New Year’s Eve Snark (Not Enough for a Post)


The Pink Flamingo decided to toss in everything but the kitchen sink with things I never managed to get around putting into a full post.

  1. Have you ever wondered about the time, years ago when Jimmy Carter went down to witness the elections in Venezuela and pronounced Hugo Chavez pure.  It’s about like Iran – another fine mess he got us into.
  2. Why won’t the tea parties allow their candidates to be vetted?
  3. Have you ever noticed that a member of the far right is the same as their far left counterpart?  There is no difference in personality?
  4. Is it possible for a libertarian to admit they are wrong?
  5. Do UFOs really exist?
  6. Why the heck can’t the House and Senate just push the spending back to a 2008 level and let that be that?
  7. What is wrong with allowing NASA to have the money it needs?
  8. I have a friend who says the only way to eliminate the wild hog problem is a Federal bounty.  Evidently it is getting quite bad to the point where along the coast of Texas they are even killing gators.   They are plaguing the whole deep south.  They are the Snakeheads of the animal family.
  9. Why doesn’t Michelle Obama declare a war on eating disorders?  Why doesn’t she care about the terminal damage being done to the health of an entire generation?
  10. Have you wondered why nothing is being done to prep our country for the repercussions of a solar max?
  11. Why is nothing being done to stop the deadly eating disorders that are rampant among young women?  The coming health costs will be far worse than the costs associated with obesity.
  12. Is it possible the next big security problem is with the Somali immigrants to this country – does anyone care?
  13. Will the NYC sanitation department honchos be required to fork out big bucks to pay for the damages done to peoples’ lives and the deaths they caused during their little protest against Bloomberg.
  14. If it is not covered by FOX News, did it really happen?
  15. Has an “extinct” Caroline Parakeet been found – alive?
  16. Why do tea partiers think Homeland Security is a liberal hate group? (Do they even think for themselves?)
  17. Is 100% conservative losertarian tea party purity really necessary?
  18. Is it true that Glenn Beck was once a big time liberal?
  19. Why is the far right so irrational in their hate of Lindsey Graham?
  20. What would the far right think of Ronald Reagan today?
  21. Just how close is the friendship between Sean Hannity and convicted neo-Nazi Hal Turner?
  22. Speaking of which, why do the minions of the tea party think that certain white supremacists are just peachy-keen, but will do anything that is necessary to destroy those who aren’t politically pure?
  23. Will Joe Arpaio ever be made to pay for his cruel and incompetent jails and his mistreatment of prisoners?
  24. Is Christine O’Donnell really a witch?
  25. Why do losertarians worship Ron Paul?
  26. Davy Jones has turned 65!


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Snark (Not Enough for a Post)

  1. 27. Has the ‘Republican’ Party made a deal with the Devil?
    28. Will the ‘Republicans’ (collectively) sell their souls for lower taxes, a smaller budget and a predsidential candidate who is a constitutional purist?

    and finally
    29. If Satan was a Liberal he would have tried to convince Eve to have sex with the Apple! Instead he offered her FREEDOM and LIBERTY from Gods laws. He encouraged Eve to rebel against the Law of God. He said to eat from the tree (not to do other things with it)!

    Satan does have some Liberal tendencies but ideologically and politically he is a Libertarian. The line between Liberalism, Libertarianism and Satanism are a bit blurred. They actually overlap quite a bit! That is why Anton Levay (the founder of the Church of Satan) was a Libertarian. It was a political ideology that agreed with his religious views.

  2. I’m having some theological problems with the term “God given rights”. Drawing from what I know, it is all laid out in John 3:16. You are going to be seeing more of this from me, I fear.


  3. I’m having problems with the idea that the Constitution is set in stone; if that was so, they’d be no need for legislators and they’d be no space for ammendments.

    Spreaking of the bible: remember that Jesus warned that the pharisees taught that man was for the law and Jesus revealed that God had always meant for the law to be for man. In other words, man was never supposed to serve the law, the law was meant to serve man–or for his good, his safety, his civility. When the law starts to hurt man, man has the ability–and the intelligence and soul to tweak it to serve his betterment.

    The founding fathers had lived in a world of slaves and where women and children had no “God given rights”. The ability for a representative of the people to change the constitution to allow equality and protection WAS part of their gift to this nation. The idea that these men, long dead, expected to shackle whole generations to the society in which the Constitution was framed does little to honor the greatness of these men.

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