PART IV: Tea Party “Patriots” for Higher Taxes & Ruined Small Businesses


The Far Right tea drinkers need to get a dose of reality, even if Rush Limbaugh wants the deal to fail.

Michael Medved nailed it on his Friday’s show.  If the far right thinks they are good enough to insure the American people that they are going to be able to set up a more meaningful tax bill immediately after the first of the year, they are not living in reality.

Medved is the first person to even mention that Obama can veto any GOP based bill.

How’s that looking for you, you darling Tea Party “patriots”?

Can you guarantee that Harry Reid will allow a bill to surface?  Thanks to the tea parties the GOP does not control the Senate.

Let’s play what if:  What if the GOP blows this because of the influence of the far right and the tea parties?  What if they can’t get the bill into the Senate?  What if Obama vetoes it?

Who’s gonna get the blame – the GOP!

Maybe that’s what the idiots of the far right want all along.

There are reports that the Dems are turning the tax bill into Santa’s own little bag of goodies.  If so, they are doing it for several reasons.  First, they are as crooked as heck.  Second, they do not negotiate with honor.  They  lie, steal, and cheat.

When first negotiated the tax bill had a little bit for everyone, and no one won.  Like the spoiled brats that they are, the Dems have begun dumping add-ons to the bill.

So the far right and the tea party “patriots” get their tax deal and vote for it.  What’s going to keep Obama from vetoing it? He is going to be disparate.  Don’t count on any favors from him.

Then what happens?

There is nothing more foolish than blind ideology.  It is deadly.

This tax deal is far from perfect.  In many ways it is a stinker. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world.  What no one is discussing is the fact that a patch-work bill can be put in place to keep the sky from falling in January. Krauthammer was for it the other day, and is now against it.

What no one is even mentioning is that this deal can be made, but the GOP can go back and change it.  There are other questions I have.  If the GOP does manage to get a killer deal during the next Congress, do they make it “retroactive” to January 1, 2011?

Does the far right understand the mess this is going to cause for a small business person who is just barely managing to hang on?

Pat Dollard

If the Dems are not happy, then does the far right not understand that there must be a reason?

On January 1, if nothing is done, accountants for small businesses throughout the nation are going to be holding all the cards.  It is all well and good to pontificate about purity, principles, and idealism but then there is reality.

Reality is quite simple.  Do you realize how much money a small business owner is going to be required to shell out to pay their accountant to keep up with this petty idealism and purity?

Are the tea party “patriots” who are determined to kill this tax proposal going to pick up the shattered pieces of small businesses who are going to be forced to spend money they don’t have for accountants.  It is obvious the far right doesn’t give a damn about a small business person.  They claim to worship the small business person as the back-bone of the economy, but obviously they don’t give a rip about anyone other than themselves.

Outside the Beltway

Doug Mataconis nails it:

“...Finally, there are a certain number of people on the right who simply want to reject the deal because it will work to the benefit of the President as well as the GOP. There really isn’t much that I can say about that argument other than it isn’t surprising to hear it coming from people who said they wanted the President to fail even before he took office. In the end, though, I think it’s this visceral need to destroy Barack Obama that motivates certain people on the right to abandon their principles and favor across-the-board tax cuts. Pretty sad….”

It is nice to stand on principle.  The Pink Flamingo does it all the time.  The problem is when one stands on principle you should be aware that the soap box can be kicked out from under you.

Next year is nice.

But – what about the people who are being hung out to dry, screwed, treated like dirt so that the tea party “patriots” and the politicians and pundits who pander to them can draw their principled line in the sand?

WPost Ezra Klein

Well, let’s put it this way.

One of The Pink Flamingo’s sources tells me that a goodly number of the tea party “patriots” are unemployed.  Makes sense.  People who have jobs don’t have time to wallow around carrying signs and protesting.  How many of them know what it is like to make a payroll, mortgage your house, and pin your whole future on a business?

How many of these principled politicians who are drawing that line in the sand have done just that?

It does make one wonder just whose side these people are on, anyway.

It just dawned on The Pink Flamingo that maybe the tea parties are run by accounts who plan to make a fortune on the backs of American business.


3 thoughts on “PART IV: Tea Party “Patriots” for Higher Taxes & Ruined Small Businesses

  1. I have to admit that I’d prefer it if thee Obama fails at everything. I don’t want him to succeed.

    And I think that he will fail, that the economy will get worse, more businesses will fail, and that social disorder grows to the breaking point.


    This is what happens when a nation puts their faith in a fake Messiah. This is what happens when a nation worships money, taxes, celebrity, sex, freedom and liberty. This is what happens when the News and Politics replaces Christianity.

    This is exactly what is supposed to happen!
    We the People are reaping what we have sown.

    And who knows. This really could be the beginning of OBAMAGEDDON. Maybe the BARACKALYPSE really is just around the bend.

  2. Senator Hatch pointed out that when the Bush tax cuts were first put forth we had a Republican Congress and White House and they STILL couldn’t make it permanent. He asked Hewitt why on earth a “smart guy” like Hugh would expect the GOP to accomplish it NOW with a Democratic Congress and White House?

    He used words like “practical” and “realistic”–and right after his interview, 3 other guests came forward to say that while they shared Hewitt’s concern, they didn’t share his drama.

    It was sweet.

  3. yeah but if Ron Paul…
    ooops I mean WHEN Ron Paul is President there will be NO taxes. Ron Paul will also create a HUGE surplus (out of thin air) and we will have no more debt, no more wars, or poverty, or and no immigration.

    The Bush Tax Cuts (for his rich Oil Buddies) won’t matter anymore because there will be no taxes to pay while Ron Paul is President.

    And President Ron Paul will make his Tax plan (to zero taxes) permanent because that’s just the kinda guy he is.

    In fact President Ron Paul will make Taxes ILLEGAL and if you are caught paying Taxes you will be deported because there won’t be any JAILS to put you in.

    America will never be free
    until Ron Paul is President

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