BREAKING: Tombstone Landmark Goes Up in Flames


According to The Pink Flamingo’s friend, Marge Elliott, the woman who lived in an apartment on Toughnut, next to Six Gun City, woke up in the middle of the night and noticed the flames.  According to Marge, the only thing destroyed was the restaurant.  The paint on the far side of the Longhorn was singed, and one of their signs was damaged.  If there had been any wind, the who town would have been in danger.

Photo by SJ Reidhead

I took this photo in October while Pink Flamingo friend Sally Vee and her husband were visiting with me in Tombstone.  The location of the flag is the Longhorn, then looking down toward Six Gun City.

The following photographs were emailed to me today from Marge.  She and Steve own the Tombstone Western Heritage Museum, named by the History Channel as the best museum in the Southwest!

The photos are all copyright 2010 by Marge Elliott
and may not be used without her permission

Photo by Marge Elliott

This photo was taken on Allen street, looking toward the fire.  The historic Bird Cage is on the left.

Photo by Marge Elliott

The fire even made the Washington Post!

“…TOMBSTONE, Ariz. — In the town too tough to die, a Tombstone bar and restaurant was no match for roaring flames.  Forty firefighters from at least three fire departments battled an intense fire at the Six Gun City Restaurant and Bar Wednesday morning. Tombstone Town Marshal Billy Cloud tells KOLD-TV the building is a total loss, but firefighters were able to keep the fire confined to the restaurant….”

Photo by Marge Elliott

There is news video here.

Photo by Marge Elliott.
Photo by Marge Elliott

This photo taken from Allen Street, looking down toward the former Six Gun City.