PART III: Destroying the GOP


Several high profile Texas Democrats have bolted the party in Texas, giving the GOP a super majority in the Texas legislature.  Wonder if the Dems are going to run away the way they did a few years ago.

A cautionary tale:

“…the Democratic Party has been our home. The party had conservatives and liberals both in the party. [But] this election showed us the liberal wing of the Democratic Party is very, very strong. If your’e a conservative, it became more difficult to be in the Democratic  Party.”… Andre Bell.

In Hall County, Georgia, last Thursday, Hall County Commissioner Ashley Bell (D) (R) quit the Democratic Party as she and her husband, Andre Bell, came home to the GOP.  Andre Bell, who is a political blogger in Georgia explained why he left the Dems.  His explanation should bring chills to anyone who thinks the Tea Party “patriots” are the be all and end all for the GOP.

“…“Since the first Democratic lawmaker bolted to the Republican Party, left-leaning activists have mocked and ridiculed those individuals as being self-serving people only looking for ways to remain in office,” Walker told the AJC. “But I’m not an elected official. I don’t hold public office. I’m not trying to protect my seat. I don’t have a seat to protect. I’m just a regular citizen with a healthy interest in the political process, and I’m joining the GOP because of ideology…”

The Bell’s departure from the Democrats echoes what Rick Lowry is saying about the extremes of the GOP.

“…At the moment, American politics offers two separate, distinct ways not to address these issues: Either the brain-dead populism of the Left that blames it all on trade and the decline of unions, or the brain-dead populism of the Right that extols the working class without taking serious note of its agony. We’ll have to do better: There’s a crisis in the middle….”

The Politico reports that Minnesota’s GOP is involved in a purge, deleting numerous long-time NORMAL Republicans.  They aren’t pure enough.

“…In a dramatic display of the new Republican order, Minnesota’s state GOP banished 18 prominent party members—including two former governors and a retired U.S. senator—as punishment for supporting a third-party candidate for governor.

The stunning purge, narrowly passed by the state Republican central committee last weekend, suggests more than just a fit of pique: by banning some of the state’s leading moderates, the Minnesota GOP moved toward extinguishing a dying species of Republican in one of its last habitats.

Those exiled warned that the measure, which bans the 18 from participating in party activities for two years and bars them from attending the 2012 Republican National Convention, may provoke a backlash that undercuts the party’s competitiveness in a state that’s voted for the GOP presidential nominee just once in the last half-century.

“The Republican Party is trying to become…you would call it introverted totalitarianism,” said former Congressman and Gov. Al Quie, a one-time vice-presidential prospect who plans to stick with the party despite the penalty. “It’s just plain dumb on their part…In the long run, if the party persists with this, they’re going to just become smaller and smaller and eventually something else would come in its place.”…”

Christopher Hitchens wrote:

“…As I started by saying, the people who really curl my lip are the ones who willingly accept such supporters for the sake of a Republican victory, and then try to write them off as not all that important, or not all that extreme, or not all that insane in wanting to repeal several amendments to a Constitution that they also think is unalterable because it’s divine! It may be true that the Tea Party’s role in November’s vote was less than some people feared, and it’s certainly true that several of the movement’s elected representatives will very soon learn the arts of compromise and the pork barrel. But then what happens at the next downturn? A large, volatile constituency has been created that believes darkly in betrayal and conspiracy. A mass “literature” has been disseminated, to push the mad ideas of exploded crackpots and bigots. It would be no surprise if those who now adore Beck and his acolytes were to call them sellouts and traitors a few years from now. But, alas, they would not be the only victims of the poisonous propaganda that’s been uncorked. Some of the gun brandishing next time might be for real. There was no need for this offense to come, but woe all the same to those by whom it came, and woe above all to those who whitewashed and rationalized it….”

It isn’t about “conservative”.  It is all about destroying the GOP.



One thought on “PART III: Destroying the GOP

  1. Why you ask?

    Why? Well because it’s the oldest game ever played. And it’s instinctual. Everyone does it to one degree or another. It’s in our genetic makeup!

    Why? What did Cavemen do when they needed food? They cut off a smaller Mammoth (or two) from the herd and attacked it.

    Why? They DIVIDED and CONQUERED.

    The Libertarians are just unconsciously acting out their primitive aggressive instincts. They are basically behaving like Barbarians and we are their prey! They are HUNTING us!

    It is the oldest trick in the book. And it is very effective. Satan divided Eve from Adam and then what happened? LIBERTARIANISM was born!

    The Libertarians have divided and now they will ‘temporarily’ CONQUER the Republican Party! Sorry to be so blunt but it true. And don’t worry this will only last a few more election cycles.

    10 years from now Glenn Beck will be just a bad bad memory. And 10 years from now, after two more of Obama then 8 years of Hillary Clinton when the Liberal-tarians have produced a few more Timothy McVeighs, and few more John Allen Muhammads (the DC sniper)
    they will only be remembered only for their BARBARISM and dishonesty. No one will forget that the Libertarian Barbarians caused the last 10 years of total Liberal control in the USA.

    10 years from now they will go back to being the 1/10 of 1% party that they have been for the last 30 years.

    I see a big Republican win after 8 years of President Hillary Rodham. And I guarantee ya that it won’t be a Tea People that wins.

    But right now America deserves to be Obama-tized (because of Paganism, Abortion, Murder, Greed, Idolatry, Apostasy, Liberalism, ect..) and the Liberal-tarians are going to make sure that Obama is re-elected and that Madame Hillary wins in 2016.

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