Part III: Tea Party – Americans?


The Uncivil War in South Carolina

“...If you haven’t been following this issue, a brief recap: Ports are scrambling to prepare for a new generation of larger ships set to take over the seas in 2014; the Charleston port is about 6 feet too shallow to accommodate them. The mandatory first step in harbor-deepening projects is a study by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the corps can only do a study if it is mandated in the federal budget – which for all practical purposes means it has to be earmarked.…”

The tea parties have caused an uncivil war within the GOP.  To ignore the fact that it does not exist is foolish.  It is a strange war, artificially created.  If people do realize what is going on, the GOP is going to be destroyed by the tea party minority.

The perfect example of the war going on within the GOP is in South Carolina.  The nastier forces that are behind the tea parties are attempting to basically destroy Lindsey Graham.  This is not about NORMAL people who are involved with the tea parties because they are furious about government over-reach.  This is about a handful of manipulative individuals who are working, directly with the CofCC, Stormfront, and the nastiest of the nasties. It is about a vile, insignificant extremist who pretends to be a conservative, when he is aligned with the nastiest of people within the far right.

The problem in South Carolina, and will soon be the problem the nation if something is not done to expose and stop these people, is that that those who constantly lie about their agenda are telling those lies often enough that people are starting to believe them.  They hide their agenda and their connections with the Council of Conservative Citizens, Stormfront, the John Birch Society, Vdare, and their nasty associates by damning and harassing anyone who disagrees with them.

Take the Southern Avenger – please.  Just a screen shot of his blogroll should tell you all you need to know.  He links to some of the worst of the “acceptable” white supremacists and racists in the country.

Southern Avenger Blogroll

He hides behind his adoration of Ron Paul, and his “libertarian” tendencies.  The Pink Flamingo is targeting him because Jack Hunter is typical of the type of acceptable tea party hater who is out to destroy the GOP.  His associates bully and denigrate anyone who disagrees with him.

It is time to expose these people for exactly who and what they are.

If people like Jack Hunter are so certain their path to glory is so great, why do they attempt to destroy anyone who tries to expose their nasty associates?

Do you know who Steve Sailer is?  He is one of the people Jack Hunter associates with, citing several publications on his blogroll where Sailer is featured.  This is just one of the white supremacists Hunter notes.  You might also want to note that Hunter absolutely detests Lindsey Graham, which is a badge of honor for Lindsey.  Hunter, the hater, the associate of white supremacists, is one of the anti-Lindsey cheerleaders.

Don’t you just love the tea parties?

“…Sailer cites studies that say, on average, blacks and Mexicans in America have lower IQs than whites, and that Ashkenazi Jews and Northeast Asians have higher IQs than whites.He says that prosperity helped blacks close the IQ gap. He suggests that a problem with immigration of non-white Mestizo Mexicans into America is that Hispanic whites in the US will become a master caste, citing the Cuban community in Miami. He also considers that “for at least some purposes – race actually is a highly useful and reasonable classification.”

… Sailer considers Hispanic a non-racial characterization,identifying white non-Hispanic Americans as second-class citizens because of affirmative action, and warns about “anti-white pogroms”.

…What you won’t hear, except from me, is that ‘Let the good times roll’ is an especially risky message for African-Americans. The plain fact is that they tend to possess poorer native judgment than members of better-educated groups. Thus they need stricter moral guidance from society.
—Sailer, Steve, “Let the Good Times Roll”,

Neo-conservative columnist John Podhoretz, responded in the National Review Online blog by calling Sailer’s statement “shockingly racist and paternalistic” as well as “disgusting”.

Sailer describes his personal ideology as “Citizenism”, which he explains as:
I believe Americans should be biased in favor of the welfare of our current fellow citizens over that of the six billion foreigners… A huge number of Americans grasp that we are lucky to be American citizens and they want to pass on their good fortune to their posterity undiluted.

He views this as an antithesis of racism, and he argues that African-Americans, Jewish-Americans, European-Americans, and other groups can rally behind this. He has also stated that “White Nationalism is worse than a crime, it’s a mistake” and argued that the ideology, if widely adopted, would actually hurt American whites rather than help them…”


If the repercussions were not so serious, it would almost be laughable.  One of the tea party demands is an end to earmarks.  As the great tea party leader, Jim DeMint is refusing to do any sort of an earmark to assist the port of Charleston remain competitive.  Grandstanding for the tea parties is more important than the people of South Carolina.  That’s what has happened with the tea parties.

From The State:

The State

Cindi Ross Scoppe, a SC political columnist wrote:

“…The day the GOP caucus voted for the symbolic anti-earmark statement, Mr. Graham told editorial writers that he would “reserve unto myself the right to try to convince my colleagues to put the money in” through an earmark if he had not secured the port funding through other methods by April.

Although Mr. Graham said all the right things about the public being rightly outraged over earmarks and the importance of the Congress working to restore confidence, it was clear that he wasn’t buying this gnat-killing sledgehammer. He reminded us that he and Sen. John McCain had been fighting for some time to end such abusive practices as lawmakers anonymously adding earmarks to the budget, and earmarks being added so late in the legislative process that it was impossible to find out about them until long after the votes had been cast, and said that “I’m willing to play the game in terms of the moratorium, getting the Congress in better standing with the American people, but there are limits.”

“The reality of governing may rear its head one day soon,” he warned, “and that reality is that if this moratorium results in the port failing, that’s not good government. You could not say that good government would allow the biggest economic engine in South Carolina to die. So my goal is to create good government. And if we can get this port situation fixed in a way that would make the Congress more responsible, count me in.”

If not, then earmarks it is. And Mr. Graham won’t just ask nicely. If his colleagues won’t fund the port study, “It’d be hard for anybody to get anything through the Senate without me talking about the port; it’d be hard to get any appointments through; it’d be hard to appoint a judge.”

About the same time Mr. Graham was vowing to do whatever it takes, Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss issued a statement saying that “there are times when crises arise or issues come forth of such importance to Georgia, such as critical support to the port of Savannah, and the nation that I reserve the right to ask Congress and the president to approve funding.” That’s significant because the Port of Savannah received the corps’ blessing that very day to move forward with its own deepening project. In other words, our biggest rival is a full step ahead of the Charleston port, having received a passing grade on the study that we can’t even get the corps to start….”

Red State, the primary organ of Jim DeMint’s tea party “patriots” is promoting his agenda, without regard to the damage that is being done to people in his home state.  One of the brain-dead tea party people wrote the following:

“...Personally, I’m firmly in the Jim Demint (R-SC) camp, who said, “I’ve been in the majority with Republicans who didn’t have principles and we embarrassed ourselves and lost credibility in front of the country. Frankly, I’m at a point where I’d rather lose fighting for the right cause then win fighting for the wrong cause.”…

Which brings us back to the tea party. Surprisingly, there are still far too many tea partiers who stand by the principle that the movement should not endorse candidates. Make no mistake about it, this movement has changed the political landscape in America, however, if it is to remain a deciding factor, then we must learn from our experiences and apply that knowledge to future efforts….”

These people, while many of them are quite honest and honorable about their agenda, do not speak for most of the GOP.  They do not speak for the Average American.  The problem is they are so arrogant they think they do.  They think they should shove their agenda down out throats and destroy anyone who disagrees with them.

I don’t call that freedom, do you?


2 thoughts on “Part III: Tea Party – Americans?

  1. well they will get tired (and eventually go away) so I think we have no choice but to go back to IGNORING the PaulBot Libertarian-ists again. Thats what Ronald Reagan would do!

    In fact that is exactly what Ronald Reagan did when Ron Paul and his KOOK Libertarian-ist friends accused President Reagan of everything imaginable. Just look up all the horrible things that little creep Ron Paul said about Mr. Reagan. Its hard to even imagine that Ron Paul could be elected as a Republican.

    Anyway, in a few years the LIEbertarian-ists will be back to their usual 1/10 of 1% of the voting public status. Unfortunately that means that the Democrats will probably win the next two (or three) national elections while we are waiting for this current pack of traitors to die of old age but what choice do we have?

    And don’t get me wrong the Liberals are wrong on everything. The Libs are 100x worse than the Tea Party-ists. The American Libs are the very definition of evil.

    If there was a EVIL TREE American Democrats would be the evil fruit. But the lesser of 2 Evils is still EVIL. And to Vote TEA is to endorse a lesser Evil for your own financial gain. Selling your soul for lower taxes, closed borders and ideological purity is still selling your soul.

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