TSA, Morality, and Security


Why is Sheriff Joe so important to the over-reach of the TSA?

Rewind back a couple years before Obama.

Once upon a time, when Sheriff Joe decided to declare war on an entire group of people, Janet Napolitano, infamous now as the Secretary of Homeland Security and the defender of the indefensible, was the governor of Arizona.  She let Arpaio get away with all the nasty things he did.

“…Those ethnic cleansing sweeps go on, of course, aided in large part by a 287(g) agreement that allows Arpaio a specially-trained company of 160 deputies empowered to enforce federal immigration law. These 287(g)-men have instilled fear into Arizona’s Latino population. Due to their efforts, families have been torn apart, mothers have been separated from their children, brown folk of all legal statuses have been racially profiled, and some women have had their arms broken, or their jaws dislocated.

Napolitano could halt these abuses tomorrow — or at least the federal government’s de facto involvement in them, by tearing up her agency’s Memorandum of Agreement with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. What makes it unlikely she will do this is that she has long been an ally of Arpaio, a fact finally acknowledged by the New York Times today in a piece by reporter Ginger Thompson titled, “Napolitano Appears to Straddle Political Divide.” In it, Thompson briefly describes Napolitano’s alliance with a dubious figure like Arpaio, while analyzing Nappy’s chances to wear a black robe on the nation’s highest court….”

We don’t need Ron Paul’s proposed American Traveler Dignity Act.  We need common sense.  Why can’t we simply copy what they do in Israel? They get it right and respect the dignity of everyone.

Oh, wait – that makes too much sense.

It all goes back to Arizona and the anti-immigration wars.  Napolitano was getting a little beating in the blogs and by the extreme far right in the state (read Russell Pearce and his merry band of Neo-Nazi buddies).  She had to prove how tough she was, so she let Sheriff Joe run rough-shod all over Maricopa County.  Then again, Sheriff Joe has a long standing relationship with these little nasties.  All those lawsuits against Sheriff Joe, no problem.

They are tone deaf, the pair of them.  Napolitano and Sheriff Joe are corrupt.  They are completely lacking in all moral decency.  There is nothing there.  Nothing is to depraved or vicious for Sheriff Joe to allow to happen in his jails.  This woman, the one who is allowing the rape of the American air traveler, allowed it to happen.

Do you really think she is going to let up and listen to reason with the TSA?

The do not care what people think.  There is nothing they will not do.  Demeaning and degrading people does not bother them.  Just read some of the horror stories from Arizona and maybe you will understand.  Oh, wait, when Sheriff Joe does it to criminals and those evil illegals, degradation is all well and good!

The Pink Flamingo has, for years, been telling you how corrupt and outright evil these people are.  They are one in the same.  Janet Napolitano is not doing anything to the people in this country who are flying that she did not allow when she was governor of Arizona.

But – the far right thought it was all fine and dandy.

Then she allowed the wrong people (or maybe the right people) to be assaulted the way they have been doing things in Arizona for years.

You reap what you sew.

To paraphrase a famous Bette Davis line, “Fasten your seatbelts, it is going to be a bumpy ride.”  With this woman in charge of the nation’s security, and her past history with Sheriff Joe, The Pink Flamingo doubts there is nothing she will not attempt.  You see, human dignity means nothing to her.

If the past is any indication, the TSA problem is only going to get worse and more offensive.  Janet Napolitano doesn’t give a damn.  She would just as soon see innocent men and women be strip searched in public.  If a person was assaulted while being strip searched in public, she would ignore the outcry.  She would gather her little minions around her and pretend it never happened.

That’s what she did in Arizona.

Now – you want to know why The Pink Flamingo quit flying?  I refuse to subject myself to these obscenities.  If people would simply quit flying and realize that they aren’t too good to drive when possible, they could protest with their pocket-books.  Then again, I hear the average person thinks it is okay to be sexually assaulted by TSA employees as long as they are allowed to think they are safe while flying.

Happy Tea Party – People!

There are times when people sorta get what they deserve.  I only hope when a few of the more vocal supporters of Sheriff Joe and his obscenities go through airport security they get felt up and assaulted by Napolitano’s storm troopers.  You won’t see me crying about it.  I’ll simply snark that they are finally learning what it is like to be Latino in Maricopa County!

The Feathered Bastard

While The Pink Flamingo is fully aware that the average conservative, having been indoctrinated to slobber all over Sheriff Joe, thinks he can do no wrong, nothing is farther from the truth.  The Feathered Bastard has been following her checkered career for years.

“…Concerning AZ’s skunk-coifed former Guv and now DHS’s Top Hypocrite in Charge, Janet Napolitano, whom many on the far right are demonizing because of this report, lemme school you on something: Janet Napolitano allowed neo-Nazis, John Birchers and Mexican-bashers to flourish here in Cactus Country when she was our chief exec. In all her time here, as hatred toward brown folk increased exponentially, she never once made a major address speaking out against it.

Unlike Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, Janet never had the ovaries (sorry, Phil) to stand up against Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s anti-immigrant sweeps and worksite raids. Why should she? She practically made them happen, for cryin’ out loud. She helped get her longtime ally Arpaio obtain a 287(g) agreement and a 160-man force of 287(g)-ers with which to terrorize Hispanics, break the arms of women, drag mothers away from families, and racially profile a whole segment of the population because of their skin color.

During her confirmation hearing in the Senate, she bragged about signing the toughest employer sanctions laws in the nation. The author of that legislation? None other than neo-Nazi hugger, nativist Hispanic-basher and now state Senator Russell Pearce. And during Pearce’s run for state Senate last year in the Republican primary, when reporters such as yours truly were after Pearce, exposing his neo-Nazi links and the past allegations of domestic violence, Nappy actually came to Pearce’s defense!

I kid you not, she said that campaign should not be focused on Pearce’s “personal domestic relations record or whatever it is they’re throwing out there.” This, for a Republican who even now leaps at every opportunity to excoriate her.

I’ve told such stories about the Napster till I’m blue in the schnoz. About how she sat on her hands as U.S. Attorney for Arizona during the Border Patrol’s now infamous 1997 Chandler Mexican round up. How she cut a deal with Arpaio back in the day, pooh-poohing a federal investigation into his jails in return for his nod when she ran for Guv the first time. And on and on. …”

The Raw Story

Only Sheriff Joe can get away with a hidden computer database that details where he is hiding $80 mil that was to go for jail operations.

“…The hidden database contained payroll logs that detailed staff assignments and payments which were different than the staff assignments and payments reported in the official county-run database, they said.

“They’ve developed a system that basically tracks where they are working versus where they are being paid, and they did not update the official database, which led to the potential problems,” Deputy County Manager Sandi Wilson told The Arizona Republic. “I think they deliberately hid this info from us.”

A spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office denied any intention of hiding information from the county and blamed the duplicate payrolls on a lack of compatible technology between the Sheriff’s Office and county agencies.

In September, Maricopa County officials reported that Arpaio’s office misspent up to $80 million in funds over five years to pay his employees working in patrol, human-smuggling operations and investigative units. The voter-approved money was restricted by law to detention operations such as food, detention officers’ salaries, and equipment. “It appears that [the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office] violated the intent and explicit language of the voter approved jail tax when they used that money to fund activities not related to jail operations,” a press release said. “Maricopa County will have to pay back the restricted funds to the detention fund. This is a misuse of public funds.”…”


2 thoughts on “TSA, Morality, and Security

  1. My neice usually comes down here to visit every November, but she cancelled her trip this year. She didn’t want to go through all that folderol at the airport. Last year they gave her a horrendous time, frisking her down and going though every piece of luggage she carried. Due to her Spanish heritage she is rather Arabic looking and that seems to alert them everytime. It is ironic really because her ancestors have been in this country since 1789,fought in the Creek Indian War and The Battle of New Orleans. My question is this- If they ever find explosives in someone’s body cavity, are they going to subject everybody to an examination that only their doctors should perform?

  2. It’s coming!

    My parents who are in their 80s are getting ready to drive to Memphis tomorrow. My mother has a serious cardiac condition. She hates flying anyway. This year would be so easy if they could fly, but she refuses. She’s one of those four gin & tonic I hate to fly people as it is.


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