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It looks like the great tea party crack-up is on it’s way!

The Tea Party “patriots” are the gift that just keeps on giving.  Just when you think they can’t get any nuttier, they go and do it, again.  Take Ron Paul (please).  The tea partier’s god has gone a bit too far this time.

At least there are sources who are finally starting to notice the vile little John Birch and libertarian influence on them.  When will people be HONEST enough to state that the tea parties (for the most part) ARE NOT REPUBLICAN, but are John Birch losertarians?

It looks like a few people are starting to smarten up a bit.

“…Conservative new media publisher Andrew Breitbart said that, though he believes expanding the universe of voices, he’d consider publishing a Bircher only on a case-by-case basis, a slight improvement for the group that was banned from appearing in the National Review by Buckley.

“I believe in more voices rather than less,” Breitbart told TheDC. “I think the best ideas will win.”

But, Breitbart said, he doubts he’ll be working with Birchers in the near future.

“I don’t foresee there being any Breitbart.com and John Birch Society mixer anytime soon, but if one were to occur, we’d call it the Goldschlager Standard,” Breitbart said in a phone interview.

The John Birch Society will also be at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February for the second consecutive year after a two-decade absence, save one year in the 1990s.

David Keene, the chairman of The American Conservative Union, refused comment on the John Birch Society’s recent presence at the conference.

Edwards told TheDC the ACU is giving the John Birch Society credibility by providing the group a spot at CPAC.

“The ACU has to draw the line and it seems to me that this is a pretty good place to draw the line. It’s not as though their record is any secret,” Edwards said.

Regardless of the negative aura surrounding his group, McManus still sees several similarities between the John Birch Society and the Tea Party movement.

“We see the Tea Party movement adopting a lot of the same positions that the John Birch Society has taken right from day one,” McManus said. “The John Birch Society was started in 1958. We’re more than 50 years old. So, if somebody else comes along and starts a movement that says the same things that we’re saying, we’re pleased. We’re happy about it. Let’s have more of that.”…”

The Daily Caller

“…As for calling Eisenhower a “dedicated, conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy,” McManus said Welch documented that in a 300-page book, in which he said, “no one ever found anything that they could challenge.”

Welch’s book on Eisenhower, McManus said, determines three possible realities: that Eisenhower was “stupid,” “ignorant,” or a “conscious agent of Communism.”

Edwards says these conspiracy theories “make Oliver Stone look like a moderate,” and that the average person doesn’t know the background or history of the John Birch Society, so they can’t make an intelligent decision on the spot at a Tea Party or other conservative event when they encounter Birchers, and therefore prone to believing the group is fully credible and accepted because of its presence at the event…”



A true-hero?


According to the a piece out of Virginia, about 600 people have asked for a Tea Party license plate. Think about it – six hundred people. That is 600 people. As of October, 2010 there are 4,970,840 people registered to vote. In other words, something like 4,970,240 voters in Virginia HAVE NOT requested a tea party license plate.

Do those numbers even register with you? The Pink Flamingo does not wish to sound insulting, but if these are the dedicated Tea Party “patriots” and their vast numbers in Virginia, then the whole movement is a crock. It is a lie. It is a sham. IT DOES NOT EXIST.

Please explain how that vast majority of tea party “patriots” has the right to dictate to the rest of the people in Virginia?

NBC Washington

They are demanding the GOP do exactly what they want – OR ELSE. Where does it stop, and who stops them?

“…We are not going to back down, and we are going to be holding people’s feet to the fire- the new incoming freshmen as well as the old guard that’s still there,” said Tea Party Express leader Amy Kremer. “We’ve heard from the Republicans over the past 12 or 24 months about what they would do if they gained control.

“Now is the time to stop with the lip service and show actions; you know actions speak a lot louder than words, so now we in the movement are now going to see if they are going to walk the walk.”

Compromise with Democrats on key issues would be a non-starter for Tea Partiers, and doing so would prompt a Tea Party backlash, Meckler said.

Meckler warns Republican senators up for re-election in 2012 to think twice about voting on compromise with the Democrats because they will face the same fate at outgoing Utah Sen. Robert Bennett or Delaware Rep. Mike Castle.

McConnell’s support for earmarks, for example, could put him in hot water with the Tea Partiers who promise to take him down the next time he runs unless he relents.

“I guarantee there will be primary challenges in 2012 for those folks that don’t hold strong,” Meckler told The Daily Caller. “I guarantee in two years we will vote all of them out and have another celebration.”

Boehner would find himself at the top of the Tea Party’s list of primary targets if he goes back on any of his campaign promises, Meckler said.

“We can’t expect in three months to have ObamaCare repealed; to have the budget balanced, or have our debt paid down,” Kremer said. “That’s unrealistic and we need to be realistic, but we want to see progress….”

The Pink Flamingo does not like libertarians. I think they are dishonest. I think they lie. They have no morals nor standards.

They also are not consistent. They are trying to stop the million buck saving trash collection plan in Fountain Hills, AZ because it reeks of socialism. Will someone please tell these people to shut up and go home?

Right O Sphere

Don’t you just love the tea parties and their grasp of the Constitution?

“…Tea Party Nation President Judson Phillips recently hosted a radio program where he declared that Americans who do not own property have less of a stake in the community and suggested, in the past, it made sense to deprive such citizens of the right to vote. The tone-deaf statement is not significant because it represents the view of the Tea Party at large (it doesn’t), but is important because it evidences a serious problem for the movement: without a formal hierarchy, various “leaders” associated with the Tea Party can quickly damage the larger brand with their absurd comments.

The Tea Party Nation is one of the most prominent organizations in the Tea Party movement, having sponsored the National Tea Party Convention last February that was criticized for its $550 attendance fee and where Sarah Palin was paid $100,000 to speak. Thus the influence Phillips has is legitimate, yet like other prominent Tea Party members before him who ended up in hot water for indefensible statements, Phillips offensively opines on an issue with which no rational person is concerned….”

Raw Story
Media ite
Think Progress

The Raw Story has a list of Tea Party Caucus members and their FY2010 earmark requests.

The Raw Story

From Hotline On Call

Hotline On Call


Richard Viguerie, noted opportunist and bottom-feeder, is now threatening even Jim DeMint.  Please remember Viguerie IS NOT A REPUBLICAN.

Right Wing Watch

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  1. Judson Phillips is a fool, so all our military personnel, firemen, policemen and elderly who don’t own property can’t vote?

    How about all people who have filed bankruptcy can’t vote (like Judson Phillips), or those you fail to answer questions about our country history can’t run for public office (like Sarah Palin or Christine O’donnell), how about that, please.

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