Tea Party Arrogance Strikes Again (or out)


There is nothing more repulsive than a zealot who stands on his/her principles, no matter who is hurt or destroyed. No one likes everything in this tax deal, but the far right who is pontificating on what they are not getting is jumping the shark.

There is a difference between principle with wisdom and principles because of ambition and arrogance.  What good is having principles if you use them to harm innocent people?

AJ Strata puts it best:

“...I cannot express how much DeMint is an albatross around the GOP’s neck. One dumb move after another. A pure minority in his private echo chamber. We don’t need to drag everything out in endless grandstanding – do we? DeMint’s unique measurement of ‘perfection’ is definitely the evil of any and all progress. Mr. Moth strikes again….”

On Wednesday’s Michael Medved show, conservative Grover Norquist mentioned that Jim DeMint was being too “pure” for his own good.  He also made a snark based comment that when DeMint took pure stands like his doing, he gets on television and a lot of attention.

Could it be that the tea is starting to spoil?

Allahpundit wrote:

“….DeMint lists several problems he has with the deal, but the big one is the fact that the cuts are temporary. Quote: “[W]e don’t need a temporary economy, which means we don’t need a temporary tax rate. A permanent extension of our current tax rates would allow businesses to plan five and ten years in advance, and that’s how you build an economy.” How are you going to get the Democrats to agree to a permanent extension of all the Bush tax cuts? The left is ready to commit seppuku over a two-year extension; if Obama tried to push something permanent, anger would be such that even Blue Dogs in the Senate would walk away for fear of being primaried. And Obama himself would have a full-scale revolt on his hands among the left instead of the whining and idle primary fantasies they’re indulging in now. It’s one thing to push permanent cuts when you have a Republican president and congressional majority (although, as recent history shows, even then it’s not easy), but with a liberal in the White House and a 58-42 spread in the Senate? C’mon. Exit question: Can Pelosi deliver for Obama among House Democrats?…”

Daily Caller

Jim DeMint likes to spew poetic about the Constitution, and how he is a friend of business.  The following few lines prove he is either too ignorant to comprehend that the newly elected have not been sworn in, and is too arrogant to realize the problems businesses are going to have on January 1, if these tax rates ARE NOT kept by then.  Evidently he simply doesn’t give a damn about how much cost is involved in a small business, when dealing with taxes.

“…DeMint appeared wary of being too tough on his party leaders, but was unapologetic in opposing the deal.

“I don’t want to second-guess my leadership, but frankly, I think we need to come away with a lot better than this,” he said. “We cannot increase the deficit, or keep increasing deficit spending.”

“So again, I’m trying not to be too hard on the people who’ve done this, but we’ve worked too hard, and Americans worked too hard to elect us.”

DeMint said the negotiating process should have been more open and inclusive of new lawmakers just elected, and even expressed a willingness to keep working on a deal into next year and allow taxes to go up on all Americans on Jan. 1.

So it wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all if we pushed this whole things into next year,” he said. “There are a lot of people advocating for it, saying this is the best that we can get. But I’ve talked to a number of the conservatives today who have grave concerns. I know a lot of them won’t vote for it unless it’s paid for. I don’t think the Democrats are going to cut spending enough to pay for this.”…”

History is full of individuals and situations where men have stood on principle.  The Spanish Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials come to mind as does the vile name of Oliver Cromwell.  Then there was Maximilien Robespierre, Lucius Cornelius Sulla, Cotton Mather, John Brown and now Jim DeMint and Michelle Bachmann.

The Pink Flamingo wishes I did not have a prohibition on profanity on this blog.  Right about now I would like to use more than a little.  A heck of a lot more than a little.

It’s like this – show me a tea party candidate or “leader” and I will show you someone who is an ethically challenged egotistical self-serving ______ _____ you know what.  Jim DeMint is owned by the Club for Growth.  He can’t make a move without them telling him what to do.  It is rather ironic when Bernie Sanders and Jim DeMint are on the same side, both planning to assist in the destruction of small businesses.  Gotta love that Club for Growth.

Evidently they don’t really care about the economy, only principle.  From the National Journal.

National Journal
Daily Caller

There is a difference between standing on principles for arrogant power, and being honest and honorable.  Lindsey is honest and honorable.

Charles Krauthammer thinks it is a very good idea to do the tax deal.

“…Baier: Ok there will be people who say how does that all create jobs. Keeping the tax rates the same, does the payroll tax to workers really pay off in that big of a fashion. And is the 900B dollars that you’re citing, is it worth it in the big picture?

Krauthammer: Well it’s money in that will be – and this is a Republican argument, a conservative argument. You want to leave the money in the hands of the people. So by returning it to workers in the payroll tax, in reducing it with all the Obama tax cuts, and in having the money infused through unemployment benefits for an extra year, plus the absence of the hikes you would have had with the expiration of the bush cuts, you’ve got almost a trillion dollars in the hands of Americans who will spend it. And Republicans will argue that doing it through taxes is the way to stimulate an economy and recovery. It’s a Republican argument and I think it’s gonna work!…”


When can I use the word: JERK?

As a post script, as if to prove he had no clue as to what goes on in the US Senate and about the Constitution, Rand Paul – WHO IS NOT PART OF THIS CONGRESS – is leaning against the tax deal.  Does the dim-wit even realize he has no say in anything until he is sworn in next January?


7 thoughts on “Tea Party Arrogance Strikes Again (or out)

  1. Hugh Hewitt is in full stupid mode. He keeps going on about the “pledge” to not raise taxes and to make the tax cuts permanent and how the GOP betrayed them by not playing chicken with Obama. Sigh, that’s like complaining about the first guy up to bat getting to first base instead of making a home run…but he promised to win! Well the game isn’t over yet and the House STILL belongs to the Dems.

    Why, why, will someone PLEASE explain why these people are stuck on stupid?

  2. Listen…the Reps hold all the cards on this one.

    Through their malfeasance the Dims chose not to pass a budget last year. That prevents them from using reconciliation to pass their plan with only 51 votes in the Senate.

    Through their political posturing and a desire to squeeze out just a few more election day votes, the Dims also decided to not handle the tax rate issue prior to Nov 2nd. Bad move.

    Because they played their cards poorly, the Dims are now faced with being directly responsible for the largest tax increase in American history.

    They know that the incoming Rep House majority will only make things tougher in the next Congress.

    The Reps hold all the cards.

    They should not have rolled over to demands for more spending. That was a very bad idea.

    They need to put a plan on the table that holds the Dims’ feet to the fire and stick by their guns until they get what they want.

    The Dims WON’T stand strong on this issue…they cannot afford to. They are in turmoil and are running scared…clawing and scratching at one another.

    The Reps hold all the cards.

    If this compromise falls through, one of the first orders of House business will be to repeal these changes.

    Of course, even if the Dim Senate doesn’t touch it next year, they’re still going to get burned.

    The Reps hold all the cards.

    There’s no way they should be compromising.

  3. I gather you don’t even realize what a mess small businesses are going to have this January. I know someone who is barely hanging in, not because business is bad, but because of 30 employees, taxes and regulations. The last thing she needs is to be required to fork over several thousand additional dollars for her accountant to attempt to keep up with the stupidity of the far right who want to stand on principle.

    There is a difference between principle and and honest, decent desire to help small businesses. If marginal businesses go under because of this insane demand for principle, then I find this whole idea of purity and self-righteous and arrogant principle to be reprehensible. If you don’t understand this, then you are not trying to meet a payroll and keep a small business open.

    Guess that says a heck of a lot. The tea partiers don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves.


  4. “I gather you don’t even realize what a mess small businesses are going to have this January” We bloody well realize what small business is going though. I no several small business owners that are struggling, but the Dems are to blame for high taxes, regulations and ObamaCare. Yet, you give them a pass and all you ever do is blame the Tea Party for all your problems. You would sooner be a malcontent instead of being grateful for helping to get rid of 63 Democrats in the House. If you are so blinded by your HATE of Tea Partiers and ordinary Americans than you deserve to pay higher taxes. Then maybe you will learn who the real enemy is.

  5. Why is it that any criticism of the tea party “patriots” and the politicians who pander to them is “hate” but the tea party “patriots” can say nasty things all day long about Republicans and that is alright?

    It is amazing how these Constitutional “patriots” only approve of freedom for themselves.


  6. “I gather you don’t even realize what a mess small businesses are going to have this January.”

    Well, there’s nothing quite like starting off a response with a very broad presumptuous assumptions is there?

    Yes, I know all about what is going on with small businesses. In fact, I own and operate one of those myself. I employ 41 people. How many do you employ?

    “I know someone who is barely hanging in, not because business is bad, but because of 30 employees, taxes and regulations. The last thing she needs is to be required to fork over several thousand additional dollars for her accountant to attempt to keep up with the stupidity of the far right who want to stand on principle.”

    So, this person who employs 30 people will be better off by letting the Dims set the pace on this issue?

    Is that what you’re saying?

    Surely you don’t really believe that.

    Which of the Dim supported portions of this “compromise” will benefit small businesses?

    That’s right…none.

    Which of the Dim supported portions of this “compromise” will reduce or eliminate regulations?

    That’s right…none.

    The Dims aren’t interested in doing what is right for the person who owns and operates a small business. They are only interested in political posturing and holding on to their power and influence for as long as they can.

    If they were interested in doing what is right they never would have passed all of the oppressive regulations and ridiculous taxation schemes in the first place.

    As I said earlier, the Reps hold ALL of the cards on this thing. They have enough votes, and influence, now to throw a wrench in the Dim machinations.

    The Dims know that come January it’s only going to get tougher for them to get their way. They realize that…which is why they are in such hysterics right now.

    The Reps hold ALL of the cards and they rolled over much too easily by allowing such a large amount of additional spending to be tacked on to a deal to extend tax rates.

    The principle of limited gov’t and minimal taxation is a principle worthy of standing for. By standing strong on that principle the Reps can eliminate the taxation and regulation web that you’re whinging about.

    “There is a difference between principle and and honest, decent desire to help small businesses.”

    No, there’s no difference there. Fundamental Conservative principles create a fertile field in which businesses, both large and small, can grow and prosper. Those two ideas are not mutually exclusive.

  7. You are very fortunate to be in a position where you are not at the whims of your accountant and the every-changing tax laws. You are also quit fortunate that your cash flow is such that you can afford to absorb additional expensive accounting hours that will be caused by this mess. The person I know is frantic that such changes are going to be made to the tax structure that additional funds are going to be needed to pay the accountant to keep up with everything. This person is furious with the Dems but is rational enough to know one must sometimes compromise.

    I am a write. I was in retail for 5 years and quite to write. I am very fortunate that I don’t need to deal with a payroll and the idiocy of the feds. I can’t see how anyone would want to be in business these days.

    Then again, I do have the courage to use my own name and not to hide under a pen name to take shots at people.

    The bitter irony here is that the people who consider themselves constitutionally “pure” are the very people who could never have managed to get anything done to put this nation together because you don’t give a damn about compromise when it it is needed. There is more to life than principle and arrogant self-righteousness. Our Founding Fathers you worship knew when give and take was required. If you say that is not true then you know absolutely nothing about the founding of our country.

    Please, go back and worship at the feet of Glenn Beck and Ron Paul.


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