A Great First Lady


This has been an excellent week for the country, primarily because in many ways The Great Man is casting a very giant shadow over Washington.  Currently Obama is pathetically attempting to follow in his footsteps in fighting the War on Terror.  His tax cuts were just upheld for two more years.

The Great Man is also more popular than The One.

At the WPost, Jennifer Rubin has an interesting analogy between Laura Bush and Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama is policing food.  Mrs Bush is doing other things.

“…”This morning I spoke for the first time with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. I was heartened to hear the strong voice and enthusiasm of such an inspiring champion for human freedom,” Laura Bush said in a statement.

“She never lost hope or stopped believing in a free Burma. I am encouraged Daw Suu has been released and look forward to the day when she and the people of her beloved country live in freedom,” said Bush.

Suu Kyi, who spent 15 of the last 21 years locked up, was freed by Myanmar’s military rulers from her most recent seven-year stretch of detention on November 13….”

Rubin wrote:

“…First Lady Michelle Obama’s fondness for food hectoring is annoying in two respects. First, it is the sort of nanny state nagging that presupposes all of us are incapable of managing our lives and those of our children without the help of our betters, the ones with a White House staff to tend to their garden. But mostly I object because, in comparison to the pressing issues of the day, this is trivial stuff….Why didn’t our current first lady — or for that matter, our president — put in a call? It would have been a powerful sign of solidarity with the oppressed people of Burma. A White House call would have been an unmistakable warning to the despots that rule her country to allow her and her countrymen to exercise basic human rights. But alas, it was the former first lady who practiced engagement — not with the thugocracy, but with its most prominent victim. Maybe the Obamas, both of them, need to rethink their priorities and consider whether this administration has been engaging the wrong people….”

H/T Democrats for Sale

Mrs. Bush may be a gracious lady, but evidently her daughters are annoyed with her and she did not get what she wanted for her birthday!