PART II: What If the Non-Republican “Conservatives” Just Shut Up About the GOP?


Today my in-box featured a Town Hall promotion for god (Glenn Beck).  “Glenn Beck has a message for House Republicans”.

It’s like this, Glenn Beck is NOT a Republican.

He is a losertarian, a card carrying losertarian.  Before he became a losertarian he was a DEMOCRAT.

He is not now, nor has he ever been a Republican.

Neither is Sean Hannity.

Neither is Laura Ingraham.

Neither is Michelle Malkin, Bill O’Reilly, and a whole slew of FOX contributors.

Mark Levin is a Republican.  Rush claims to be one.  So does Ann Coulter.

Why must we Republicans put up with this, to quote from the incoming Speaker, “Chicken-crap”? On Monday, SC political writer Brad Warthen noted that he too, is getting a bit fed up with Conservatives pandering too and making excuses for the tea party “patriots”. He’s not the only one.

Brag Warthen
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The Daily Paul has a promo for a tea party meeting.  Please note those who are involved.  THESE ARE NOT REPUBLICANS.

The Daily Paul

How much more can The Pink Flamingo say and to to pound it into people’s heads that the people telling the GOP what THEY want them to do are NOT REPUBLICANS?

It’s like Ron Paul.

He’s a libertarian in Elephant Skin.  Just as those who were behind Christine O’Donnell were not NORMAL Republicans, but something else entirely.

Political Chili

So, how long are Republicans going to put up with this you know what and let them call the shots?  They are NOT Republican.

“…Less well understood is that Robert Schulz’ We The People Foundation and Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty have a history of organizational cooperation.  Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty fully supported, promoted, and encouraged its members to become delegates to the ‘continental congress’ through two rounds of delegate voting.

My own analysis of the backgrounds of the delegates to the ‘continental congress’ reveals that Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty was the single largest bloc of politically experienced delegates.  My best estimate for the number of delegates is 133.  Of these 133, 67 were politically experienced.  Of the 67 politically experienced delegates, 25 percent (n=17) came from Ron Paul associated groups.  The theocratic Constitution Party headed by long-time Ron Paul associate, Howard Phillips, accounted for 13 percent (n=9) of the politically experienced delegates.  Nearly all of these delegates were state chairmen.  The Libertarian Party accounted for 9 percent (n=6) of the politically experienced delegates.

Catherine O’Donnell’s links to Russell Murphy hopefully will lead to increased attention and focus on the larger right-wing movement driving such Tea Party candidates.  Ron Paul, Robert Schulz, and Howard Phillips operating jointly to put on the ‘continental congress’ should alert progressives and Democrats to the network of organizations that operate below the radar and lead to electoral surprise(s).  The real agenda, that is, the radical revolutionary intent of the Tea Party movement can be found in the strategic meetings that escape the attention of the mainstream media as well as progressives….”

The worst offender for threatening the GOP is Richard Viguerie who is NOT a Republican.  He is a direct mail con artist.

One News Now

It’s too bad most Republicans are such craven cowards that they are cringing in their Ferragamos.  It’s to bad Lindsey is one of the few Republicans who has the courage to call these people what they are – Ron Paul Bots.

The Daily Paul

If the GOP had any courage it would give these people the boot.  The problems is they have no courage.


6 thoughts on “PART II: What If the Non-Republican “Conservatives” Just Shut Up About the GOP?

  1. not not not not NOT Republicans! And yet many of these poseurs are frequently heard calling others “RINOs” — Republicans In Name Only. Where do non-Reps get off calling anyone a RINO? It doesn’t make sense. I hate the term to begin with but at the very least the person slinging it should hold Republican credentials doncha think?

    So Viguerie and DeMint are already at odds… you can’t keep up with the kook battles. That is probably the best guarantee we have that the latest version of Bircherism will be short lived. These people would rather fight than eat… not unlike a certain segment of MEastern society. Where is our Golda Meier to caution: ‘there will be peace when Libertarians decide they love their country more than they hate RINOs…’

  2. “My own analysis of the backgrounds of the delegates to the ‘continental congress’ reveals that Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty was the single largest bloc of politically experienced delegates.”

    Somebody doesn’t know how to count. Out of 133 delegates, 25 percent (n=17) came from Ron Paul associated groups. If you count the Constitution Party people who accounted for 13 percent (n=9) of the politically experienced delegates, that’s a sum total of 26. The Libertarian Party is it’s own animal.

    26/133 = 19.5%, and that’s definitely NOT the single largest bloc.

    Terrible research you are trying to make a point with here.

    I’m a GOP committeewoman and a Ron Paul supporter. I’ve been a Republican all my voting life, and I say a RINO is a RINO and need to GET OUT OF MY PARTY.

  3. I’ve been a Republican my whole life, and I am sick and tired of the Ron Paul Bot self-righteous, arrogance, and demand for irrational purity. I gather you don’t know much about Reagan and his 80% solution. If you did you would not be slamming good, decent, and honorable Republicans who happen to be a heck of a lot more conservative than Ron Paul and his losertarian idiocy.


  4. The only choice we have as Christians is to let this thing run its course! But more on that later.

    When the John McCain (who sided with the Liberals far too many times for my tastes) got the nomination I thought,
    “..the damned Republicans are going to get exactly what they deserve..”
    for nominating the author of McCain/Feingold (the Liberals Campaign Finance Reform), McCain-Kennedy (the Liberals Open the Borders Act), and McCain-Lieberman (the Liberals Global Warming Taxes).

    And back then I loved the idea of a Radical Revolutionary Right Wing (led by Ann Coulter) taking over the GOP and saving America! But that was before I became a Christian, again.

    Anyway, when thee Obama Lama won I started believing that he must be a Divine Punishment on an APOSTATE nation that makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like a family picnic. Over 50 million babies have been slaughtered at the hands of the American Left and in just a few decades the US Liberals will surpass the total deaths of WW1, WW2, Communist China and Stalin’s Russia all combined. They will, in just a few years be the BIGGEST MURDERS in all History! Obama is their punishment for their sins.

    But now that I see what we have created. Now that I see what I once hoped for (a Radical Right Wing that is taking over the GOP), I am positive that I got it all backward. The People of Tea are NOT what I wanted.

    And don’t get me wrong I ain’t going LIB!! Barack Obama is a punishment (but not mine). Political Liberalism is pure evil and Satanically inspired. But mu eyes have been opened. I see the Palin-Beck-NeoPagan-Witchcraft-AnnRandian-Objectivist-Libertarianist- ChristianRight alliance to be the most ungodly un-christian thing I have ever seen!

    The only choice we have as Christians is to let this thing run its course! We have to let this ROTTEN FRUIT die on the vine. And the only way that will happen is if we step back and refuse to vote while the Neo-Pagan Tea People are running the show.

    Our punishment (collectively that is) for failing to bring Liberals and Libertarians out of the Pagan HELL they have created is the Tea Party. We are reaping exactly what we failed to sow.

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