PART I: Who Died and Made Ron Paul God?


It’s that simple.

Ron Paul has begun his long-planned rule.

Who died and made him god?

Why is Ron Paul more important than anyone else in this country?

Why the heck was he placed in charge of the committee that handles the Fed?  It is like putting me in charge of Bloomingdale’s shoe department.

The Tea Parties are all about Ron Paul.  They were created for Ron Paul by Ron Paul Bots in order to raise money for the Worship of Ron Paul.

Ron Paul roles the House.  He is a law unto himself, not because he is great.  He is nothing but an aging, petty, duplicitous, bigoted little anti-Semitic twerp who controls a vocal, but very small minority of brain-dead followers who are absolutely vicious when he is crossed.

The irony is the fact that his Bots, who blindly worship at his feet, damn anyone who does not vote pure “conservative”.  They call them RINOs.  But..

Roll Call

If Ron Paul were not Ron Paul, he would be damned by his Bots.

“...For a Member who operates as a loner and has ignored his leadership’s directives for years, the Texas

Republican is given an amount of leeway rarely allocated to rank-and-file Members, let alone those who stand to hold positions of power in the House.

But most Members don’t have the massive Libertarian following Paul has maintained since his unsuccessful bid for president in 2008.

The most recent evidence of his unusual status came last week, when he was appointed chairman of the Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology. The subcommittee oversees Paul’s nemesis, the Federal Reserve, among other things.

It’s not that Paul doesn’t have the seniority for the post; he is, in fact, the longest-serving Member on the subcommittee.

But some Republicans questioned whether he would receive the position after he refused to sign the Republican earmark moratorium last March and requested 41 projects totaling more than $100 million for his Congressional district….”

From The Week:

The Week

There is this damning series in Political Chili about Ron Paul.  Too bad the right refuses to read it.

Political Chili

2 thoughts on “PART I: Who Died and Made Ron Paul God?

  1. George W. Bush was NOT worshipped as if he was the ONLY SALVATION AVAILABLE to Americans. He was not *DEIFIED!

    In fact GW was disliked by many on the right but later accepted as a OK candidate, or at least capable of winning. And compared to Al Gore GW Bush was the obvious better choice even though his record as Governor was combed through by the right.

    The same can be said of his father (former house member, former ambassador to china, rnc chief, cia) who was disliked by many on the right. George Herbert Walker Bush was NOT seen as the chief source of SALVATION for America. George Herbert Walker Bush was not DEIFIED!

    Ronald Reagan was despised prior to his winning the Republican primary. He was hated by most of the political right in 1979. Reagan was most definitly NOT seen as the ONLY man that could SAVE AMERICA from Jimmy Carter-ism. Ronald Reagan was NOT DEIFIED! (not yet anyway)

    However, Ron Paul is worshipped.
    He is seen as the only source of SALVATION
    for an economically apostate America.
    In a way he is a JESUS figure to his devoted flock.

    The *deification of Ron Paul is complete.

    Worship, regard, or treat (someone or something) as a god

    1. a. The act or process of deifying.
    b. The condition of being deified.
    2. One that embodies the qualities of a god

  2. I am on the floor howling about the Bloomie’s line.

    Oh, I see there’s more…

    And yes I read the whole series at Political Chili. Damning. But very few people seem to care. Junior Paul did a long segment last Friday on the Alex Jones Kook Show! Again, you hardly hear a peep about it. Like Christopher Hitchens said… [paraphrasing] it’s like we’re mainstreaming conspiracy theories and other crackpottery… a generation of youngsters are being raised on the toxic stuff… we will reap a crop of dark, delusional voters one day. His last line is ominous… [verbatim] “But, alas, they would not be the only victims of the poisonous propaganda that’s been uncorked. Some of the gun brandishing next time might be for real. There was no need for this offense to come, but woe all the same to those by whom it came, and woe above all to those who whitewashed and rationalized it.”

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