Jeb Has Gone and Done It!


Is Jeb Bush the last, best hope for the GOP?

Sure looks that way to The Pink Flamingo, but then I just unpacked a box full of coffee mugs I ordered for Christmas  gifts.  They simply say, “I (heart) George Bush”.

Let’s keep it in the family!

I guess Jeb Bush is now on the hate list.  The Pink Flamingo’s choice for 2012 who is incidentally the choice of his big brother, has gone and done it.  I guess the usual sources are now going to try and destroy him.

You see, Jeb Bush has a wife who is from Mexico.  He has a daughter who married a man who is Hispanic.  He understands that Hispanics are Americans too, and should not be targeted by “well meaning” bigots who hate anyone who is Hispanic.

Oh the shame of it all!

Consequently, he sees the other side of the story, much to The Pink Flamingo’s delight!  Unfortunately the more he pushes back against the bigots, the more he says he’s not running.

“…Finally, Bush claimed that his outspoken disagreement with Arizona’s immigration law, a position that sets him apart from the rest of the probable 2012 presidential contenders, was proof that he was not planning a run, a rumor that his parents have tried to dispel, but that some conservatives, such as his brother, are still pushing…”

Miami Herald

Naturally the far right is going to get a big fat hate on for him.  They hate anyone who dares to have the courage to disagree with him.  The real problem with that is Jeb has the secret to winning in 2012 –

“...Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said if his children walked the streets of Phoenix they might look awfully suspicious to police. His wife, Columba, is from Mexico.

Harvard professor Robert Putnam told the same crowd of city officials from across the country at the Denver Convention Center on Saturday that his grandchildren might likewise draw suspicions. His daughter married a Latino man, he said.

“I think it’s not right that they could be picked up just because of the way they look,” Putnam said.
Bush and Putnam spoke and then fielded questions at a National League of Cities convention about immigration issues, including the controversial Arizona immigration law.

The law aims to detain, prosecute and deport illegal immigrants. The federal government has won an injunction blocking parts of the law, including a section requiring police to question the immigration status of those they suspect are in the country illegally. Arizona has appealed.

A group of conservative lawmakers in Colorado is considering introducing an Arizona- style immigration bill in the legislature in January.

Bush, the brother and son of former Republican presidents, quipped that it was obvious he was not running for office, noting that his views differed from those of most of his Republican colleagues.

While he is sympathetic to the plight of Arizona officials forced to deal with all the problems linked to a porous frontier, he believes there are solutions other than a law criminalizing illegal immigrants, he said.

“It’s the wrong approach,” he said. “The net result is not much has been done.”

He said if the U.S. deported 12 million illegal immigrants from across the country, it would cost billions and not be very effective.Instead he recommended tightening the border and improving programs to more smoothly integrate immigrants into American society….”

Fox Nation

Anyone up for a 2012 Bush-Cheney ticket?  (Jeb & Liz)

Conservative Home

Yea, looks like Jeb is the best hope for the GOP in 2012.  Too bad he’s now going to be considered the enemy.

For someone who is not running, he’s sure doing a good job of looking like a candidate.


5 thoughts on “Jeb Has Gone and Done It!

  1. Oh man you and I are on the same page so many times it’s spooky! I LOVE Jeb; he has the smarts and the ability to see the whole picture of his brother without the “turning the other cheek” (which drove me nuts). Oh it WOULD be so incredible if his Mexican wife was the first lady…it would go a long way to dispel the racism that hangs around the GOP like a bad smell.

    But the GOP, like the tea party, has been bullied by losertarians pretending to be the base so I don’t see them (the GOP) embracing Jeb anytime soon.

    It really is too bad because Jeb would garner not just the Hispanic vote but the Independents…I saw him take on one of the TSM and shred him (with a smile no less!) His ability to take on (and take no prisoners) the nuts on the Right would endear him and assure those of us who refuse to march to the tune of ANY group.

    I’ve always maintained that the biggest threat to the GOP–and to America isn’t the Dems, it’s the 3rd party wannabes that want to destroy the only viable party that can bring fiscal and spiritual stability to this country. We need someone like Jeb who can stand up to and put in their place, the Talk show mafia and their minions.

  2. Can you hear me squealing like a teenager at a rock concert??

    Oh I love love LOVE this so much. I still have my JEB! button from his Florida Gov race a few years ago. I’m pulling it out and wearing it. And the Bush-Cheney idea? Ohmigosh, that is too dastardly, too terribly tempting, too wonderful to imagine. Another good one is Bush-Christie. That would almost be too mean a thing to do to poor dumb Dems.

    I cannot believe Jeb dared to take on the FoxNews cause celebre of 2010 – that stupid Arizona law. Viva Bush!

    So many comments, so little time… thanks for this, it made my day.

  3. The thing I like most about Jeb Bush is that he will be an irritant, a sore, a ‘burr in the saddle’ of the perpetual malcontents (aka Tea Peeple) that think they now own the Republican Party. And don’t get me wrong there is alot to like about Jeb Bush but the permanently dissatisfied miscreants (aka Paul Bots) will go totally flippin bonkers. They hate the whole Bush family.

    He will drive the Palin-ites and the Paulbots to a 3rd Party, hopefully forever and that is a good thing even if we lose!! So with Jeb we can’t lose if ya see what I mean

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