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Really Good For What It’s Worth:

Last night, at the annual Pink Flamingo Christmas Party one of my best sources for non-political gossip dropped a bombshell.  We were discussing Big Bill and has plans once he leaves office in less than a week.  I discussed my theory that he was submitting his diplomatic resume to the State Department via his little jaunt to North Korea the other day.  It was considered a good theory.


Well, I heard he was going to be the next president of the Academy of the Motion Picture Art and Sciences with a million dollar a year salary.”

If true – it’s big.  If not, it’s just good gossip.

Big Bill has turned what was a nice little in-state haven for television and the movies into a multi-billion dollar a year industry here in New Mexico.  His A-List of accomplishments include an Indiana Jones movie, a second Spielberg effort staring Harrison Ford is ongoing. Marvel’s The Avengers is going to be filmed here.  Evidently Big Bill is taking credit for this one.

“…“In addition to being our biggest production to date, The Avengers will be the most technologically advanced and will provide cutting-edge training opportunities for our crew… I’m announcing this as a Christmas present of sorts to the people of New Mexico. This is a perfect example of the incredible job creation, economic impact and global visibility this industry has brought our state over the past eight years, and of the need to keep it moving forward.”…”


We all know out-going UT Senator Bob Bennett blames Jim DeMint for his loss in the primary last summer.  According to a Pink Flaming source Bennett “ was going to vote for the omnibus to spite DeMint who keeps running to the nearest mic — DeMint I hear is who leaked the names of who might vote for the bill from Republicans.

There are more than a few GOP members of the Senate who are are mad at DeMint still supporting Miller over Murkowski — Anchorage Daily posters said that DeMint kept sending money to Miller’s defense fund to continue this in Court while trying to be nice to Murkowski who is not buying the Demint niceness.

There is more good juicy information about DeMint, but The Pink Flamingo has not been given permission to use it.



At the last count, (allegedly) somewhere around 17 blogs and sites had been hit (allegedly) by malware that comes off widgets circulated (allegedly) by a certain (alleged) tea party god’s (alleged) associates. According to an (alleged) Pink Flamingo source, AOL is now in on the act. One of the alphabet soup federal law enforcement agencies that starts with an “F” has (allegedly) been contacted by AOL.

(allegedly) A Pink Flamingo source also reports that a certain (alleged) tea party god was confronted by a certain Republican. The (alleged) tea party god informed this Republican that his associates were watching the web. When something pops up that is uncomplimentary to this alleged tea party god, his associates (allegedly) take action against the site. If true, this is extremely chilling. No elected official, no matter who they are, should be allowed to take this sort of action against their opposition.

The Pink Flamingo has learned that this (alleged) tea party god may be in very deep you know what with his colleagues.

The bottom line – if you have widgets on your blog that are anti-Obama, and you suspect your blog is not working properly, dump ’em. Blogger takes at least 30 days to give you blog a clean bill of health. And yes, there may be malware on those widgets, infecting the computers of anyone who clicks on them.

The Pink Flamingo has an experimental new feature: political gossip. The information that appears here should be confirmed at least once. It is gossip. The sources are all anonymous. Every attempt will be made to insure the material featured is accurate (from a gossip point of view). If you have a tip, please leave a comment, which will be moderated. Nothing will be used without a confirming email and a real name from the real world. Your privacy will be respected.


Did Harry Reid help manipulate the election against Sue Lowden so that Sharon Angle could win? Why did she go into hiding in the past two weeks before the election?

Were the Tea Parties set up to help Sarah Palin get the 2012 nomination?

Why are the Tea Parties trying to take over Dick Armey’s Freedom Works? They are sandbagging him. Follow the money (and the usual suspects).

Could it be that Rupert Murdock and George Soros are actually working together? Is it all about Net Neutrality? Did Murdock help sand-bag the GOP Senate for the same reason? And – does Murdock want Palin to be POTUS? Is this why FOX is pushing her? The next question leads one to ask why is Glenn Beck slamming George Soros? Where is he getting his information, and why isn’t any of his work original? Why is Net Neutrality so important to Rupert Murdock? (The one problem with this theory is that it appears the Dems have shelved the idea of Net Neutrality).

“…The question is, has Rupert Murdoch lost his mind? I would have to say not. Murdoch has made it quite obvious that internet content by subscription shall be his unflinching business model. He’s chosen his path, and he’s sticking to it, come hell or high water.

All over the internet, freedom of information pundits and net neutrality buffs are quietly snickering at Murdoch. They feel that the bulwark of advertising-based content provision is virtually impenetrable. Yet subscription based news services, such as The Wall Street Journal, are seeming to thrive. Indeed, such quality services remain desirable. When advertising supported models choose to switch to subscriber supported models, it seems that those transitions support themselves and they tend to be noticeably painless….”

Why are the Tea Party numbers so over-inflated?

Please try and name one tea party group who helped by directly working to elect Republicans to Congress.

Why is it that the only campaigns the tea party people actually worked in the GOP lost?

Is Sarah Palin the Kiss of Death for Republican Candidates? Have you noticed that just about every time Sarah Palin came in (with the exception of Nikki Haley) to endorse a candidate, they lost. There are several states in the mid-west, where she “camped-out” in 2008 where John McCain lost. Legend has it independents were so turned off by her that they voted for Obama. There are stories out of an unnamed Mid-western state where My Man lives….that are hare raising.

The Tea Party Patriots is in really deep you know what for giving out those home numbers and addresses. Have you noticed that FOX is not reporting it?

THE QUESTION OF THE DAY: Did Jim DeMint set out to sandbag the GOP in the Senate, or is he just that arrogant – or pure?


It is entirely possible that Barack Obama is absolutely nothing when it comes to religion. That he is nothing, and believes nothing. The ongoing reports of Obama’s Muslim religion may be wrong. Then again the reports of Obama allegedly being “Christian” may also be incorrect. According so a source who worked with Obama in Chicago, when Obama would attend a meeting he had an ability to completely tune out anything that went on during the meeting. This person suspects this is the reason Obama was able to say he never noticed what went on in the good Reverend Wright’s sermons. He simply tuned out, to the point where he did not even remember.

What is the connection between T. Boone Pickens, Rupert Murdock, and the tea parties. Did Pickens throw his lot with Murdock because George Soros cost him a tremendous amount of money when a hedge-fund crashed? Does the reporter who “started” the first tea party in Chicago work for FOX News? What is the connection with Pickens, the Hunt Brothers and the Walton family? Why are the Waltons now donating big to Democrats?

From Democrats for Sale comes a nasty tale about malware and an attempt to silence the growing opposition to the tea parties and Jim DeMint. Sharon C. emailed The Pink Flamingo complaining”Wrote an article on disagreeing with Sen DeMint on his statement that all Republicans Senators were elected by the Tea Party pointing out the facts to bolster my article and ended up getting Malware added to my site today according to Google Search which I am having to clean up. A site against Democrats and the first Malware was added when I went after a Republican and the Tea Party Express. What does that say?UPDATE: It will take at least 4 weeks for Google to life the notice.

Is it possible that someone who is in either the House or the Senate leaked (illegally) the phone numbers and home addresses to the Tea Party Patriots? If so, it had to be someone who is directly working with the Tea Party Patriots. FYI: The Press did not get the whole story on this. It looks like what was leaked was home phones, cell phones, home address, and private email accounts.

Why is the Tea Party Patriots doing their utmost to harass and intimidate the newly elected members of the House? Is it true that some newly elected members of the House are so upset that they wonder why they even ran.

This is going to make it more difficult to recruit good candidates. Thanks a lot tea party “patriots”.

It is illegal.

Who released the names?

Will there be a criminal investigation?


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