’s not one Republican senator who would have been elected without Tea Party support,”…”  Jim DeMint

Freedom's Lighthouse

There is a war in Washington.  It is not Democrats v. Republican, liberal v. conservative.  It is tea party demagoguery v. the GOP. Apparently the biggest demigod of them all is Jim DeMint.  He is now in charge of it all.  Forget Barack Obama as The One.

“…“In some ways, this is a war in Washington. This is a crossroads in a lot of ways,” DeMint said. “There’s a lot at stake. The government is clearly out of control on spending programs.”

The Tea Party movement has been promoted among other groups by FreedomWorks, a nonprofit conservative organization that helped build it from a series of public protests against Democratic President Barack Obama’s spending and reform policies. Former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey heads FreedomWorks.

Republicans backed by the movement lost in some key Senate races, including Sharron Angle who failed to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada.

Analysts have said Republicans would have had a stronger chance of capturing the Senate with more established candidates. But DeMint has offered no apologies.

“There’s not one Republican senator who would have been elected without Tea Party support,” he said….”

Sharon C wrote in Democrats for Sale:

“…In addition Mr. DeMint says that every Republican candidate elected was because of the Tea Party. That is a flat out lie and he has to know it.  Is DeMint trying to tell Oklahomans that Dr. Tom Coburn would not have been reelected without the Tea Party when he won over 70% of the vote and the people working his campaign were the same grassroots Republicans who worked his campaign in 2004.  Made tons of calls in 2004 and made more this time as a member of the Oklahoma grassroots.  Give me a break! Who does DeMint think makes up the largest share of the Tea Party? Grassroots Republicans in most states where I have connections!…”

Jim DeMint thinks a person cannot be fiscal conservative and not be a social conservative. From Democrats for Sale:

“…Part of the trouble in this election cycle is that some of the candidates won the primary where their stances on social issues were too extreme for the general election in their states. A good example is Buck in Colorado who came out and said no exceptions on abortion in a state that is not very conservative. This idea where you elect the most conservative in the primary who is going to have a hard time winning or no chance to win is self defeating for the conservative agenda. You need to vote for the candidate who can win in the general or your agenda goes no where.

The other part is the ‘my way or no way’ crowd who will stay home if they don’t have a candidate on the ballot that reflects their views has never made any sense.  With that mentality you are going to get someone very liberal who you don’t agree with 100% of time versus the person you agree with 80% of the time.  That is one reason you will never find me in the social conservative camp because that is usually who comes up with the idea to stay home to teach the rest of us a lesson.

Now to have a Senator who says they are running for President tell all of us that if we are a fiscal conservative we are also a social conservative makes him unelectable in most states. Not sure that would fly with a lot of voters in Oklahoma except the far right.  Beginning to see more and more reasons there are Senators who want nothing to do with him. DeMint along with Palin didn’t do the Senate a lot of favors with some of their endorsements and support along with the Tea Party Express in the primaries and it showed in the general election.

Just put me down as a Common Sense Conservative Republican who believes in candidates with integrity and ethics who support less taxes, smaller government, strong defense and homeland security, state’s rights, and strict constructionists judges. That is all I ask from any candidate running for federal office including President….”

In order to damn those who don’t agree with DeMint, John Hawkins at Right Wing News uses an absolutely stupid score card from the Family Research Council.   I don’t like the Family Research Council.  Their Scorecard reads more like a junior high slam book, than an actual tally on social issues.  Lindsey was damned for voting for Elena Kagen for Solicitor General and for Sonia Sotomayor for SCOTUS.

He then uses the Club for Growth, which also damns Lindsey.  Funny thing, in 2009 Lindsey and Jim DeMint voted THE VERY SAME WAY.  The difference was Lindsey missed a couple votes, so he gets slammed.  There is no HONESTY here. Once again, this is like a slam book.

Club for Growth

NOTE TO HAWKINS:  The Pink Flamingo seems to remember that the current tea party darling, Barry Goldwater, was alleged to have remarked that anyone who mixes religion and politics should go straight to hell.

Evidently Marco Rubio, that august tea party stalwart from Florida is not kosher.  Seems he is FOJ – Friends of Jeb.  Oh, the pain, the horror, the humiliation.  He’s a regular, NORMAL Republican!

The ultimate Tea Party Darling, Nikki herself, is reaching out to NORMAL Republicans.  Oh the pain!

Then there is this from the Daily Beast:

“…Marco Rubio rode a wave of Tea Party support to push popular Governor Charlie Crist out of the Republican primary and then knock him out in the general election, but he’s substantially cooled off the once-fiery conservative rhetoric that made him a national icon last year. As the St. Petersburg Times reports, Rubio has avoided Sarah Palin and cozied up to party establishment in the Senate even as his early Tea-chugging supporter, Sen. Jim DeMint, wages war against GOP insiders.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be: Rubio is only the latest Tea Party star to put some healthy distance between himself and the movement since channeling their energy into fundraising and votes. The most notable example is Scott Brown in Massachusetts who was already considered a moderate when he ran for Senate, but has since infuriated activists by siding with Democrats on key votes like financial reform, skipping Tea Party protests, and dodging appearances with Sarah Palin. For conservative blogger Erick Erickson, the honeymoon was over for Brown the day after the election, when he told The Daily Beast that the senator-elect could never be on a national ticket thanks to his pro-choice leanings. Erickson has since identified Brown, whose 2009 Senate campaign he supported, as a potential Tea Party target in 2012.

Then there’s Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, who was the prototypical Tea Party candidate before there was even a Tea Party. Rather than accept the mantle of national movement leader, as Rand Paul did in Kentucky, Toomey kept his head down and ran a conventional campaign that included events with Tea Party nemeses Susan Collins and Orrin Hatch and a surprise endorsement of Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court Justice….”


The Tea Parties were created by Ron Paul Bots.  They are NOT Republican.  They are anti-Republican, designed to hurt the GOP as much as possible.

“…The Tea Parties also had points of origin within established right-wing organizations hoping to draw a line of distinction between themselves and the views of Sen. John McCain, who had just lost the presidential election, as well as the discredited conservatism of the Bush era. In so doing, they planned to create an opposition to President Obama and the Democrats.

One of the earliest moments leading up to the Tea Party movement occurred in December 2007, on the 234rd anniversary of the original Boston Tea Party. Ron Paul’s supporters held a “tea party moneybomb” to raise campaign funds for his campaign in the 2008 Republican presidential primaries. A Republican Congressman from Texas who ran for president in 1988 as the Libertarian Party’s candidate, Ron Paul has long had one foot in the Republican Party and one foot in its far-right opposition. His Campaign for Liberty (CFL) is now a significant stand-alone, membership-based non-profit institution headquartered in Virginia. It has played a noteworthy role in the growth of the Tea Party movement, even if few CFL members have enrolled in any of the national Tea Party groups. [2]

During the period after the election of President Barack Obama but before his inauguration, the Libertarian Party of Illinois began formulating a concept they called the Boston Tea Party Chicago and advertising it through the Libertarian Party of Illinois Yahoo and “meetup” groups, through Ron Paul Meetup and Campaign for Liberty groups, as well as national anti-tax groups. Dave Brady of the Libertarian Party of Illinois even claimed, “we gave Rick Santelli the idea for the Tax Day Tea Parties.” [3]

One of the original cadre of Libertarian Party of Illinois list members discussing the Tax Day Tea Party was Eric Odom, a 30-year old Chicagoan originally from Nevada. In August 2008, he had worked on a twitter campaign that encouraged Republicans in Congress to fight against a ban on offshore oil drilling.[4] While working as the new media director of the Sam Adam Alliance, Odom developed a virtual network of conservative activists that would later serve as a pillar of Tea Party organizing….”

Doug Mataconis, from Outside the Beltway highlights what a contact from Minnesota told me about Bachmann.

Outside the Beltway

Once again Jim DeMint is slamming the GOP. In his appearence on Meet the Press, he made a few rash statements that make a heck of a lot of sense, considering he is threatening to leave the GOP if they don’t play by his rules.

“..NBC: MEET THE PRESS – DeMint: GOP sank Christine O’Donnell

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), the conservative kingmaker who backed a number of tea party candidates heading into Tuesday’s elections, said that it’s “a very silly thing to say” that tea party candidates cost the GOP control of the Senate. Delaware Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell (R) “was so maligned from Republicans that she didn’t really have a chance,” DeMint added. On health-care overhaul, DeMint said that de-funding the law must come first – something that he said is possible with Republicans controlling the House. “We can slow the implementation of it or delay it and then replace it in 2012 with a real plan,” DeMint said. He added that the next Republican running for president “needs to run on complete repeal” of health care reform.

Asked whether there may be a showdown with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) over earmarks, DeMint said that “We’re not gonna have earmarks, so it’s silly for some senior Republicans in the Senate to try to block it.” DeMint also said he won’t vote to increase the debt ceiling unless it’s combined with some path to balancing the budget and repealing health care reform….”

The Bachmann con continues at The Sundries Shack:

“…It’s really no mystery, though. Bachmann championed the Tea Parties when nearly no other member of Congress would. She was an early-adopter, a fierce advocate, and nearly the only person in the GOP for a time who would take the Tea Parties as anything other than a public relations tool. Hensarling spent no time fighting for the Tea Parties, earned no battle scars, attended no high-profile rallies, expended no effort to help when the movement most needed some legitimacy from inside the Republican Party. The Tea Parties know and trust Bachmann; Hensarling is a stranger.

If the GOP is going to be serious about solving the many problems our country faces, it will have to involve the Tea Parties as more than a useful but disposable tool. Elevating Bachmann to a real position with real power and real responsibility will go a long way toward showing the hundreds of thousands of people who spent their time and treasure on the Republicans this election cycle that they are valuable and appreciated. The Tea Party movement is a player now. Denying them a seat at the table is not only foolish, but ultimately destructive….”

They are creepy and the just don’t comprehend that they must play well with others.  From Friday’s WSJ’s Political Diary.

WSJ's Political Diary


Over the weekend, Tea Party Patriots ILLEGALLY released the names, phone numbers, home addresses, and private email addresses of the newly elected members of Congress.  They were assisted by someone in either the House or the Senate who had access to this PRIVATE information.  Instead of being apologetic for their CRIMINAL actions which are a violation of privacy.  From The Hill:

The Hill


Lindsey is once again ruffling a few feathers. This time he is exposing the problem with the Tea Party “patriots” who are either soft on national security or don’t want to pay for it.

“…Graham called the lack of candidate debate on national security “stunning.” The electorate should “challenge” newly elected lawmakers “early on,” he said, asking, “What is your view of the world?” Lawmakers should “go back home and tell people why no treaty with Russia is a good thing if a good thing could be had” with some changes to the document the administration has negotiated with Moscow, as many Republicans have advocated.

“This idea of isolationism in an economic downturn has been seen in the past,” he said. “And what happens is that really bad people get a pass, because [the United States] starts looking inward.”…”

There are basically four groups of people who hate Lindsey Graham:
1. Democrats
2. The anti-immigration hard-liners who are out to destroy anyone who disagrees with them.
3. The anti-war libertarians and paleo-cons who are out to destroy anyone who disagrees with them.
4. The far right talking heads who damn anyone who thinks for themselves.

There is a strange harmonic convergence between groups #1 & #2. They apparently will sell their souls to achieve their goals. Along with group #4, they will tell any number of lies and have no problem destroying the reputations of good men and women as long as they destroy people like Lindsey.

The real problem: He doesn’t pander to them

The LOSERTARIAN guns are now on Lindsey and anyone in the GOP who has criticized their blessed tea party “patriots”. If you don’t believe the tea parties were losertarian brothels designed to pimp Ron Paul’s brand of “America” then you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Red State constantly lies about him. This is a great example.

“…They’d rather promote candidates like Lindsey Graham. One’s politics has nothing to do with color, hopefully. We’ve seen how ugly and violent that mentality can get from the Klu Klux Klan to the Black Panthers. And that’s why it was so refreshing to see a real conservative like Tim Scott win election to the US House of Representatives, and while I’d like to see his record over the next two years to make a more accurate judgement; I think we need a more conservative US Senator from South Carolina. I don’t want a senator who’s going to join in with the libs on passing disastrous cap n’ tax policies or blocking vital education, social security, and tax reform. We need two good solid conservatives in South Carolina and if Tim Scott ends up being as a good a Congressman as he was a candidate, if he walks the talk he talks, I think he would do the people of South Carolina a great service by giving ol’ Lindsey Graham a primary and kicking his ass….”

Weasel Zippers

Guns and Religion – libertarian

Sunlit Uplands constantly lies about Lindsey. But, they claim to be good Christians, so I guess they get a pass for violating a Commandment or two – that false witness thingie is a big one. It requires confession, especially if the intent is malicious.

Your Daddy’s Politics – CofCC linking bunch of lies about Lindsey – calling him “uber progressive”. Do these people even know what factual accuracy is?

Your Daddy's Politics

Liberty Musings is another libertarian who is marching to Ron Paul’s drum. Evidently there is a co-0rdinated effort to destroy Lindsey.

Liberty Musings

It does make you wonder what is going on here, because Lindsey is stalwart in his curbs on spending and his demands for small government. Then The Pink Flamingo noticed something. The people leading the charge against him, with the exception of Rush Limbaugh who his this irrational dislike of him, tend to be losertarians. They also tend to be anti war. Take Jack Hunter, please. He pretends to be a conservative, but he is as anti-war, and anti-American stability as any liberal.

I noticed something in his usual prevaricating.

“...Today, the neoconservatives that so worried Sobran are worried themselves about a Tea Party movement hell-bent on cutting spending, particularly if grassroots conservatives begin critiquing the big government program of American empire. Recently, columnists representing the American Enterprise Institute — Danielle Pletka and Thomas Donnelly — warned in the Washington Post that Tea Partiers should stay away from the likes of Ron or Rand Paul, Sen. Tom Coburn, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, and any other Republican who dares question our current foreign policy. Neoconservatives Pletka and Donnelly seem to believe that America’s superpower status is what makes it great, forever spreading “freedom” and “democracy” around the world through perpetual war….”

The Pink Flamingo contacted someone who has ties to Tom Coburn. This is their comment:

“…Why throw in Coburn who supports the military and the war? That part makes no sense. Neither Mitch Daniels or Dr. Tom are Ron Paul types. Weird…”

It is weird, but it is also status quo for Ron Paul Bot libertarians. They are extremely anti-war. They don’t believe in defending the country because it costs money. They are a bunch of pacifists who would just as soon roll over and give in to Islamic terror.

Hunter also wrote:

“…As long as the neocons continue to define the Right’s foreign policy, the Tea Partiers will be prevented from truly achieving their limited-government desires. As George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Joseph Sobran once warned, a state of perpetual war is simply incompatible with republican government. The neoconservatives now fear too many conservatives are beginning to waking up to this. Sobran spent years trying to wake them up, reminding his right-wing friends that “War has all the characteristics of socialism most conservatives hate: centralized power, state planning, false rationalism, restricted liberties, foolish optimism about intended results, and blindness to unintended secondary results.”…”

They detest Neo-cons like Lindsey.

“…Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said his fellow conservative, fresh from their historic elections romp this week, support “bold” action to deal with Iran.

If President Barack Obama “decides to be tough with Iran beyond sanctions, I think he is going to feel a lot of Republican support for the idea that we cannot let Iran develop a nuclear weapon,” he told the Halifax International Security Forum.

“The last thing America wants is another military conflict, but the last thing the world needs is a nuclear-armed Iran… Containment is off the table.”

The South Carolina Republican saw the United States going to war with the Islamic republic “not to just neutralize their nuclear program, but to sink their navy, destroy their air force and deliver a decisive blow to the Revolutionary Guard, in other words neuter that regime.”

He spoke just days before expected nuclear talks will see US and Iranian officials sitting at the same table for discussions on Tehran’s nuclear drive. The two countries have lacked diplomatic ties since the Iran hostage crisis of 1979.

World powers led by Washington suspect Iran’s uranium enrichment program is aimed at making nuclear weapons, a charge Tehran denies.

US Democratic Senator Mark Udall, who joined Graham during a panel discussion at the forum in Halifax, Nova Scotia, urged continued sanctions against Iran. But he also noted that “every option is on the table,” a thinly veiled reference to possible military action.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said negotiations were still at “the stage of diplomacy and sanctions.”

“It’s not clear if this will work at the end,” he cautioned….”

You see, there’s a big fat yellow streak of Antisemitism crawling down the back of the paleo-cons who now are cavorting with Ron Paul Bot losertarians. That same big fat streak of Antisemitism is rather prevalent in libertarians.

We are also involved in a battle where losertarians want to turn this nation into a Patrick Buchanan Paradise. Lindsey is one of the few who is standing up against them. At RCP, Tony Blankley wrote:

“...There are two factors to assess: 1) Is the pre-tea party GOP in the process of shifting significantly from its free trade, strong, assertive military posture that it has maintained for two generations and 2) do the new tea party members have a discernible position, and if so, what is it?

According to the Washington Post, Graham’s position is that with the advent of the tea party members: “The Republican Party is going to have two wings…the isolationist wing and the wing led by (John) McCain, Graham and (Jeff) Sessions that says you’d better stay involved in the world because if you do disengage, you’ll regret it.”

The senator called lack of candidate debate on national security “stunning” and called on the electorate to “challenge” the newly elected lawmakers “early on” as to their views of the world. He then challenged the freshman lawmakers to go home and explain why no treaty with Russia is a good thing.

He concludes his assessment with a dark warning of what happens when the idea of isolationism during an economic downturn takes hold: “(R)eally bad people get a pass, because the United States starts looking inward.”…”

The Far Right is could be a little annoyed with the Far Tea Party Losertarians. Please, ignore The Pink Flamingo while I laugh.

Na Na Na Na Na

The best news, tea partiers are NOT considered Republican. Now, if our elected officials would figure this out and quit allowing themselves to be bullied by these thugs, we would be much better off as a party. They blew the Senate for us. They are losers.

The real fun is that some of the social issues that The Kingmaker requires, are distasteful to his alleged Tea Party base. Oh the fun!

From Frum Forum:

“...Polling has shown that Tea Party members hold socially conservative views, but don’t consider issues like abortion a top priority. But social conservative grassroots played a key role in a handful of election campaigns, including the ouster of three pro-gay marriage Iowa judges. Exit polls last week also suggested that some gay voters had shifted toward Republican ranks, with about a third of self-identified gays backing Republican House candidates.

Barron and the tea party organizers behind the letter hope to get other tea party groups to sign on after the formal unveiling Monday.

“We’re not talking about pushing social conservatives out of the tea party movement. Those people aren’t only welcome but they’re a critical part of this movement.” said Barron.

But ideas like the one Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) floated about banning gay teachers run counter to the tea party ethos, Barron argues. “How is that limited government?” he said.

The alliance underscores many of the tensions and divisions in the freewheeling, leaderless tea party movement. While GOProud is ambivalent on the issue of same-sex marriage, it does openly advocate the repeal of the military’s”Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy – something some of the letter’s tea party signatories disagreed strongly with.

Tea Party Patriots Maine coordinator Andrew Ian Dodge said that pushing DADT repeal would be a distraction from fiscal issues like deregulation and lowering taxes and he hopes that the letter also reminds GOProud of this fact.

“It is a little bit of a distraction,” said Dodge about the possible repeal of DADT. “Why divide our forces?”

Ultimately, the tea party forces sympathetic to the GOProud letter said they just want to focus on fiscal issues, even if they personally hold socially conservative views.

Letter signatory Everett Wilkinson, coordinator of the Florida Tea Party Patriots, said that his group encourages people interested in social issues to find an outlet for their passions – just not the Tea Party Patriots….”

From Red State (of all places)

Red State

3 thoughts on “The Tea Party War Against the GOP Continues

  1. This is a very interesting post. It really sums up what the Tea Party movement is all about. One man, Lindsey Graham, has always stood in their way, the stumbling block against their grab for power, so naturally he is a target. I may be wrong, but I have always believed that Jim DeMint has been behind all the attacks on Lindsey(Marat/Sade). He covets his position of being senior senator and he is envious of Lindsey’s independence. Lindsey stands for everything the Teabaggers want to get rid of. ( They want to get rid of everybody who is not as crazy as an outhouse rat- O’Donnell, Miller, The Pauls.) They seem pretty sure of themselves, but the result of the Alaska election has given me hope that the Tee Tee Party is on its way out. This was a rejection of wolf man, Miller, a rejection of gestapo tactics. The voters, loud and clear, told Palin and her little toad to go stick it. I am certain that if the original Tea Partiers, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock could come back to life today, they would keep the tea and throw DeMint, Miller and Paul overboard.

  2. I say we
    “Render to Ron Paul the things that are Ron Paul’s,
    and to the GOP the things that are the GOP’s”.

    Now I could elaborate on that twist of scripture from a theological viewpoint, or from a political viewpoint, or even from a practical viewpont. But the conclusion is always the same. They don’t belong to the GOP. Period.

    Ron Paul started this whole TEA thing. It is based on Ron Paulism and preached by Ron PaulBots. It actually is a Religion based upon Idolatry.

    The Ron PaulBots, most of the Tea People, the Libertarians (big and small L), and the Republican hating Anarchists we see sreaming RINO are the REAL RINO’s because they are not Republicans. They don’t want to be Republicans. In fact they all HATE the Republicans so much that many have lost their minds!!

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