Want Proof Conservatives Are Out of Their Minds?


Don’t you find conservatives a bit off their rocker?  The one person who did more to cost the GOP control of the Senate is honored as the Conservative of the Year?

Go figure?

Once upon a time an extremely ambitious upstart wanted to take over the United States Senate.  He was rebuffed.  So, he had a temper tantrum.  Part of his temper tantrum included the recruitment of very poor candidates to run against established Republicans who could have taken back the US Senate for the GOP.  For his efforts, he is now hailed as the Conservative of the Year.

For ages The Pink Flamingo has been telling you the far right is losing their collective (word used on purpose) minds.  This is one time I really don’t like being right.

God help us all!

Eric Erickson is one of Jim DeMint’s groveling flunkies.

Red State

He pandered the following at Human Events.

Human Events

The worship continued from GOP 12.


This is priceless:

JIM DEMINT: Well, I have to admit [that] it’s been a long and painful process. Friendships are really important to me, and I love my colleagues, but frankly, I’d just had enough. I think I was right where the rest of America is — enough is enough. Folks, we can’t keep taking home the bacon and take care of the best interest of the country.
And so, it was very painful. I think we’re trying, right now, at restoring some of those friendships….”

The Pink Flamingo has been privy to some inside information from various committees.  I have been told that in one meeting a certain United States Senator told DeMint to “sit down and shut up”.  He was told that no one wanted to hear from him.  In no uncertain terms, he is blamed for costing the GOP control of the US Senate.  I also know that there are more than a few United States Senators who either exit an elevator when he gets on, or they turn their back on him.  He is more disliked than any other Republican in the Senate.

How can the far right reward a man who has cost us control of the Senate, and kept Harry Reid in power?

How can the far right reward a man who enabled the likes of this:

“…The irony about fundraising is that Christine O’Donnell actually managed to raise a significant amount of money out of state. However, it should be apparent now that just because a candidate has strong national appeal among extreme conservatives because of groups like the Tea Party Express, this does not mean that candidate has any appeal in the actual race they are running in.

This leaves the last question of why the conservative movement won’t hold the promoters of Christine O’Donnell accountable for what happened in the state. O’Donnell received the endorsements of Rush Limbaugh, commentators on Fox News, Sarah Palin, and Jim DeMint, without any attempt to vet her. Yet despite weakening Delaware’s GOP and handing the Democrats a Senate seat, none of these supposedly “real” conservatives are being held accountable.

In a particularly amusing episode about the irresponsibility and flippancy of these “conservatives”, Sarah Palin originally promised to campaign for O’Donnell after endorsing her but she never did. When presented with an opportunity to attend a Tea Party rally in Delaware, Palin decided to attend a Jets football game instead.  DeMint also endorsed O’Donnell but did not visit the state either. It seems that the real priority was to cannibalize Mike Castle and Delaware’s GOP in the name of being “pure conservatives”.

The FBI will determine if O’Donnell was guilty of misusing campaign funds, but it is already clear and she and a large segment of the conservative media are guilty of causing significant harm and pain to the Republican party of Delaware….”

How can the right reward a man who enabled the election of people like Rand Paul who want to slash the DOD budget by a trillion bucks over the next decade?

Only fools would vote for people like this.  Please – explain how this is conservative:

National Review

“…Faced with such challenges, the United States can ill afford military retrenchment as advocated by the new isolationists. While waste in the Pentagon’s budget can and should be cut, the new isolationists want to do it with a chainsaw when a scalpel is needed. In the last decade, the U.S. Navy’s fleet has shrunk to its smallest size since the 19th century, just as potential rivals such as China have not only expanded theirs but have begun to target perceived American maritime vulnerabilities. The U.S. Air Force is fielding an aging and shrinking force, while China is developing an advanced fighter for sale to adversaries of America, including Iran.

A world in which the United States willingly ceded power and influence would both be more dangerous and prove less receptive to values that most Americans share, such as respect for human rights, the need to restrain governments through the rule of law, and the sanctity of contracts. By reducing its military strength to alarmingly low levels, the United States would create dangerous power vacuums around the world that other nations, with entirely different values, would be only too happy to fill. That, as history shows, would make war more, rather than less, likely. Congress and the president would do well to reflect on those lessons and remember their duty to provide a dominant American military presence on land, at sea, and in the air….”

DeMint’s grandstanding helped enable the destruction of the GOP in Delaware.

“…There were seven State House races where the Democrat won by less than than 1,000 votes. In three of those races, the Republican candidate had been recruited to take on a Democratic incumbent. The power of incumbency is hard to defeat in any election cycle, and a wave election is a rare chance to counter it.  Yet in the races for the 6th, 9th, 10th, 14th, 18th, 32nd, and 41st districts, the GOP candidate lost. The vote margins were very small: 407, 282, 734, 879, 438, 296, and 939 votes respectively.  (The race for the 7th was also close, decided by 1,364 votes.)…”


You remember all that bragging about the millions DeMint was going to donate to candidates?  Looks like the real money was spent within his organization. Looks like he spent a heck of a lot on losing efforts.

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  1. Oh come on now! They not Krazy!!

    The Conservatives are just (unconsciously) insuring that ‘thee ObamaLama’ (also known as Barry Soetoro in Kenya) is given a chance to fulfill his destiny. God is still in control of everything we see. Think about that for a minute!!

    Obama will soon be the worst President in history (if he isn’t already). And that’s a good thing.

    But Obama’s many failures is not what concerns me. And demented Jim Demint’s imitations of Sen. Joe McCarthy (McCarthyism) are just a minor annoyance. I am deeply worried that ‘thee ObamaLama’ will not be able to fully fulfill his destiny and punish the sickos, the perverts, the sexual deviants, the idolators, the pagans, Hollywood, and the Democrats that elected him
    with 4 more years of Obammunistic economic oblivion.

    I am very worried that the Murderers of 60 million babies (aka Democrats and Abortionists) will soon see an economic recovery while Divine punishment is still in progress!!

    I mean we are almost there folks! We could turn this into a Great, a Greater, the Greatest Depression ever if we all work together as a team.

    Lets not blow the opportunity to let thee Obama really punish and financially destroy his own followers as well as the Tea Pagans. So far he is doing a great job at wrecking them all.

    God is making the Conservatives act crazy so that ‘thee ObamaLama DingDong’ can be all that he can be. Which is a 1 man economic wrecking crew that could possibly destroy the Democrat Party forever. Why get in his way?

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