Why Is Big Bill Grandstanding, Now?


Having lived in New Mexico during the entirety of Big Bill’s reign as governor, The Pink Flamingo realizes when he is grand-standing he’s up to self-promotion.  After all, in just a few short days he will be unemployed.

But – he does have a website about his proposed pardon of Billy the Kid!

One suspects the grandstanding is nothing more than submitting a resume to the Obama Administration.  After all, due Richard Holbrooke tragic death, there is a prime spot open at State.  Big Bill thinks he is an international player.

Ergo – he is heading to North Korea.  He is trying to see if he can help relieve tensions between North and South Korea – and land a job – somewhere.

“...Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, on a visit to North Korea he described as a mission “to reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula,” was to begin a series of meetings with senior diplomats on Friday in Pyongyang.

While Mr. Richardson’s trip was approved by the State Department, he was not traveling as an official envoy. Television footage showed him arriving at the Sunan airport outside Pyongyang on Thursday. Mr. Richardson, a former ambassador to the United Nations, was greeted on the tarmac by a North Korean official who said, in English, “So nice to see you.”…”

(The Pink Flamingo suspects he is still smarting because he was not named VP).  NM political blogger Heath Haussamen writes that the North Korea trip is about sending messages, it sure is!



Like a friend of mine told me last night, Billy the Kid was nothing but a cattle-rustling punk who does not deserved to be pardoned.  His next question:  What is Bill Richardson up to with this one?

From Joe Monahan:

Joe Monahan's New mexico

Give me a break…

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