Just a Whining Immature POTUS


“…What people want out of a president is someone who can get both parties in a room, find the best deal for the country as a whole, and with dignity, firmness and grace, sell it. And you’re not doing yourself any favors when you call your political opponents enemies and hostage-takers. And you’re not helping yourself in the eyes of the American people by whining about the problems your base give you…What I want the president to do is to be a leader. And here’s his problem. Before he came here, he’s never had a history of sitting down and solving hard problems. He doesn’t have a deep resume. When he was in the Senate, he never did anything big. He’s never had hard-headed Republicans and Democrats to deal with before. And quite frankly, there’s some political immaturity showing here. He has never done the big, hard things before he got to be president. He came into the job probably the least prepared of anybody in a long time, and it shows….”

When Lindsey gets ticked, watch out.  He comes across as this mild mannered US Senator, but when riled, he’s like an Energizer dog with a bone.  He’s not gonna’ let go, and it’s not gonna’ be pretty.

“…“I don’t throw bombs for the hell of throwing bombs. … I don’t hate the president,” he said. But Obama “doesn’t understand the consequences that come from playing cheap politics and biting rhetoric when you’re the president of the United States.”…”

Yea, and that’s one of the few things that annoys me about Lindsey.  He doesn’t through enough bombs.

Ed Morrissey wrote:

“…Graham’s assessment is couched in polite terms, but the message is clear.  Obama is not only in over his head on policy, he’s in over his head in the political game as well.  That is a rather predictable result from putting a short-term backbencher into the biggest executive job there is….”

Political Wire

Political Wire

Blood in the water

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“…“I like the president personally, but he’s whining to the Left about ‘You’re putting too much pressure on me,’ and he’s whining to us about making his life difficult,” Graham continues. “What he ought to do is say ‘I support this deal, it’s the best thing for the country, it’s not what I would like in a perfect world, but I stand by it and I’m going to sell it the best I can and put America ahead of anything else.’ That means you don’t belittle your opponent or attack your base for having differences with you — triangulate without making everyone mad.”…”


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  1. Some of the Democrats are upset over Obama’s tax deal to extend the Bush Tax Cuts. Makes you wonder if he will be a one term president. Senator Bernie Sanders launched a filibuster in the Senate Friday talking for hours and hours. Senator Debbie Stabenow came on briefly to show off her new face lift. A relative in Michigan phoned yesterday and I asked “How do you like your senator’s new face lift?” This was the reply,”Well, she wants to look younger because she’s celebrating because she just got rid of her “cheatin” husband.” We would have heard a lot more about it if she had been a republican.

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