Women of the GOP


The other day a comment was made about a post I did on Bristol Palin, Meghan McCain, and Liz Cheney. It started me thinking about several things, including nepotism and politics.

Nepotism is a way of life.   The photo on the right is of my sister and my niece.  Rachel is managing my sister’s second venue of the Cafe Eclectic at Harbortown in Memphis.  My nephew, Dustin, is one of Cathy’s managers.  There is nothing wrong with family working in a family business.  There is no difference in what Dustin and Rachel are doing than what Liz Cheney did.

It happens.  It is about family, family business, and giving a leg up, deserved or not.  I still think Liz Cheney achieved her State Department position because of her father.  THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

Nepotism happens all the time.  If you are reading this, furious with me for saying what I am about Liz Cheney, and are working in the family business, you are doing the same thing she did.  The difference is the type of family business.

Wikipedia - Nepotism

Nepotism is NOT the problem.

I think one of the problems the right has is that they are holding Conservative Women to this absurd standard.  They must be cute, chipper, glam, and the second coming of Farah Fawcett.  They need to know when to giggle, jiggle, and charm.  IQs  in triple digits are optional.  As long as they can flash a toothy smile and bat their artificial eye-lashes they are winners!  THEY are the women the men of the tea party and the GOP want?

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Makes you wonder.

It makes The Pink Flamingo wonder about the mentality of the Men of the Far Right Tea Parties rather than the women in the GOP.  It makes me wonder about their maturity, intellect, and their ability to discern what is right and what is wrong.  The

Libertarian Republican

Honor doesn’t matter.
Ethics don’t matter.
Reputation doesn’t matter.
Neither does intelligence, education, nor background.

From Libertarian Republican:

“…A woman’s personhood involves her beauty and her charm. Our desire is for everybody to be able to be free, for each person to be able to develop their own personality, and to be able freely express to themselves, whether in speaking and writing, or in their work, in the performing arts or in their appearance. We reject the puritanism advanced by certain elements of the cultural and political left and of the ultra-orthodox and religious right. They are the real extremists and the would-be Nazis and the potential if not actual terrorists. And they’re also stupid.

Editor’s note – Even our Lesbian women, Tammy Bruce (photo) are hotter! Other photos – Christine O’Donnell, Nikki Haley, Michele Bachmann, Dana Perino and Jerri Thompson….”

This is disgusting.  In other words, if you are not “hot” you don’t get to be a candidate in the tea party?  You don’t see something wrong with this? Check out this little bit of idiocy from News Real Blog:

News Real Blog

It doesn’t matter what is inside The Republican Women.   Men gush about them like they are the Stepford Wives.  They are beautiful.  They are glamorous, and they know just how to smile and defer to the men.  They have pretty teeth.

If you are like The Pink Flamingo and are overweight, or are not attractive, and if you don’t giggle at the right times, forget being a Republican candidate.  We don’t rate.  We can’t be The Women of the GOP, which sounds like some stupid Playboy issue rather than serious candidates.

All of this is rather fascinating in a pathetic and immature way, then again we are dealing with the pathetic and immature.  Let’s fact the fact that it is possible a handful of men who had crushes on a few of these Giggle-Jiggle candidates propelled them into losing elections for the GOP.


Now – why aren’t the real, very serious contenders being discussed? So far, NONE of the Giggle-Jiggle Women of the Tea Party GOP have impressed me.  They are fantasy candidates for men whose emotional development is seriously arrested.

Let’s get serious here.

The GOP has some excellent, strong, extremely well qualified women who don’t exactly have the Giggle-Jiggle factor.  They don’t need it.  They have brains, experience, and are extremely viable.

Perhaps the most viable of these strong non-Giggle-Jiggle women is Liz Cheney.

Why isn’t she being mentioned as serious potential POTUS material?

Well, then again she doesn’t giggle.  She doesn’t jiggle.  She has an IQ.  She has some serious degrees.  She has experience.

Oopse…she has a brain!