BREAKING: The Pink Flamingo Kitties Assault on the Tree!


It was a dirty job, but someone needed to do it.  Led by Doc Holiday, the five Pink Flamingo Kitties began a well-planned cat-attack on the Christmas Tree.  The series of photos were taken in maybe a four minute time span. It should be noted that Doc Holiday assisted in the making of this post, and maintained complete editorial control over it.

Those who watch The Pink Flamingo Kitties on a regular basis will note that Hoss Cartwright is missing from the photos.  It is not because of his innocence, only the fact that as the youngest member of the family, he was faster than everyone else when trying to get out of trouble.

Bat Masterson Poses For a Glamour Shot
Bubbles Silverman Attempts to Hide Her Guilt
Doc Holiday & Mommy Cat Started the Trouble
An Embarrassing Position
Bubbles Gets Caught
"Brat Masterson" Investigates!
The Tree
Bubbles Snoops
Doc Is Looking for Her Gifts

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