How to Annoy Tea Partiers – Tell the Truth!


Once again the minions of the far right are after Lindsey.  All he really needs to do is open his mouth and they attack him.  It seems they just don’t like people who spew factual accuracy.

It is NOT about this tacky “RINO” thing but about the fact that men like Lindsey because they cannot be bullied into bowing to the agenda of the non-Republican demigods who don’t really care about this country, only their will.

It has nothing to do with “freedom” or the Constitution.  It has everything to do with a bunch of bullies who are determine to destroy anyone who does not agree with them.

Try this and try not to gag:

“…As if the target on his Senate seat isn’t visible enough, RINO Senator Lindsey Graham apparently sought to reinforce it in hunter orange to remind conservatives just how far off the reservation he remains. In remarks made on the floor of the Senate, Graham had the temerity to suggest that Tea Party conservatives had mucked up the 2010 mid-term elections…

There are an additional 23 Democrat Senate seats available for pick-up in 2012 and two seats currently occupied by RINOs: Indiana’s Richard Lugar and Olympia Snowe of Maine. While the Tea Party may force some “pretty poor choices” in these races, you can bet Graham’s Gang of 14 cohort Snowe will be in for the fight of her life. Too bad Senator Graham is constitutionally incapable of understanding the concept of standing on principle. Unfortunately, the voters won’t get a chance to teach him this lesson until 2014….”

Lindsey did a great interview on Laura Ingraham’s show. The far right is taking one little thing away from the interview.

Then again, they are so consistent – just completely consistent.  Always consistent – with their hate.   They also don not live in the real world.

“...The problem was not bad GOP Senate candidates, the problem was the hissy fit thrown by elites and entitled Republicans like the ilk of Graham, Karl Rove and the Like Castle’s of the world. Get used to it Lindsey, the people are taking their party back.

I can’t wait to see who the challenger will be against Lindsey Graham in the GOP primary. Hopefully, the GOP will rid themselves of such a pathetic excuse for a Republican in such a conservative state like South Carolina. Hopefully, Graham will be targeted for removal….”

They are not Republicans, but LOSERTARIAN Ron Paul Bots.  When are they going to learn to tell the truth…?

They don’t care about factual accuracy.

Take the way they treat Lindsey.

At least he is firing back:

The Hill

The real problem is these people are so intellectually dishonest with themselves and their idiot agenda that they will lie about anything in order to destroy those who seek to oppose their stupidity.  The Pink Flamingo has no use for Liberty Pundits nor their libertarian – NOT REPUBLICAN – agenda.  But, like all libertarians, they refuse to admit they are not Republican.  They would rather lie about their agenda.   And, like Lindsey, it is time we start hitting back.

Liberty Pundits

And the lies continue…..  The Tea Parties cost us about 80 seats in the House because of the disgusting candidates they forced on the GOP.  They cost us the Senate.  They are attempting to take over various states, using their Ron Paul Bot operatives.  In fact, they are nothing but Ron Paul Bot losertarian John Birchers.


3 thoughts on “How to Annoy Tea Partiers – Tell the Truth!

  1. Every intelligent person knows that the GOP lost the Senate because of nitwits like Miller, O’Donnell and Angle. But the Tea Partiers would never admit that the only way their darling DeMint skated into office for another term was because Greene was a poor choice. It may not have been so easy otherwise. I don’t know how Lindsey Graham is called a RINO because he is one of the most conservative senators. I don’t believe any senator has been treated with more disrespect. I hope by the time he is up for reelection the Tea Partiers will have formed their own party or fizzled out. South Carolinians will be really stupid if they don’t keep a person like Lindsey in office. He has accomplished a great deal for that state.

  2. Oh you’re right, the Tea Partier are so predictable, repetitive, tiresome. Lindsey Graham is a giant intellect and a tower of integrity by comparison. Of COURSE the TeePees must attack him. He makes them look weak and small… without ever opening his mouth. And when he DOES open his mouth, he is careful and quite gentle when he points out the obvious: “…made some pretty poor choices when it came to candidates.” My God, that is enough to send the little dirtbags into orbit? They might die of a stroke if they ever heard what we say about them around the dinner table.

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