A Tale of Two Daughters and the Far Right


I don’t get it.  Then again The Pink Flamingo is so NOT a fan of “the dance” that I am almost hostile to it.  It is boring.  Give me a good old, loud Wagnerian opera any old day of the week!

So, I don’t get this whole Dancing with the Stars thing.  All of a sudden, people who have never bothered with it are watching because of Bristol Palin – just to vote for her mother?

From what I have been told, because I’ve never watched a minute of the stupid show, a person can vote up to five times.  Bristol is pulling down a cool 5 million votes a pop.  I don’t care about the show.  I am interested in the fact that people are repeatedly voting for her in typical tea party cheating style.

Is that all the tea party types can do – 5 million votes?

Is that all there is?


There is nothing to it.  There are no real numbers for the tea parties.  They are a con, a cheat, a losertarian Ron Paul Bot scam.

To me, what is so amusing is that it is taking somethings as pathetically shallow as a pop-culture television show about people dancing.

The show is so shallow.  Please, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the whole Fred-Ginger thing if that’s what you like.  I will admit to the fact that I get a kick out of Donald O’Conner.  I always like watching an old movie with him in it.  His Make ‘Em Laugh is an absolute classic.  But, what is the whole point around a shallow little show that takes up time and contributes nothing to anything?

The way the far right is taking up the cause is the funniest, most revealing Rorschach test I’ve seen in ages.  Who cares about a jerk shooting out his television?  (I have a hilarious story about a conservative  who was cleaning a pistol, decided to dry fire at his new 46 inch television – back in the mid-1980s when those suckers cost about $2500.  The gun was loaded and he blew up the television).

What is the deal about a pathetic little show that uses has-beens and wannabes and promotes the cult of celebrity?  To me it is no different from American Idol or what ever that thing is called. (never watch it, either – never have).

It is silly.

The whole conservative discussion is silly.

It is about promoting Sarah Palin, which is fine.

Don’t get me started on how the children of celebrities use their parent’s fame to promote themselves.  It is a time honored tradition, but it is tawdry.  I could mention one certain conservative “expert” who is only an “expert” because of a parent.  One must give kudos to the Clintons for Chelsea not cashing in on her parents and for the Bush twins for doing the same.

It is disgusting.

The only reason anyone is paying attention to Bristol Palin is because of her mother.  In many ways there is nothing wrong with it, but for the far tea party right to make a cause celeb of it is rather funny.  It rather reminds me of the daughter of a former VP who is cashing in on her father’s fame.  She is considered good.  Meghan McCain is not.

I find the irony disturbing and terribly revealing.  Meghan McCain is a college grad with a journalism background.  She is a writer and wants to be one.  The moment she does anything to mention her background, the far right goes after her in a vicious and irrational way.

But – Bristol Palin is good.  She got herself knocked-up, had the baby and is now pushing celeb status because of the tea party types.  I don’t mind any of this.  More power to her, but the far right should get a grip and quit trying to destroy Meghan McCain because they disagree with her.

What a strange world these people have created for themselves.

Contrast this with the way the same people who demand Meghan McCain be constantly castigated and denigrated.  The very same people who demand Bristol Palin be treated with kid gloves never stop harassing Meghan McCain.

Why is Bristol Palin almost sacred, while Meghan McCain is considered little more than pond scum?

It doesn’t make sense, until one considers the psychological warfare now being used by the tea parties against anyone who doesn’t agree with them.  Funny how they demand absolute devotion to the Constitution, but refuse to allow anyone else to say what they want and believe what they wish.

Quite strange.

If Bristol Palin wants to cash in on her mother’s fame, more power to her.

If she wants to go the celeb route and become the tea party version of George Hamilton, making a career out of being famous for simply being famous, way to go!  Do it.  Have fun!  Have a great life.

If Meghan McCain wants to be a writer and cash in on her father’s fame, more power to her.

If she wants to be a writer and go down the celeb writer yellow brick road, then she is to be congratulated.  If you don’t like what she writes, don’t buy her books, it is that simple.  She is not to be flushed off the face of the planet because the far right disagrees with what she has to say.

Same thing goes with Liz Cheney.  I will admit I have a bigger problem with her.  If she wants to be a celeb expert on world affairs then it is up to someone to hire her.  I see that FOX has done so.  Fine.  I think she is cashing in on her father’s fame.  No problem.   I can turn off the television.

There is very little difference between Liz Cheney, Meghan McCain and Bristol Palin.  If they were not the children of famous politicians, let’s fact the fact that no one would be paying attention to them.  Bristol Palin would NOT be on Dancing with the Stars.  Meghan McCain would not have sold several books, and no one would give a rip about what Liz Cheney has to say.

That is NOT the problem.

The problem is with the irrational right who don’t comprehend the difference between the three and their parents.  This slobbering devotion to Bristol Palin as she Dances with the Has-Beens is revolting.  The nasty treatment of Meghan McCain because she has a mind of her own and uses it, is equally revolting.  The fact that FOX considers Liz Cheney an “expert” is equally disgusting.  (And don’t even get me started on Rand Paul who is not even board certified!).

They are three unique humans.  They deserve respect or derision because of who they are, not because of their parents.

They deserve to have the same breaks the rest of us do.  Are you slammed and denigrated because of your parents?  Are you worshiped because of them?  I think not.

This search and destroy scorched earth trend that the tea party types along with the far right have adopted from the irrational John Birchers and the left wing idiots is not good.  Fact is it is quite destructive.  One of these days, like the little boy who cried wolf, no one is going to pay attention to them.

Perhaps they might be best served if they went out and got lives of their own and left Bristol, Meghan and Liz alone to fail or succeed on their own.


3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Daughters and the Far Right

  1. I seem to recall that Liz Cheney actually served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs during the Bush 43 Administration.

    She also headed the Iran Syria Policy and Operations Group in the Near Eastern Affairs Bureau.

    Those look like credentials for status as an expert in that region – where, incidentally, the folks we’re at war with have come from.

  2. I’m just asking if her father helped her get the job? That is not a slam on her, just a comment that if her father were Joe Blow I doubt if she would have had the position.


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